Tedy Bruschi tees off on Ochocinco

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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady generated 517 passing yards on Monday night.  Subtracting the contributions from Patriots receiver Chad Ochocinco, Brady still had more than 500 yards.

On Tuesday, Ochocinco posted an item on Twitter suggesting that he was in awe of the team’s performance on offense.  Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi wasn’t in awe of Ochocinco’s tweet.

Tedy teed off on Ochocinco during a visit to WEEI, via Tom Curran of CSNNE.com.

“Drop the awe factor, OK, Ocho, Chad, drop the awe factor,” Bruschi said. “You’re not a fan, all right.  You’re not someone who’s on another team or watching TV.  You’re not an analyst.  You’re a part of it. They want you to be a part of it.  So get with the program because obviously you’re not getting it and you’re tweeting because you’re saying, ‘It’s amazing to see’?  It’s amazing to see because you don’t understand it.  You still don’t understand it and it’s amazing to you because you can’t get it.

“Stop tweeting and get in your playbook.  Wake up!  If you’re just waking up now — I don’t know when this was, six minutes ago? — get out your bed and get to the stadium and watch some film if you still think it’s amazing.  If you’re in it and you know what you’re doing and you execute out there you don’t think it’s amazing.  You know why? Because it’s what you’re supposed to do.  All of a sudden it’s second nature.  ‘I know I was supposed do that, yes I went 99 yards, I threw for 517.  You know why?  Because we’re that good and that’s what we’re supposed to do and that’s what I thought we were gonna do.’  You are still in awe to be a member of the New England Patriots offense. Join the system, buddy.”

So what’s the solution?  “They need him to be a part of that jaw dropping offense,” Bruschi said.  “Close your mouth.  Put your hand under your chin and close your jaw.  Then open your eyes and watch some film.  That’s what you need to do.  If you’re still in awe that means you don’t get it because you don’t understand it.”

Bruschi’s attitude comes from years in the Patriots’ system.  So it’s fair to conclude that at least some of the players on the team — and maybe the head coach — agree with Bruschi’s attitude.  And so it’ll be interesting to see how things go for Ochocinco moving forward.

276 responses to “Tedy Bruschi tees off on Ochocinco

  1. Tedy was speaking the truth. Ocho is playing in an amazing offense where every player is producing but him.

  2. It sure is easy to win games when you cheat Teddy. You smug P.O.S. Shut that hole under your nose cheater.

  3. Ted your wasting your time. Ocho will never get it. Never, ever. And you might try tweeting your former coach to ask him why players like Oucho and Hayneswothless are on the roster. The two of them are LOSERS.

  4. I wondered if Ocho can actually play football. It’s easy to be a big fish in a small pond. Being on the Pats is exposing him to be an avg. football player at this point in time. He’s drawn out his 15 mins. of fame way too long. After he gets his midseason release–then what?

  5. And people thought Moss was too egotistical for this team? Give me a break. At least Moss would have contributed to the 517 yards in the air before gloating about it. Ochocinco is destined to become OchoNOMO. Cut him Bill

  6. Is it over for Ocho Chad? I mean, 500 yards and hardly any of them went to 85? Future H.O.F. I think not….

  7. That is too harsh. The guy joined the Pats not too long ago. Looks like people are hitting the guy really hard whiles he is done. I hope he gets the last laugh.
    I also agree that Ocho should hold the tweeting a bit, make some plays and then get back to his normal self.
    Brady does not trust him and that is the only thing I think Pats fans should be worried about.

  8. uncalled for.

    ocho hasnt done or said anything since joining the pats. even though hes not coming along as quickly as expected, it doesn’t mean he’s not trying.

  9. Tell him how you really feel Tedy! 🙂

    The man has a point and Chad would do well to listen…well actually, he needs to listen to his coaches and teammates first and foremost. That should get him the answers he seeks.

  10. I don’t care if he looks like Rosie O’Donnell, Tedy Bruschi gets it. Get with the program Chad!

  11. As usually Ted Bruschi still thinks he is a Patriot. What a joke. He is the worst, the worst, ever. How he has a job on MNF is beyond me. He is a joke. I can not stand to listen to anything that comes out of his mouth.

  12. Bruschi, chill out man! OK…we know you really don’t want him on the team. You used to be a Patriot…you are not now a Patriot. Get on that soft ass defense that will eventually cost them this year. Your old coach can’t cheat anymore and no Vinatieri. Tom Brady isn’t enough…2006 and last year he had career years and nothing to show for it. So calm down, dude!!!!

  13. Bruschi shouldn’t get so wound up with his health conditions. Take a breathe and relax.

    I agree with him, Ochocinco isn’t close to as good as Chad Johnson was.

  14. Tedy needs to shut up, his career is over and in a shortened preseason Ocho is still getting things down, plus how many times was Ocho double covered so that the other recievers could make plays? He’s doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing, making D’s cover him and letting the other receivers roam free.

  15. One day we will all be as perfect as Bruschi…come on. talk about knee jerk! Maybe Tom isnt comfortable with Ocho yet. Maybe he is just not up to speed with the complexity of the NE offense yet. Can we give him at LEAST 3 GAMES before you ride him off? Get over yourself brah. Thumbs down if you disagree with giving someone a fair chance. laws.

  16. Chad, you can always take enough PEDs to give yourself a stroke if that’s what it takes to win. Watch the film, Chad, you know, like the ones we secretly taped back when I was playing.

  17. How does Bruschi know that Ochocinco is not studying his playbook.
    Saying that he was in awe of the Pats offense doesn’t seem like that big of deal. This sounds personal.

  18. Hey Tedy…why don’t you shut-up and pull Bill B. out of you’re you know what. Ever sine you left the that team, you have been acting as if you are still one of the leaders. Let Ocho do his thing…all he is trying to do is compliment the teams’ performance without it being about him. If you want to be in a position to say such things, then go get a job as a coach!!! Boob!!!

  19. I’m a Lions fan so I am bias in the situation regarding the Patriots and Ochocinco BUT.. since when is being in awe a bad thing?

    Chad came from a bad organization and in his first regular season game with a competent team the offense and Brady puts up those kind of numbers. For Bruschi to get his panties in a bunch over such a compliment from a new player to the team that played on that side of the ball is ridiculous. Let him be in awe for his first few games with a good team and before long, just like everyone else on the team that has been there, it will become second nature to him too!

  20. New math: subtract Ochocinco, add Randy Moss = best offense ever assembled. At least Moss knows the plays. I promise you this – Belichick won’t keep Ocho on the roster if he continues to be dead weight. P.S. Bruschi is the man! I heard this live and he was so fired up, it was awesome!

