Brady, Suggs, Janikowski named AFC players of the week

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A 500-yard game, a three-sack performance and a 63-yard field goal were enough to earn Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs and Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski the AFC Player of the Week honors.

Brady completed 32 of 48 passes for 517 yards (fifth most in NFL history) and four touchdowns as the Patriots beat the Dolphins. It’s the 18th time Brady has been named Player of the Week, which ties him with Dan Marino for the second-most since the award was instituted in 1984. (Peyton Manning has the most Player of the Week honors, with 21.)

Suggs had three sacks and two forced fumbles in the Ravens’ 35-7 win over the Steelers. Both times he forced Ben Roethlisberger to fumble, the Ravens recovered in Steelers territory. This was Suggs’ third Player of the Week award.

Janikowski booted an NFL record-tying 63-yard field goal just before halftime of a game the Raiders would win 23-20 at Denver. The kick made Janikowski the first player in NFL history to have more than one 60-yard field goal; he also made one from 61 yards in 2009. This was Janikowski’s fourth Player of the Week award, having previously won it in Week Seven of 2008.

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    The NBWA(The National Bandwagon Association) has declared a state of emergency after reports say that almost all of the “Steeler Nation” is nowhere to be found this week. Citizens are strongly encouraged NOT to look for these lost bandwagoners as it as been cleary noted that they will continue to hide until the Steelers do something good and they can return to being the fair weather fan that they are.(see the 1980’s) Stay tuned for more on this developing story…

  2. P.S. If any Steeler fan takes offense to my last post…I hate to tell ya but your not a true Steeler fan because im strickly referring to all the fake ones who decided to hop on the bandwagon express in 04/05(u know who u are) To all the real Piitsburgh fans, I got nothin but respect for yinz! See ya for game 2 on Nov 9 and again for game 3 sometime in January!

  3. humbleminded85…..

    had to share this….

    “As if that 28-point beatdown by Baltimore didn’t speak loudly enough in terms of the state of the Steelers in 2011, here’s a statistic that should sober any Pittsburgh fan: The most recent time a Super Bowl loser made its way back to the game and won it the following season was 39 years ago, when Miami beat Washington after losing to Dallas the year before. In fact, a Super Bowl loser hasn’t even appeared in the game since Buffalo lost the last of its four consecutive Super Bowls after the 1993 season.” From Don Banks @ SI

  4. so you have to ask yourself could the patriots have been any better if BB had video taped the defensive calls for the fins.

    lmao.. I wish someone would have pulled a rodgers on that after the monday game. That would have been epic coming from bb

  5. @humbleminded85 …

    Can’t take offense. Have been right here taking my lumps on every post since the game ended. Been on this Steeler bandwagon 34 years and not about to climb off. (In fact, just started ordering the Steelers gear for Xmas!) And being an SEC girl, I’d rather lose to an enemy I respect than a stranger I loathe.

    The sacks made the difference in Suggs’s favor, but I still think he should have split the honor with Ngata. Two standout performances in a great team effort.

    All I want now is for my guys to zip their mouths and channel it all into their game. Looking forward to the rematch 🙂

  6. Congrats to Brady, Seabass, and Suggs. I’m a Steelers fan who watched Suggs, Ngata, and Reed eat us alive. They all played outta their minds Sunday to pick up a huge win against the Steelers. Best part of it all is Brady, Seabass, and Ravens D are all on my fantasy squad… CHAMPIONSHIP

  7. T-Sizzle is the new Freeney. Only he’s multifaceted. Either him or Ngata takes the DPOY this season.

  8. After hearing of the results, Suggs phoned and congradulated Brady and asked for tips on how to date a supermodel. And he still thinks Vick got robbed in the MVP voting last year.

  9. Vick should of won it, Suggs is awesome, unless your a steelers fan how can you not like this guy, he’s so good and brutally honest. He’s perfect for the NFL, talks a lot and loves the city of Baltimore, and backs up his talk almost always

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