The Reggie Bush criticism starts early in Miami

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Well, that didn’t take long.

After getting lauded for his work ethic throughout camp, Reggie Bush was criticized at length in a column Tuesday morning in the Miami Herald.  Saints fans are rather familiar with the trend: A big August followed by an underwhelming September.

Bush’s numbers weren’t that bad.  He had 11 rushes for 38 yards and caught nine passes for 56 yards, including a garbage time score.

The problem was more that Bush failed to make any big plays when he had the chance and had too many runs that didn’t go anywhere.  (His last nine carries got 18 yards.)  He also wasn’t an option in goal line situations, where the Dolphins were stuffed a few times.

One arm tackle by Albert Haynesworth on Bush was perhaps the most telling play.  Miami didn’t try to run Bush inside after that.

“The apparent truth is that Bush really wasn’t built for this, even if you wanted to believe otherwise, and I, like many, did,” Israel Gutierrez wrote.

We never thought that Bush was built for it, but it seems a little early to draw conclusions. Bush said he loved being on the field more.

“It felt great,” Bush said. “It was everything I was looking forward to. It was everything I expected. . . . But we’re going back to the drawing board.”

63 responses to “The Reggie Bush criticism starts early in Miami

  1. So Reggie’s poor running had nothing to do with Wilfork, Haynesworth and Ellis?

    Maybe a tad.

  2. Haynesworth came off a double block before grabbing him with one hand (no arm, just hand).. and throwing him on the ground (at the goal line) like he was an Xbox controller after a bad game.

    It was telling both of what we might be expecting out of Reggie Bush AND Albert Haynesworth this season.

    At least I can hope.

  3. Reggie’s been a pro for about 6 years now. In all that time, what did anyone see that made them think he would be an every down, 20-carry back? The mistake is not that the Dolphins got Reggie…but that they are trying to make him something that he is not. His quickness should be what should be exploited…not his inside running ability. 2-3 inside runs per game…6-10 off tackles and sweeps…and the emphasis should be in getting the ball in his hands out in more open spaces…swing passes, dump-offs, screens, etc. Nobody tried to turn Secretariat into a trotter…

  4. Oh Reggie, you are so over rated… I’m glad your on the dolphins, being a Bills fan and all. I always thought you would be great, but now it seems that you truly are a bust. Only took me how many years to finally figure that out lol

  5. What did they expect, Earl Campbell? If Reggie Bush is your main back you have to get him in space and use him in the short passing game as an extension of the running game. If you run him off tackle and don’t open holes for him you get…9 carries for 18 yards.

  6. Bush goes about 195lbs. Haynesworth closer to 375lbs. If he gets a paw on you. it’s over.

    Why run inside?

    I don’t know what Miami expected. Seems like Bush was a good option for them. He’s sure not a 20 carry/game RB.

    Patriots got 622 yards offense, and the local paper writes about Bush?

    Henne threw four over 400 yards and had a great game.

  7. Coming from a Pats fan point of view… Maybe the play calling should be called out more than Bush. How could you not run him on the goal line at least once? I’m glad they didn’t, he most likely would have punched it in. At least it would have giving the defense something to think about on 4th down.

  8. I don’t know what the coaching staff was thinking about not even attempting to run from inside the 1 yard line. Yea Henne throwing a fade is probably your best shot to score. Watching Sparano run a team makes me wanna puke and I’m not even a Dolphin fan.

  9. He’s all flash and no substance.

    I’d keep him as a returner only, way to fragile and always looking for the sideline.


    Did this guy actually watch the game?

    How about criticizing, “the BEST secondary in the league”? Or the lack of a pass rush?

    If you watch closely enough, in the 2nd quarter, Brady had enough time to: smoke a cigarette, realize he left the coffeemaker on, drive home, bang da Hotness, grab a shower, make the OGG commercial, check his fantasy scores, call and see how Peyton was holding up, grab a power nap, hit the snooze button (twice), drive back to Miami, do some fishing, suit back up, and light up the secondary.

    Sure, bush was one armed tackled by the biggest piece of human garbage in this millennium’s free agent market. He also had alot of nice plays as well. The trademark dive for the pylon more than made up. He was traded to go up the middle, that was what second round bust Thomas was for… who wasn’t even active for the game.

    Not a Dolphins fan either.

  11. “It felt great,” Bush said. “It was everything I was looking forward to. It was everything I expected. . . . But we’re going back to the drawing board.”

    If he felt great about THAT performance and it was everything he expected, RB is not cut out to be a pro football player. Based on both their responses of their ’11 debuts, I think Cam Newton will have a much better career than Bush.

  12. Did the Dolphins really think Sean Payton chose not to play Bush as an every-down back because he just couldn’t see what a gem Reggie was?

  13. Both New Orleans and Miami have yet to learn how to use Bush correctly. Mike Martz or Jon Gruden would be perfect Coaches that would utilize Bush’s abilities.

    Sproles will probably more effective in NO than Bush.

  14. Bush has NEVER been a power back and ran BETTER in those formations than educated fans ever thought he would.

    Get him a full back… just like in college. Why is that so hard?

    If you thought differently, you know neither Reggie Bush or football. The critics are crazy.

  15. Anyone thats followed this guys career since 06 with the Saints knew he not a every down back that runs between the tackles ,just not who he his..great 3rd down back though..He had a tough time staying healthy when taking 10 or so carries a game with the N.O ,at the pace he’ll be on IR before the 1/4 mark

  16. Thinking Bush had become Larry Czonka reminds me of one of my favorite addages:

    “You can take a duck & paint it yellow, but at the end of the day what you have is a yellow duck.”