  21. Man, I LOVE that Tedy Bruschi!

    He’s right on the money, of course. If 85 was in tune with the rest of the team, he wouldn’t be “in awe” of this offense, he’d be a fantastic part OF it!

    Has he just been sitting on his can watching these guys? He’s the great Ochocinco, dammit, he should be lovin’ him some Tom Brady passes!

    Stop admiring these guys, 85, and strap it up and get in there!

  22. What Teddy the bear means to say is… Allow the cameras to put you in the proper position and you will make all the plays on the field. After all, knowing where the play is going, who is getting the ball, and what the snap count is… always makes you “get it “, right teddy? *

  23. Patriot way or the highway!

    Ocho, Belichick may like you personally but business is business.

    For Bruschi to say what he said w/the passion he said it (You need to Hear it) then a message is being sent.

    But don’t worry Ocho the jets will pick you up.

  24. As much as I agree that ocho doesn’t need to tweet all the time, I just really just wish Tedy Bruschi wouldn’t talk all the time.

  25. Why defend Bruschi? I think his comment comes across very odd…. Maybe Ochocinco is in the tape room… Maybe he will contribute more and more as he **gasp -hands on face** grasps the brand new offense.
    By the way..I’m not an Ocho fan. I’m just thrown back by the tone in Bruschi’s rant. Either someone stuck their thumb in his soup or he’s fighting to sound relevant. Take you pick.

  26. For the past few years it seemed that Chad and Carson were not on the same page in Cincinnati. Either they were given different playbooks or one or the other didn’t know it very well. I think the answer is obvious now. I for one am glad he’s out of here.

  27. Bruschi played during Spygate. Sorry but as far as I’m concerned his accomplishments are suspect.

    H’mm I’m not sold on the Pats. Brady is a different Quarterback when you put him on his assets a few times. I want to see them against a team with a good defense with a pass rush and a good rushing attack. Well, well, well…… Coming up Chargers, Bills, Raiders, Jets, Cowboys, Steelers, Giants, Jets. I think they’re going to loose at least 4 of their next 8 games.

  28. Awesome! Tedy being Tedy. He isn’t even in the locker room anymore. But sure sounds like it. Love it.

  29. Hey Tedy, You’re not a player anymore. You’re an analyst. Peope want you to be objective. So get with the program because obviously your entire network is saying, ‘Isnt Brady amazing to see’? It’s youre job to analyze the game, not break down an individual’s behavior on your former team. Just report the news, keep the b.s. out.

    Jesus, it’s week one, and people can’t ignore some feed off twitter.

  30. Take a xanax, tedy. Guess what, Chad played for the bengals his whole career. So, yeah, he can be in awe of Tom Brady and still be on the team. He’s been practicing with them for like a month- he’ll get it and get involved when he does, and be a nice addition to an offense that obviously doesn’t even need him when that happens.

  31. Is anybody else really tired of Bruschi? I get it Ted, you’re trying to make a name for yourself. The problem is, you’re coming across as a butthead.

  32. Ocho: What playbook? All they gave me was a book with empty images and a decent set of crayons. I’m not saying it’s not challenging, but coach Bill told me to make them look pretty. I have enough on my plate!

  33. GOD !!! Bruschi will you please go away already !!
    Nobody cares what you think, you were the most over hyped most over rated linebacker ever ! Please just shut up and go away !!

  34. Bruschi isn’t exactly growing on me as an analyst. Half of the time; I think he assumes he’s supposed to show up at the studio in his old uniform. How about some objectivity there, buddy? I’m just sayin.

  35. He doesn’t get it because he hasn’t been allowed into the elite film room just yet. Once he gets to go in there and check out all the sideline recordings and other illegalities he will do just fine.

  36. Ocho “Stinko” is an absolute clown and running your mouth/tweeting will get you NOOOOOOO attention in New England! You perform and get the attention you are so desperately starving for or STHU!!!!! PERIOD!!! UGHHHHHH!!!

  37. Wow…Tedy obviously doesn’t understand what it’s like coming from a skidmark offense like the Bengals to a high octane attack like the Patriots. Nobody has any misgivings about Bruschi’s loyalty to NE but this rant confuses me. You can’t tell me that if Bruschi was honest with himself he wouldn’t say it was an amazing thing to watch Tom Brady carve up a defense from the sideline. It’s professional football. Seeing anybody throw for over 500 yards or score a 99 yard TD is impressive whether you play for that team or not.

  38. I didn’t personally see every play of the game, but last I checked can’t receivers contribute in other ways besides through stats? Blocking, running routes to open it up for others? Sounds like Bruschi misses being on the field to me and he’s trying to act like he still apart of it.

  39. Im so tired of hearing Bruschi’s mouth. He is so bias to the Patriots it’s pathetic. He think’s they’re the greatest team in the history of the NFL and everybody else sucks. I got news for you Bruschi: GB would own NE. Name something Tom Brady can do that Aaron Rodgers can’t…oh wait. I tell you what, I can name a couple things that Rodgers can do that Brady can’t. For starters…throw 30 yards downfield with pinpoint accuracy. He has better scrambling ability, better accuracy, he doesn’t fall down when he senses pressure. Brady is like a tennis player playing quarterback. He is so systematic its pathetic. Just ask Matt Cassel. Brady can thank Belichick for his reserved spot in the Hall of Fame.

  40. ocho jus isn’t that good any longer, it is amazing how fast receivers in the NFL lose their skill set, Holt, R.Moss, Ocho, all are no longer any good.
    Rock stars 5 years ago; sucking now.

  41. Chad is not a bad person, rather the contrary, so this is with respect.

    He once earned the right to take the spotlight, but now whenever he earns less than…say… 50 yds, then that should be the cue to shut up that week. Much classier that way.

    Chad, you were great. Get great again and talk or join the booth and talk, until then let the other guys get their due.

  42. After the game in the locker room Ocho Cinco goes up to Belichick about the Patriots offense performance..

    Chad: I don’t believe it.

    Belichick: that’s why you fail(Yoda Voice)

  43. Wow! I don’t agree with Teddy’s assesment. I think Chad’s tweet shows that he can be a team player. He doesn’t have to be on the field x amount of times with x amount of pass attempts to him. Whatever it takes for his team to be highly productive will still produce enthusiasm within him … and I’m sure there will be weeks that Chad will be utilized more. Teddy needs to chill.

