“NFL Turning Point” debuts Thursday night

As VERSUS continues to beef up its programming in significant ways, one of the biggest additions will be unveiled Thursday night.

NFL Turning Point, a joint production of NBC Sports and NFL Network, debuts at 10:00 p.m. ET.

John Ourand of SportsBusiness Daily reports that the show will be hosted by Dan Patrick, and that the venture will include segments with Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison of Football Night in America.

Per Ourand, the debut will include footage from the Cowboys-Jets game, during which cornerback Darrelle Revis a/k/a Tony Romo’s Clutch-Time Primary Receiver was wearing a microphone.  Also included will be clips from the 49ers-Seahawks game, during which new coach Jim Harbaugh was miked up.  (So much for the national media ignoring the Niners.)

The show also will have an in-depth feature on Eagles quarterback Mike Vick, who returns to Atlanta on Sunday night to face the Falcons.

It should quickly becoming appointment viewing for NFL fans.

8 responses to ““NFL Turning Point” debuts Thursday night

  1. If they want a good show with this name they should start with removing GODdell from his throne and replace him with someone that is black and white in their calls. This would be a great start….

  2. Right now, the only football oriented show that’s worth watching (and that’s just barely) is NFL Matchup on ESPN, because it’s the only show that can actually teach fans about the intricacies of football.

    The rest is an unholy mess of mostly worthless stats, cringe-inducing human interest stories, and mind-numbing banter. Don’t get me wrong, there are valuable nuggets of information in every NFL show, but they’re drowned out in the sea of mediocrity that makes up the other 95% of the show.

    Will NFL Turning Point be any better? I seriously doubt it, but I’ll give it a watch just in case. Hoping to be mildly surprised; prepared to be wholly disappointed.

  3. Sorry Beerndonuts, but there is nothing on ESPN ever worth watching. Even “NFL Matchup” has gone to the crapper over the years. ESPN is a joke, and has been for well over a decade. Their tabloid style NFL coverage is bland and sad.

    On topic: I was hoping this new show would cover the turning points in each game of the week, not just another show rehashing the same old crap we’ve already seen regurgitated a thousand times already this week.

    What’s the point in watching, if there is nothing new being offered? I’m tired of hearing about the overrated Revis Island and the beyond overrated Mike Vick. Tired of hearing Romo get blamed for losing to the NFL’s most over-hyped and boring team. (I guess Romo plays on special teams as well? A blocked punt being the true “turning point” in a game the boring Jets would have otherwise lost)

    Sounds like this show is not very original, and will have nothing to offer that I can’t already watch on NFLN.

  4. “It should quickly becoming appointment viewing for NFL fans.” Why? Because you say so ? Because everyone loves football and therefore will watch anything NFL related, it masks the fact that there’s a helluva lot of us who are really sick of Tony Dungy! (even tho most of you guys think he sits next to God Himself). And there’s even more of us who are sick of Michael Vick. If we never hear another word about him that would be fine with me, but no, we have to listen to the hero worship week after week. And as long as I’m at it, even though he’s not mentioned, please stop with all the Peter King crap. My grandmother knows football better than he does.

  5. teddybear9,

    u hit the nail with the Peter King stuff. have you ever had to suffer thru when he is on Sirius NFL Radio? He actually sings during the bumper music, awful, off time, out of key, he went to OHIO for pete’s sake…..

    “GET ‘EM DA HELL OUTTA DERE!” -Vince Lombardi

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