Things we didn’t like on the first Sunday of the season

So on every Monday night’s NBC SportsTalk on VERSUS, Russ Thaler and I will run down five things we liked from Sunday’s games.  There’s another side to that specific coin.

Russ and I will go over five things we didn’t like.

My contributions to Football Night in America and the postgame show are not eligible for such scrutiny.  At least not in that venue.

Besides, that’s what Twitter is for.

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8 responses to “Things we didn’t like on the first Sunday of the season

  1. look at the goddamn play! wtf was he supposed to do? not block the guy during a live play? i mean i am a homer but c`mon let them play for christsakes!

  2. Who really cares if Vick gets hurt? That’s the big concern? He’s getting all the $ again. Go out and play.

  3. If “Next Question’s” client, who wants the next big contract, holds two catchable balls it might have been 14 points more for the Birds and a real blowout. Vick spent much of the game running for his life. He and McCoy were the difference makers. When he had time to throw he did a very credible job.

  4. 5 things most true fans didn’t like
    1. no launching
    2. no launching
    3. no helmet to helmet
    4. you have to let the WR make a catch before you gently take him down to the ground
    5. non contact football for WR’s

    Goodell is ruining the game

  5. WR’s, TE’s and RB’s no longer have to fear catching the ball cuz apparently ya can’t play D anymore without getting flagged. Too many QB’s have passer ratings over 100 and are throwing for 300+ yards.
    In week 1 12 QB’s had passer ratings over 100 and 14 QB’s threw for over 300 yards. These used to be stats only elite QB’s would put up.

    Please let the D play TACKLE FOOTBALL!!!!!!!

    Goodell needs canned!

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