  44. Is it just me or teddy is always sucking up on the pats? Is he an NFL analyst or a pats analyst?

    Just like tiki he us flabagasted…

  45. bruschi is a tool always has been he might be a bigger tool than ocho that’s a tough one. Could go either way

  46. Yes please wake Chad. I lost my fantasy league game because of you. I was up by 42 had Chad left and he had Brady. I’m thinking I’m good if Brady does have a good game, Chad should be apart of it so my point go up as is does from Brady. Nope. 517 yards and what 4 TDs later. I’ve lost and I’m like how’d that happen. Thank you Chad OchoNoShow.

  47. I guess Ochocinco isn’t a very popular commodity in the bull community (and I mean that in a good way when referring to Tedy Bruschi.)

  48. Wow! That was epic. Bruschi said exactly what Chad needed to hear. Proud to say I am from the same city as Tedy is from. Bruschi is a class pro. With that attitude you can see why he has the rings to back it up. An eloquent burn in my humble opinion.

  49. I’m an admitted Ocho-hater, and even I think TB’s reaction was pretty overblown and childish. So Chad said he was in awe of his team’s offense. Guy’s proud of his team. Big deal. Ted should get his head examined. Again.

  50. …or he is pulling a Chris Carter and ripping on his old to to show he is unbiased and willing to take shots despite being a part of the media, this time he picked an easy target.

  51. You really think a man who changes his name to the Spanish version on eight five instead of eighty five can learn a complex system like they have in NE. He needs to kiss the baby, better yet the playbook.

  52. Chad OchoCinco is overrated and probably on his last legs. Let ESPN tell it, the Patriots acquiring Haynesworthless and OchoStinko makes them the sure fire AFC representative in the Superbowl.

  53. Chad OchoCinco is a clown. His name is a testament to that. Change your name back to just Chad Johnson and get back to the basics. Learn the routes and get open!

  54. Tedy – passionate much?

    Great competitor and producer but I doubt Chad Johnson (refuse to call him some made-up name) meant anything negative by what he said.

    Johnson will eventually start contributing because he too has pride about his game and needs his ego stroked. He’s also still talented and capable.

    As for Bruschi, yes, he knows the Patriot way but man, why light up Johnson after one week? Johnson wasn’t complaining, was he?

    Who cares that the tight ends and Wes Welker made the plays and not Johnson, Tedy.

    Cut back on the coffee/Red Bull/amphetamines before your interview appearances.

  55. I’ve bagged on Ocho as much as anyone… but he’s actually playing this cool. I like that, and he deserves credit for it. Give them man his props.

    Let’s be honest, he’s a great talent, but not a quick study.

    Give him some time – he’ll be a great threat, and a producing asset.

  56. “They need him to be a part of that jaw dropping offense,” Bruschi said. “Close your mouth. Put your hand under your chin and close your jaw.

    AHAHAHAHA! wowww

    Still love me some chad tho

  57. What warrants Tedy Bruschi to tee off on anybody? He hardly ever started all 16 games. He went over 100 tackles three times in a 14 year career. He’s never been considered a truly dominant or elite force at his position, although Chad has been. Only thing he has is rings, that they more then likely still would’ve won without him. Shut up and stop being sub par at analyzing the same way you were when you played.

  58. this is what made bruschi so good. he was a great patriot, i’d kill to have a player with that kind of heart again on that defense. i love mayo but bruschi was the QB and leader of that defense. i dont know if i get the same vibe so much with mayo

  59. In this case, I think Bruschi needs to lighten up a little. Johnson is new to New England, new to the system, and it was a pretty amazing performance by the offense. Chad will provide plenty of controversy with this team over the coming season, this is not even close to the “big deal” Bruschi made of it. .

  60. It’s like seeing a great magic trick, but you don’t know how it’s done. You’re amazed.

    If you know how the trick is done, it’s not so impressive.

  61. wow shut up! Ocho has never been accused of bad work ethic…..so idk where Teddy is getting this attitude from, yes Ocho gets into trouble with his mouth sometimes but Jesus he was nearly talking about the success lol

  62. Wow what a douche. Its not wrong to be in awe of something your part of. Belichek wasnt in awe o of welker running 99 yds down the field(belichek was cheering and clearly in awe) or did he sta.d there with a stoic look. Lay off bruschi and show support.

  63. What a douche. Ocho has only ever played for the Bengals. Of course he is going to be surprised. In fact he should be surprised too. Tom Brady broke the record for passing yards in the Pats organization. Just so you know as well Tedy, none of those passing yards were contributed by you so why don’t you shut up and stick to what you know.

  64. Ocho close his mouth? There’s a better chance that the Panthers win the Super Bowl this year. Don’t hold your breath Teddy.

  65. We all know Ocho is more of a clown than a football player, but his comment was pretty harmless. Bruschi sounds like he’s becoming a bitter old a-hole. Must be exhausting carrying that ego around with him all day.

    Deion Sanders thinks you need to “Slow your roll, man!”

  66. Heard that live this afternoon on WEEI and was laughing because when Bruschi decides to make a strong point like that he delivers it in a very very strong and direct way. I think it kind of set him off because he knows Ocho is not up to speed with understanding the Pats offensive system and then he hears that Chad is tweeting. Bruschi is old-school and just has a very earnest way about him. The combo of Chad tweeting and still not understanding the offensive set Bruschi off and it was great to hear. Fact is, Chad should have a much better grasp of the offense by now and he doesn’t. Teddy let him know quite clearly. It was great. LOL

  67. Who cares. The Pats will make it to the playoffs and lose to the Jets again. If not the Jets, then the Ravens. Bottom line, the Pats can’t play smashmouth football. If you can’t run the ball in the playoffs, you are finished. Brady can’t throw on his back!

  68. Hey Tedy Bruschi, you’re not on the Patriots anymore. You’re part of the media so start acting like it.

    I don’t see anything wrong with Chad Ochocinco’s tweet that you would need to comment on it as if your his Patriot’s “teammate”

  69. I love Tedy Bruschi, but easy does it big fella. Every receiver on that team has been with the program for at least a year, Ocho has been with them for a little over a month. No offseason program, no OTA’s, no passing camps, he didn’t have the playbook and a group of couches to learn it for 6 months before training camp. He was traded during training camp and had to learn Greek on the fly. It’s an offense that’s far more complex than the passing tree they ran at Cinci, it different terminology and different philosophy. It requires constant read and sight adjustments by the receivers. Chad will get it eventually, and in the mean time they have a talented group of WR’s and TE’s to carry the load until they can add this talented player to the rotation.

  70. oops, that was coaches, not couches. Unless he likes to study the playbook in the prone position.

  71. Chad’s lethargy and lack of competitiveness in games should actually show people why Terrell Owens should be wanted more on a football team!!!