  17. Is Danielle Thomas that bad?

    If Sporano makes it past week 6 I’ll be amazed. His fate was sealed after Huzienga(sp?) pushed like hell for Jim Harbs. Sent the wildcat packing and now they’ve got different pieces but no plan.

  18. The game was not officiated well, patriot linemen holding Cam Wake. DB’s holding wideouts nothing is being called. And Bush can run the ball l, he had 2 runs called back that would have gave at least 60rush yards. The outcome of the refs onesided game calling dictated Bush didn’t run. Lay off the kid, if Chris Johnson, C.J Spiller, Jammal Charles can be a feature back so can Reggie. Defense needs to become bullies!

  19. How often Bush runs the ball is a coaching
    decision. However if you look at what the Dolphins did; trade Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, draft Daniel Thomas and not an offensive right tackle that is needed in Miami. One has to question the judgement of both Sparano and Ireland the GM. Larry Johnson was available but did not get a chance to perform.

  20. Speaking of Reggie Bush, when is he going to return the Heisman Trophy he was stripped of?

    The last I heard he had his parents hiding it from Heisman officials. Which when you think of it is quite fitting since it was his parents that got Reggie hooked up with the agents who cost his his credibility, respect, records, and his team’s accomplishments.

  21. Last Thursday Sproles proved what Bush should have been. Sproles is the real deal, Bush is not.

    Bush likes to dance instead of cutting and hitting a hole fast and hard. He thinks that he is going to juke everyone out of their shoes. That can happen when you play Fresno St. but it ain’t gonna happen in the NFL.

  22. How about the Dolphins actually get a lead fullback….

    Can’t expect Bush to consistently run between the tackles with no FB.

    (I’m not a Dolphins fan)

  23. They have to criticize people because just saying the truth that “The Patriots are better than the Dolphins” isn’t a very long news article.

  24. no team in the league is gonn have two d tackles as big as Haynsworth and Wi9lfork in the middle no one is gonna run it up the middle on the Patriots as long as those two are healthy. Bush will be fine.

  25. my response to why does Henne overthrow everything in the red zone is Henne sucks should of got Mallett Dolphins shame on you Ireland I say give Sparano another year and fire Ireland who is clearly the bigger problem.

  26. Every running back is gonna take criticism after playing the Pats. Their interior line is too big and strong. No one will be consistent trying to run up the middle.

  27. I’m still smh as to why we didn’t sign a compliment big back behind reggie (ricky, ronnie, dwilliams) ?! Blows my mind how ireland thought we can enter a rookie and reggie.

  28. So, when a sportswriter foolishly wanted to believe that Bush was built for an inside game, it’s Bush’s fault he couldn’t run agaisnt some of the biggest defensive linemen in the NFL? Any particular reason the PFT columnist can’t mock the writer instead of the guy trying to do the work?

  29. He played well, did his job and opened things up for others. Yes he needs a compliment power guy but he did what he does well and outscored AP and CJ the top 2 RB’s. just sayin give him a break

  30. Imo Ireland/Sporanos mistakes were cutting AJ Edds and Will Allen for lesser talented players at the same positions.

  31. So let me get this straight…Bush was “one-armed” tackled by Haynesworth and Brady absolutely ripped the Dolphins defense apart play after play after play after play and Bush is criticized?

    Let’s get it together, Miami.

  32. “We never thought that Bush was built for it”

    BULL, everyone hammered houston for not taking him, THAT INCLUDES YOU, ROSY!!

  33. You know who was an inch shorter & a couple pounds lighter than Reggie Bush and never got one-arm-tackled in his entire career? Brian Westbrook. Dolphins should cut Bush and sign 36 today. I heard his workout went well.

  34. I could sit here and tell you why Bush’s game is terrible and all that but instead I’m just going to be honest………..

    I just don’t like the little bastard because he’s a cheating no charachter little scumbag who stole the heisman and cost a team it’s entire season.

    Does anything else really matter?

  35. You people kill me. I can’t believe this. First the dolphins run to much and we have no passing game. Now, Henne looked great. We spread the ball around. We were in the game with 5 minutes to play if you remember and all I hear now is how bad reggie bush was.


  36. Henne played good?? His stats were definitely “out of character” but i’d put that on soft coverage by the pats dbs…even Belichick knows it..(“we have alot to work on” and you know he’s not talking about the O)…. He missed badly on crucial throws (especially in the red zone), one of which even Jaws thought (out loud mind you) was a piece of “s-it”…

  37. I get what the dolphins tried to do – Get rid of two older, similar backs and replace them with a younger guy in Thomas and a guy with a different skill set in Bush, so they can compliment each other. Problem was that Thomas never showed much in pre-season, then got hurt. Bush is a “space” guy who shouldn’t be running between the tackles and cannot take on both RB roles. Larry Johnson isn’t the answer, so it all may fall on Chad Henne and the receivers this year.

  38. I do not blame Reggie Bush at all. The Dolphins did not use him as he should be used.

    Who else was out there running? Lex Hilliard? Come on, man!

    Keep using Reggie in space with passes and some outside runs but you need a bigger runner up the middle. Why did we sign Larry Johnson? I mean, we are at the 1/2 foot line and we don’t run it with LJ? Instead we go with a fade route, that had not worked all game?

    Lets just use him wisely, Sparano, OK?

  39. kinda feels weird not to see everyone go off on Saint’s fans for being “Classless” to a guy that “helped” them win a superbowl….

    ya’ know… considering the tomatoe throwing that Packer fans had to go through on this site.

  40. I’m the biggest critic of the guy, but this talk is going too far. Miami is one of the worst teams in the NFL and poorly coached.

    Sparano’s shelf life of 15 minutes with that gimmicky wildcat is gone and now you realize he’s a high school coach at best. Fins fans know this and want him gone.

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