    He goofed off during the past two offseasons and doesn’t have the love for football the way T.O. does!!!

    In Chad’s tweets, you see crap; in T.O.’s you see more conversational tweets!!! Chad is still eating McDonald’s in his 30’s!!! T.O. stopped eating that crap before he turned 30!!! Chad goofed off during the 2008 offseason and Charley Casserly reported how his playing weight dropped by 20 pounds!!! Before the ACL injury, T.O. still looked in great playing shape!!!

    Owens may have an unlikable personality, but at least he cares more!!! To not pile on Ocho enough or criticize his play because “he’s funny” (and “he’s a nice guy! It’s all for fun! It’s playful!”) is a disgrace on the media’s part!!!

  72. Contrary to what some may believe, I’ve always felt that former players who speak out in such a manner are speaking for those who are currently still a major player within the organization. The word of the day is, vicariously.

  73. He doth protest too much. Point is valid, why the venom? Maybe Bruschi thinks he is Belichick’s peer now that he ‘gets it’ so well.

    What a putz.

  74. Is this the same Ted Bruschi aka dirty Cheatriot who said he’d hit Arian Foster in his hammy? Yup.

    Ocho is just an extra piece to the Pats O. It’s the same damn system from last year. So much for that “best CB tandem in football” on the Dolphins. Your D let Brady throw for 500 yards and 4 TDs. I think the Dolphins need to watch some film…


  75. As a huge Pats fan, and a long-time man crush on Bruschi, I have to say that is really dumb! Come on – Brady had 8 receivers on the roster to throw to that he knows and trusts more than Ocho. Will the trust develop? I hope so. Was he open and not looked at? Yes. If the trust doesn’t develop, he’ll be gone before the season ends. But when Brady looks at the tape and gets more reps with the guy, the will connect. Don’t shake your finger at the guy for showing humility for the first time in his life! He’s in awe, the next stage is to buy in and then earn the respect of his teammates that he’s developed for them. If he earns, it, he’ll become a part of it. I don’t think his awe is a symptom of not having his head in the game.

  76. These Bone-Head steroid junkie jocks and the media/ sports talk radio attempt to act as if football ( especially the qb position ) requires real intellect.

    They attempt to make you think they are smart guys with an I.Q. above that of a trained Chimpanzee !

    I enjoy watching the sport ( theres nothing else on tv on Sundays ). But lets face it, its a known ” brain-damage ” sport, only second to boxing !

    Yeah, they are true geniuses by running as fast as you can and slamming your head and body into another guy, that is also running as fast as he can.

    As history has shown us, many of them suffer from mental illnesses, several commit suicide, others die from steroid side effects and most can’t walk and have deformed joints and limbs.

    Go watch some film on that Brussel sprout …. rocket scientist !!!

  77. I really think Bruschi is over-analyzing Chad’s tweet. I’m sure it was just Ochocinco’s way of saying how amazed and excited he is to be a part of such a good offensive system. Look at what team he came from.

    If I get a new job, and I said that I was in awe of well-run it is, it doesn’t mean I’m not part of it, it just means I was used to something less.

  78. ….is right Tedy.

    Someone needed to get up in Chads grill all that time in Cincinnati just like this.

    You’re good Chad, but not that good……

    You were Bengal good, but not Belichick good….

  79. This just goes to prove that you can have all the passion and motivation in the world, but if you come from a program that is “grade school” level… it’s going to show.

    Sadly, Chad spent to many years in that Bungel’s playbook and the equations aren’t 2+2 anymore.

    Good call Tedy

  80. Ocho pretty much was just a fan considering how much time he spent watching from the sidelines.

    Perhaps Bruschi overreacted to a simple, well-meaning tweet just a bit?

  81. Is Chad Johnson a punk? Yes.could be have a better career if he spent less time talking and more time playing? Yes. Is he a talented wide reciever that you have to double cover so he doesent burn your team which allows his qb to have great throwing yards to other players which, as a player might make u in awe of what your WB is accomplishing in the field? Yes. Juiceski, shut your damn mouth BOY. For someone who may have to answer for his playing career within the next few years, Id save any feedback you have on Johnson for if he starts to underperform for the team. Until then be grateful you walked away from the game without many people questioning your actions during your career.now pats fans are going to thumbsdown this into oblivion so it will be true NFL fans with knowledge of players and fitness to keep the thumbsup votes high.

  82. You’re not on the team anymore Ted, and/or you took too many shots to the head.

    Sounds like you either want to be, or turn into analyst, to blow such a minor thing into something more.

    Anyone who watches football is impressed by 500 yards passing, whether you’re doing it yourself, catching the ball, an opponent watching it, a football player in the league, or a fan on the couch watching.

    This player has a twitter history, and more then his right to be impressed after coming from a dysfunctional Bungles team.

    Lastly, was CO not on the field? He very well may have done his part for the team by being another threat that Miami had to be weary of and put a decent cover guy on, leaving one of the other receivers with an easier coverage guy that Brady checked down to and racked up yards with.

    If CO complained about not getting the ball enough or yards out of the 517, that’s one thing, but he was a participant on the field that helped out, not necessarily by being the focus, but being part of the TEAM that put up that offense. He’s allowed to be in awe of that.

  83. i’m not saying that ochocinco could or could not have contributed more, but if the D can’t stop brady from throwing it to either TE, welker, or branch, then i’m telling brady to continue doing so. Bruschi needs to calm himself down

  84. Bruschi is bang on here, that mofo just doesn’t get it.

    How the hell does a veteran WR like him, line up on the line, when he has a TE on his side on the line too?

    This idiot just isn’t a team player and has a terminal case of verbal diarrhea.

    Time to take out the trash.

  85. I get it but bcuz he’s still new it’s ok to b like omfg I’m not on the bungals an were not in cinci anymore toto! But I am in support of all the players shuttin up an clockin in … That’s y they make millions an so go do it

  86. Bruschi should just be quiet. If you care about your beloved “Pats” you wouldn’t cause confusion w/ur statement, calm down dude its just game 1?

  87. Alright Tedy Bruschi. You aren’t a top NFL linebacker anymore. Oh wait…you were never a top NFL linebacker. One of the most overrated defensive players in recent memory talking trash about a guy 3 years removed from being relevant. I don’t know why I even took the time to write this out.

  88. Ochocinco was a member of the Bengals for, what, like nine years? After that, I can understand that he would be a bit in awe to watch something like that performance first-hand.

    Tedy, it was his first game as a Patriot. If he is still that way halfway through the season, then say something. Until then, lighten up a little. Maybe you ought to just change your name to “Tedy Doucheski”.

  89. hey douscheski, chill out. how do you know what kind of time he’s putting in. it may be possible to be a fan as well as a player. and he’s too busy tweeting to learn .

  90. Is this man mad cause he still wanna be out there, or is he a hater & wanted chad to keep being on a loseing team old jealous a$$……Go Raiders!!!

  91. Brushi’s not in the locker room. All the coaches and players are saying that he already is in the playbook.

    Seems like the terminology is different.

    He’s just another spoke in the wheel there though.

  92. The guy looks LOST out there. Awe is one thing, lost in the ether is another. I sincerely hope BB has not let his friendship with this guy cloud his better judgement.

  93. When Taylor Price comes back this guy drops another spot on the depth chart.

    Right now he is the 5th wide receiver and the 7th overall receiver on the team.

    He is not 8th because I’m not sure how the second Gronk brother looks yet.

  94. Ochocinco can’t win. If he tried to take credit for some of the performance because he’s on the team, Bruschi would have just knocked him for being a Johnny Come Lately who is just riding on the coattails of a team that has been putting up big offense numbers for years. Bruschi is just going after an easy punching bag with a lazy critique.

  95. I HATE to be defending Ochocinco, but Bruschi is rediculously out of line.

    He’s the most rediculously biased commentator on ESPN. He never played for more than one system and never played for a franchise like the Bengals.

    How about trying to walk in the shoes of another instead of ignorantly criticizing them?

    What a douche.

  96. As a Steelers fan, I’d like to chime in. The New England Patriots “system” is overrated. This is not a team that has a “machine” from year to year in terms of plug in a guy, etc…..It is Tom Brady. It has always been Tom Brady. When he wasn’t in there, the Steelers beat the Pats by 3-4 TDs.

    Tom Brady is the best QB to ever play and our kryptonite. Bill Belichick is a very good, probably even great, coach….He’s no Bill Walsh…no Chuck Noll.

    It’s just that #12 is so damn good that it makes the rest of their organization feel like the Steelers, which isn’t the case.

  97. I’m a Patriot fan and I think Bruschi was over the top in his criticism but Tedy could be play Mr. Machoman since Ocho is new to the team and not one of Tedy’s boys.
    It’s never been reported by anyone that Ochocinco is slacking with his practice time and film study. The guy is working hard but the Patriots offense is quite conplicated and he’s having problems adjusting to it. Ocho would not be the first…

  98. Despite what people want to think about Chad the truth is that when he was with the Bengals he did all the things TB is telling him to do. Tedy, how do you know he deserves your criticism?

  99. What I hate about Bruschi is he goes off on these tangents, speaking of “we” from a patriots perspective, WHILE HE IS EMPLOYED BY ESPN…….it’s ok to bash Ocho, but this anthem of “we”, “our system”, blah blah blah blah.

    The thing that makes most fans want to throw up is the fact that this “system” was the only “system” to be singled out by the commissioner, fined, both head coach and team, lost 1st round draft pick, due to the out of control taping and cheating while using this “system”.

    The reality is Tedy, I really don’t have anything for or against the patriots. The further reality is when ex-players like you and Harrison babble about “system” and the “patriot way”, most fans other than your own, laugh harder and harder-roll their eyes, and think, ya, must be the “system”.

    Kraft was so down Goodell’s throat, Goodell should have suspended Belicheck the rest of the year to boot, to send the REAL MESSAGE.

    Some day, tedy, while you’re bouncing your grandkids on your knee, talking about your super bowls and your “system”, you will tell them your version.

    Unfortunately for them, they will hear the real truth from the real world about the cheating, the scandal, further clouding and watering down tremendously the legacy of the patriots.

    I’d rather win no super bowls the right way, versus winning the three with your “system”!!!

  100. Bruschi might be a little biased seeing that most of his work is for ESPN Boston.

    He may never been that dominant MLB but he was a major player on the Patriots defense. He made plays when they were needed.

    He was his own agent and said from the day he was drafted that he would want to be with the Patriots his entire career- and he did that. He’s been a huge fan favorite for years with this team and will always be.

    I will take Bruschi 100 times out of 100. He gave it his all and thats what matters.

    If you are sick of Bruschi, guess what? Dont read the article! Just like I dont when ever something about Rex is posted. Its really easy to do.

  101. wvucolumbus says: Sep 14, 2011 7:12 AM

    As a Steelers fan, I’d like to chime in. The New England Patriots “system” is overrated. This is not a team that has a “machine” from year to year in terms of plug in a guy, etc…..It is Tom Brady. It has always been Tom Brady. When he wasn’t in there, the Steelers beat the Pats by 3-4 TDs.

    Tom Brady is the best QB to ever play and our kryptonite. Bill Belichick is a very good, probably even great, coach….He’s no Bill Walsh…no Chuck Noll.

    It’s just that #12 is so damn good that it makes the rest of their organization feel like the Steelers, which isn’t the case.


    What a load of crap. Yes Brady is effing awesome, but he isn’t the entire Patriots system like you are trying to say. The Patriots went 11-5 without Brady.

    I think you are confusing the Patriots with the Colts.

  102. — get out your bed and get to the stadium and watch some film if you still think it’s amazing.

    Thats right Teddy, film was the most important thing there in New England…

    Your film, their film, that other teams film, without it, the SB was just a dream.

  103. wvucolumbus says:
    Sep 14, 2011 7:12 AM
    As a Steelers fan, I’d like to chime in. The New England Patriots “system” is overrated. This is not a team that has a “machine” from year to year in terms of plug in a guy, etc…..It is Tom Brady. It has always been Tom Brady. When he wasn’t in there, the Steelers beat the Pats by 3-4 TDs.

    Tom Brady is the best QB to ever play and our kryptonite. Bill Belichick is a very good, probably even great, coach….He’s no Bill Walsh…no Chuck Noll.

    It’s just that #12 is so damn good that it makes the rest of their organization feel like the Steelers, which isn’t the case.

    Well, I don’t disagree about Brady. But I think the jury is out on Belichick vs Noll and Belichick is the better coach and you can go back to the great NY Giant defenses to further that argument. Noll won when he had the best talent and won before player movement, the salary cap, and free agency. Your quarterback wasn’t too bad either. The Patriots have won their championships when they have played very good to great defenses. A legitimate criticism of Belichick is that his defenses have been too passive in recent years and the pass rush has been less than ordinary. As great as Brady is, the Patriots need to do a better job of stopping the opposition from moving the ball and scoring.

    As far as Chad Johnson goes, so far he hasn’t picked up the offense. Who knows if Bruschi is right or wrong about the effort? But something tells me that he has pretty good sources in that locker room.

  104. Tedy is a Fing Re-Tard, yeah I know NE loves him, did he ever think that OCHO was just making a comment that he has never played on a team like this? I don’t see anything wrong with what OCHO said. I have never like TEDY B, I never felt sorry for him. Some of you might think I’m mean but I’m just talking the truth. OCHO will be a big part of this Offense.

  105. vikesfansteve says:

    “It sure is easy to win games when you cheat Teddy.”

    Hey Steve, you wouldn’t know anything about winning, would you? Way to bring up cheating….again. How original. Crawl back in your last place hole, loser.

  106. Bruschi once had the most “hits” of any player in any game. He then rescued a baby from a burning car and returned a lost dog to it’s owner. And that was during halftime!

  107. A lot of people on here don’t seem to like Tedy. I’m guessing that is because he comes off as a twat.

  108. I think Chad is in a no win situation. He is clearly still learning the offense. He would LOVE to impress his new coach and team, but he’s not able to yet and that HAS to be uncomfortable (and new) for him.
    I think his ‘cheering’ on the performance of his teammates was his way of being a good sport. No doubt if he had said nothing he be accused ‘pouting’… can’t win.
    I hope he feels more a part of the team soon, but that can’t be forced. Ease up Tedy.

  109. It’s unfortunate that social media allows everyone and anyone to be able to speak their minds at the instant a thought occurs to them. Tedy Bruschi is no different than Perez Hilton; both of them get diarrhea of the mouth without first considering the consequences of what they’re about to say. Bruschi is no longer a New England Patriot so the affairs of his former football team are none of his business.

    In short, shut up Tedy.

  110. The next time Bruschi tees off on a white player at any position on any team will be his first time.

  111. Bru – I don’t particularly care for your shooting off your mouth so much but that’s your job now so go for it.

    You can’t quite act neutral when speaking about the team you were an integral part of for you entire career.

    That having been said – it is past time for 85 to just get in there and do his part.

  112. Wow….the guy has been in the system for 5 weeks and your ragging like that??? Brady doesn’t care WHAT your name is…. he throws to who is open so when Ocho gets everything down…he will be open and get his yards… Chill Tedy before ya stroke out on national television..

  113. Whenever Bruschi, “I won 3 superbowls cheating” comes on I turn it off. Yeah just like he chose to bash Aaron Rodgers for not holding off season work outs……..how’d that work for you Teddy. 24 of 32 312 yard 3 touchdowns no turnovers. The guy is a patriots homer and is unprofessional every time he opens his mouth.

    Since they took away their cheating advantage how many playoff games has Brady won?

  114. Between this outburst and his complete freak out over Arian Foster tweeting his MRI, I think it’s fair to say that Tedy has more of an issue with Twitter than anything.

  115. The New England Patriots shouldn’t have to play “wet nurse” with Ochocinco—or anyone else, for that matter. I’m sure he’s a great guy, but that’s not why he’s getting paid. Bottom line: He’s getting paid to catch the football. That shouldn’t be too much to ask from an accomplished, veteran wide receiver.

  116. Tedy, we love you, you were a great Patriot, but get over yourself. Chad was being nothing but complimentary. Your comments come off as small and petty. Show some class like Mr. Kraft would expect.

    In the words of a current Patriot, “Child, please.”

  117. Tedy, we love you, you were a great Patriot, but get over yourself. Chad was being nothing but complimentary. Your comments come off as small and petty. Show some class like Mr. Kraft would expect.

    In the words of a current Patriot, “Child, please.”

  118. “If you’re in it and you know what you’re doing and you execute out there you don’t think it’s amazing. You know why? Because it’s what you’re supposed to do.”

    This statement is SO true.

  119. It amazes me how people keep thinking CHAD JOHNSON is a good/great receiver. When has he ever been clutch in his career? His last decent year was 2007 when he had 93 catches. He disappears for games at a time then will feast on lesser teams. Last year he was awful. People are swayed by his smile and personality. See him for what he really is, a guy that is average at best. I hate the Patriots but I couldn’t agree with Bruschi more.

  120. Not a Chad fan here, but from everything I’ve ever read his work ethic is not a problem. So for Bruschi to be saying get out of bed and get to the stadium is unnecessary.

    Chad said nothing wrong, it’s ok for him to say a good thing about his offense, especially when you consider what he came from last year.

    Chad was traded pretty late by the Bengals, he hasn’t had time to get all of the system down after having the same system and same Offensive Coordinator for all of his NFL career. When he figures out how to be where Brady wants him to be, he’ll be a good number 3 or maybe even 2 receiver for the team.

    Bruschi needs to realize he’s retired, he’s not a Pat anymore. He’s an analyst, which gives him the right to rip a guy, but that was definitely over the top. I had no problem with Bruschi before this, seemed like a nice guy and a decent analyst. But this really does make him seem petty.

  121. Some retired athletes with too big of egos just can’t let go. Utter lack of wisdom to post that stuff about another player. Just keep your yap shut.

  122. Many things can be said about 85, but I don’t think lazy is one of them.

    He was targeted 3 times, catching 1. Not exactly a lot of opportunity to show up when Welker , Hernandez, Gronk and Branch were catching everything that came near them.

  123. how many times do I have to tell you guys…..Ocho is all flash and overrated…….We all knew this in Cinci…………He hasnt been that great for a few years now……I just wish we could of suckered the Pats into a better draft pick…..Darn you Belicheat….you always outsmart me

  124. Slow Down Teddy…Hey I understand that the Patriots did things a little different than what the rest of the league was doing…But let’s be honest here, The #1 reason for the Patriots success and and the mystique about the “Patriots Way” comes from one person, Tom Brady. You can talk all you want about the “patriot way”, how NE doesn’t talk with the media, how NE are so secretive, I would be too if I illegally taped signals(have they won a SB since that little episode?). Listen everyone in the NFL thought Mike Shanahan had the formula for success(aquiring through free agency, than build through the draft), but when Elway retired, we all saw how that worked out. I’m sure Romeo Crennel with Frye, Anderson, and Quinn knew the Patriot Way, we see how well that worked out. How about Eric Mangini with Farve, Pennington and Clemons, not so well. We see how well Cassel is doing in KC and I’m sure he and Haley know the “Patriot Way”. Bill B. has been drafting QBs who will eventually replace Brady when he retires, but that hasn’t found that one. It’s hard to find a Hall of Fame QB, they change teams, franchises, and cities. Hey, I respect and admire the 3 championships NE has won, but when you get a minute Teddy, climb down off that pedestal and realize its not just a “Way”, it’s who executing that “Way”!

  125. Ok everyone calm down , To be honest here Brady doesnt trust Chad yet, and the reason is Chad comes from a completely different system that the verbage is different. You cant play at full speed when you have to think if your running the correct routes, and in the pats system you have to also know your routes and the routes of the other recievers. Thats why alot of the recievers have had issues in the system. The guy has only had 6 weeks tops as a Patriot.

  126. First of all, CHEATERS! But t. Bruschi sucks! And Chad! Best move the Bengals have made in YEARS! So happy the virus is healed! Go orange and black! WHO DEY!

  127. Once again Teddy Bruschi is an idiot. Chad use to tweet close to 40 to 50 times a day in Cincy, now he is down to around 10 to 15. He has reduce the amount of time on Tweeter a great deal. Next it is really easy for other guys to get open when Chad is occupying double coverage on a great deal of the snaps. Go back and look at the time Brady threw to him, he had a safety and a corner on him each time. He opened up a lot of things underneath and helped stretch the field. Last but not least, Bruschi is not on the team, so how in the hell can he comment on what the gameplan going into the game is or how hard Chad is working at home. He simply needs to STFU.

  128. Dan Patrick had a good take on this today. Says ESPN will let these analysts go if they dont make headlines and get fired up. He said he knows Tedy wasn’t this way before, but now that he’s at ESPN he has to say things to fire everyone up and stay relevant.

  129. Tedy is in a neck and neck race with Trent Dilfer for the 2011-12 “Most Bitter Former NFL Player Turned Commentator” award.

  130. Chad being chad and that’s good with me, sorry it isn’t the patriot way. Teddy is a has been who can’t let go. Keep doin your thing Ochocinco.

  131. Fans of the hit HBO series Hard Knocks will know just what I mean when I say. Child Please Bruschi…Child Please.

  132. Any of you boys who are critical of the type players Teddy was…are fools.

    Love the way the guy not only played….but weeded bad apples out of lockerroom and off team.

    That attitude is why they have dominated NFL more than any other team since 2001…You do it their way, or get lost.

    He gave Chad a wake up call…live & breathe the game or get out…Every team needs guys like that to win…He did same deal w/Moss too….as did Harrioson & Vrabel.

  133. Ease up Teddy, drop the Patriot lovefest, your supposed to be neutral. The guy was giving a compliment. Your attitude is the reason the reason people dislike the fans of some teams, and not the teams per se!!!

  134. He’s right. Not really supposed to be saying this on an “objective” TV broadcast, but he’s right. I wish he was an assistant coach in the Pats locker room (instead of on TV) right now, REALLY handing it to Ocho.

  135. Bradshawlives.

    The Patriots cheated for years. End of story. Period. Won 3 Super Bowls. Beat better Steelers teams because they knew the exact plays that were coming.

    They got fined 250k, lost a 1st round draft pick. Billicheat also lost a half mil. If Mangini hadn’t exposed them they would still be doing it.

    They haven’t been the dominate SB team since then. They did make it to 1 & lost to the Giants. Even though I hate the Giants it was so awesome to see Tedy & Seau all sad on the sidelines. Poor little cheating babies.

    F you & all the Patriots fans who deny that cheating is the only way your team won.

    Like Joey Porter said all of the Patriots Super Bowl wins have to be suspect now.

    So shut your pie hole. & Tedy shut that ugly fat head of yours. You work @ ESPN. You are not a member of a proven cheating team anymore.

    It sure is easy to win if your team knows the exact play the opponent is running.

    16-0, loosing the Super Bowl.

    So Awesome!

  136. vikesfansteve:
    Guess you know more than the coaches and analyst. Maybe you’re in the wrong profession? No you’re in the right one.. Senior Moron.

    “This is exactly how I was told to do it 18 years ago by a Kansas City Chiefs scout. I tried it, but I didn’t think it helped us,” said former Dallas coach Jimmy Johnson, speaking of the videotaping. “Bill Belichick was wrong because he videotaped signals after a memo was sent out to all of the teams saying not to do it. But what irritates me is hearing some reactions from players and coaches. These players don’t know what their coaches are doing. And some of the coaches have selective amnesia, because I know for a fact there were various teams doing this. That’s why the memo was sent to everybody. That doesn’t make [Belichick] right, but a lot of teams are doing this.”

  137. Fair enough.

    But Ochocinco was merely complimenting his new team and IMO he did it in a good way that showed that he was not trying to take credit for the success himself but instead praising his teammates.

    On the other hand maybe Bruschi should have KEPT HIS HEAD IN THE GAME in the Super Bowl instead of prancing and giggling with Junior Seau.

    WAKE UP TEDY! The game wasn’t over. Try to keep your head in the game …. I mean, it was the freakin’ SUPER BOWL for goodness sakes. Try to pay attention.

  138. @ downsouth49er,

    I think you hit it on the head. Teddy is speaking “vicariously”. He is still well connected to that locker room and I’m sure he is hearing plenty. He wouldn’t go off on this if knew all was well with Chad. I didn’t like the signing when it happened, and I like a lot less today. I give him three weeks to turn it around or he’s gone.

  139. jm91rs says: Sep 14, 2011 10:20 AM

    Dan Patrick had a good take on this today. Says ESPN will let these analysts go if they dont make headlines and get fired up. He said he knows Tedy wasn’t this way before, but now that he’s at ESPN he has to say things to fire everyone up and stay relevant.

    I agree it could be a factor but it’s a rich argument coming from Patrick is what I was thinking when I heard it. The guy’s extreme bitterness towards what he calls “the mother ship” is so apparent on each and every show he does it’s insane. Every day he whines about something ESPN is doing or not doing usually in relation to some guest he wanted that ESPN won’t let come on his show.

    Also if I had a nickel for every person who went off on a rant about how some guy “only did such and such “as a pro so they have “no right”to comment even though their job is a media job , I would be a rich woman right now. It’s a silly and irrelevant argument, please give it up.

  140. I live in New England. So I do have a dog in this fight. As reported on several sport talk radio shows in Boston this weekend. Randy Moss was spotted in town. Hmmmm. Maybe that’s why Chad wasn’t used much in the Pats offense. He didn’t even get on the field until the 3rd or 4th series.

    All the reporters said was, he was seen in several places and they asked the question. What’s going on with Ocho? That was the extent of their speculation.

    Two weeks ago, Tom Brady was not very subtle about his feelings for Moss, nor his strong desire to play with him again. Tedy Bruschi was also a friend and big time fan of Randy Moss, when they played together. So there may be some embers of fire behind this smoke. Moss’ also publicly said 2 weeks ago, he would unretire to return to the Patriots.

    Ochocinco should be very nervous right now about his position on that team. Neither Belichick or Brady will tolerate him costing momentum and drive sequences with mental errors and drops. And Tedy was doing him a favor by calling him out & warning him. Chad has a big opportunity this weekend to play big and gain Brady and Belichick’s confidence. Anything less and I can see Bill pulling the plug early on this experiment. And bringing Moss back. That is if New Orleans doesn’t grab him first.

  141. baboushka:
    I am also in NE and was thinking/hearing the same thing. I think Tedy went a little overboard but I agree..he was smacking 85 on the back of the head to wake him up.

  142. I believe Tedy’s comments were dead on. Chad should not be in awe of their offense, he saw first hand in the two occasions the Patriots played the Bengals when they put up big numbers against his former team. I also have a feeling that Tedy must have “inside information” and I believe that Belichick doesn’t mind at all that Tedy is giving Chad a wake up call.

    One thing I have to mention: I’m a fan of Ocho’s and I believe he will have a productive year with Brady and that offense, but I have to mention that when Randy Moss first came to NE, he missed the entire pre-season and he came out and burned the Jets for 9 catches and 183 yards and a TD. And he didn’t run all go routes all day, he ran slants and out routes as well.

    Randy Moss did not have a problem figuring out their complex offense, so my point is that Chad will have to get in where he fits in and that’s what I believe Tedy was trying to say to Chad today.

  143. Ochocinco not being a factor as a Patriot tells me they used a shotgun, good-luck approach in Cinci but demand sweet science and technique in New England.

  144. @nowiegtr:

    Agreed. If you recall. During the pregame warmups Chad had on a pair of bright red football cleats. While all of the other Patriots had on either white or black cleats. When they came out to play the game, Chad had switched over to a more traditional pair of white and black cleats. And he didn’t start the game on offense. Apparently someone got to him on separating himself in even that small a gesture. So I think there is some disconnects with Ocho and his new team. And the fact he is not integrating into the offense very well right now is hurting his chances of sticking.

    On the other hand. If the rumor about Moss has legs. He would come back hungry and very grateful to Tom Brady for going out on a limb for him. I don’t think he would blow it on the team he loves again. Ocho better play like a top receiver or duck. Because Moss is much better than him. And he knows that offense and Brady. Plus he would be fine playing in packages this time around.

  145. Watch it Tedy…you keep getting all worked up you will stroke out again…

    That’s just wonderful.

    Wait til you get yours.

    Then tell us how funny it is.

  146. i agree w/ thetwilightsown

    bruschi should get a life. it’s a football game. no need to have another heart attack about it. such a corny little speech this was.

  147. gthmbt says: Sep 14, 2011 9:38 AM

    It amazes me how people keep thinking CHAD JOHNSON is a good/great receiver. When has he ever been clutch in his career? His last decent year was 2007 when he had 93 catches. He disappears for games at a time then will feast on lesser teams. Last year he was awful. People are swayed by his smile and personality. See him for what he really is, a guy that is average at best. I hate the Patriots but I couldn’t agree with Bruschi more.


    Yes at 33 CHAD OCHOCINCO is not as good as he was when he was 25. You are a genius for noticing this.

    Chad wasn’t awful last year, he was on pace to have a 900+ yard season. That’s not great, but it sure as hell isn’t awful either.

  148. Well, if that’s the way the Patriots do it Tedy, maybe it’s time for a different approach. Your mighty Patriots get their asses kicked every January game since 2007, so you are hardly this mighty juggernaut of winning.

    Maybe if you @$$holes stopped living under the illusion that you’ve won the SB the past 4 years and realize you have some major mental problems (how else can u be the greatest ever in the regular season and the worst ever in the 1st round), you might accept some positive words from a new player.

  149. Teddy is way out of line here and for those that agree with Teddy either you hate Ochocinco, or you don’t know anything about Football. The Pats run a difficult offense; it’s hard for anyone to learn. Yes Ochocinco hasn’t done a lot. However how many times was he thrown to? IS he supposed to break 45 yard runs every catch, or catch 60 yard bombs every throw? Pats spread the ball around, everyone knows that. Ochocinco is not going to be targeted every throw. Get over yourself Teddy. He comes from Cincinnati where he was the go to guy. He joins the Pats where he’s just another number. He’s playing a significantly different role than he did in Cincinnati. A different receiver position as well. We’ll revisit this at mid season. Ochocinco isn’t going to lead the league in receptions; however he will have an impact. That’s all that’s asked of him.

  150. @vikesfansteve

    Hey steve why dont you stop ranting about ur jealousy over that pats success and live in the misery that is being a vikings fan.. You play in a dome that cant even keep snow out (not to mention you play in a dome how soft). The pats would have won cameras or not im sorry. Bill is simply out-coaching everyone and has brought in so many no-names and made them look great. This especially goes for guys playing for Brady. He brought back Branch who was invisible in Seattle and is now producing once again. Besides Ocho name me one big, physical receiver who can stretch the field and go deep for them right now. No one! Brady has proven time and time again that he is the best.

    Im sorry to those of you who continue to hate on the pats as your team probably is still sucking it up. But you really need to get a life and learn to respect the great ones that we have because guys like Brady and Manning only come once in a lifetime. Brady just passed for 517 yards on Monday. Are you kidding me? Stop being jealous nerds and worry about your own team because clearly a lot of you cheer for teams that suck annually and you just enjoy when the better teams lose. (which clearly in the pats case doesnt happen to often).

  151. It’s amazing that someone could find a way to complain about a Patriot’s offensive player after that game. I’m sure Teddy knows a lot more about football than I do, but it’s my understanding that when an offense does that good, everyone is contributing, whether it be on paper or otherwise.

    When Jerry Rice was on the 49ers he would have the (very) occasional low numbers game, but the numbers of other offensive players would usually go up. (I am not saying Chad is anything like Rice, just illustrating a point.)

    If Ted wants to call someone out, maybe it’s someone on the other side of the ball that helped to make Chad Henne look like a fantasy superstar.

  152. Tedy, take a deep breath. It was a simple little tweet complimenting his teammates. There’s plenty to get on the guy about, but this certainly wasn’t one of them.

    And what’s with all the “we” talk? You don’t play there any more, Tedy. At some point you need to realize that. No doubt you played on some great teams, but there are multiple ways to achieve success in the NFL, yet to you anything other than the Patriot way is somehow inferior. Given that it’s been a few years since the Pats last won it all and every BB disciple has been a bust, you might want to dial the smugness down a notch or two before you start to be seen as a joke.

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