Seattle’s young offensive line faces tougher test this week

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The Seahawks have the youngest offensive line fielded by any team in 16 years, according to our Seahawks sleuth Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times.

It’s no surprise that the group struggled in the season opener against San Francisco.  The team installed a new scheme under offensive line coach Tom Cable and hired a new offensive coordinator.

“It’s going to take us some time to get comfortable in all settings,” coach Pete Carroll said. “I think we just weren’t quite there.”

Rookies James Carpenter and John Moffitt struggled against the 49ers.  Now they have to play a Steelers front that was pushed around in Week One by Baltimore.  Pittsburgh will be told all week how old they looked.

In Sunday’s battle of experience versus youth, we’d expect the Seahawks young guys to learn another painful lesson.

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  1. “It’s going to take us some time to get comfortable in all settings,” coach Pete Carroll said.

    How were the “settings” at USC, Pete?

    Weren’t you extremely comfortable until they exposed you, and then you ran to the NFL and got away clean?

    You’re a joke, Pete.

  2. joetoronto says:Sep 14, 2011 10:48 AM

    You’re a joke, Pete.

    The bigger joke is that so many people rush into any thread having to do with the Seahawks so they can take a shot at Carroll. Seriously, did he shove your dog’s head into the toilet or something?

    As for the article….Thank you, Captain Obvious, you’ve saved us all! The Seahawks are a very, very young team, with a lot yet to learn. If a veteran team like the Steelers can’t beat them, Pittsburgh might as well give up on the season.

    For those who are unaware, the 2011 Seahawks are what a team looks like during a complete and total rebuild. The first half last week was a total disaster. However, in the second half, the offense began to work, because the line made adjustments and started to play better. Holes started to open for backs, Jackson began to find time to throw, and the offense scored points on three out of their first four drives. As a result, a 16-0 laugher turned into a 19-17 nailbiter, before Ginn put it away late.

    I seem to recall Dallas going 1-15 early on in the Jimmy Johnson era. Not saying the eventual results will be the same story with Carroll, but had the internet been big in those days, how many people would have been calling Johnson a joke, or screaming for him to be fired?

  3. They shouldn’t even show up. They are gonna wish we already started our league. They’ll have to wait for next year. So will the rest of the league. Ya’ll are in for a rough year.

  4. I genuinely feel sorry for Tarvaris Jackson…he should consider himself lucky in he finishes the game…and the Seahawks fans should probably consider themselves lucky if he doesnt.

  5. LOL…is no surprise that the O Line struggled because Tom Cable doesn’t know how to protect a QB. Its a big reason why Jamarcus became a bust. It was like Jamarcus was up against the 85 bears every week.

    Tom Cable is only on the NFl level as a coach because Alex Gibbs taught him the zone blocking scheme. With the proliferation of 3-4 defenses, where down linemen are on containment instead of penetration, the ZBS is becoming ineffective in this league..Making Tom cable obsolete. He’s good for nothing on the NFL level.

  6. I doubt Seattle will have a problem with the Steelers D. They are old and out of shape!

    LMFAO…got man handled by the 49ers..but the Steelers get rolled.hahahhaah. BTW, how’s Cable and Gallery working out for you guys…hahahahhahahha.

  7. @trollhammer20 – Don’t waste your time with what Joetoronto or RaiderRob21 have to say. And to your point that the seahawks were getting time at the end of the game, do note that the niners never sent a blitz package, they never sent more than 4 to blitz. That is never good when you can put that amount of pressure with only for rushers.

  8. So this is Seattle’s plan, the signing of Tavaris is just a cover up. No one would make him their franchise QB that’s that horrible and its obvious Charlie is the better option. Tavaris will get his guaranteed money but I’m sure that’ll be it. They’re not trying to improve their offensive line because they’re tanking the season to draft Luck to be their real QB. I expect an even worse performance this week and down the road as they have to compete with Indy for the worst team label and to win the Luck sweepstakes

  9. Do people really and honestly believe that a coach can tell an entire roster and coaching staff, which probably are over 70 people, to deliberately tank an entire season, and not have any “leaks”?

    Seriously, think about it, people.

    Seattle made a decision to rebuild the offensive line before making a huge effort at getting a franchise QB. Know what? It’s the right call. Guys like Ryan, Flacco, Rothleisberger, and Sanchez are experiencing success in their early years because they already had a good offensive line in front of them when they started playing.

    To place a true franchise QB behind the current offensive line would be to throw away a young QB’s season. Now, next April, they probably won’t be in a position to get Luck, but Landry Jones or Matt Barkley may well be available…

  10. [I]raiderlyfe510 says: LOL…is no surprise that the O Line struggled because Tom Cable doesn’t know how to protect a QB. Its a big reason why Jamarcus became a bust.[/I]

    Ummm… no. Jamarcus Russell became a bust because he is a lazy POS. End of story.

    That said… Cable runs a Zone Blocking Scheme. Because that scheme features so much lateral movement (pulling guards and such) with it’s lineman, those who employ it look for lighter quicker players… who can have a tendency to get moved around more easily by the DL in pass protection. The ZBS is a great system to get a running game going, but it’s weakness can be in the pass game. And yes… Cable did struggle with it. But that has absolutely nothing to do why Russell became a bust. That is ALL entirely on him.

  11. I could go on, but there is only one name that will tell you evertything you need to know about Pete Carroll’s viability as a coach in the NFL: Tarvaris Jackson.

    End of story.

  12. After reading countless Seattle fans brag about “stealing” Tom Cable and Robert Gallery from the Raiders — two guys who had NO role in the organization going forward…. I welcome all the struggles they have.

  13. @Ronlm

    Im saying that Tom Cable is a terrible O Line coach who doesn’t know how to protect a QB. Who’s is only in the NFL because of the Zone Blocking scheme he learned from Alex Gibbs.

    Our QB corps looked like a MASH unit in 2009. Luck goes to Seattle with Cable as O Line coach equals BUST.

  14. Wow, all of these “expert” Raider fans here to dump on Cable….funny, wasn’t he the head coach who finally ended the streak of seasons with 11+ losses? And he got fired for his efforts, joining a long list of previous coaches to be fired by Al Davis, including John Gruden and Mike Shanahan….I bet you found reasons to hate on them, too. How’d things go for them after they left the Raiders again?

    As for the performance of the offensive line, this is who started Sunday:

    John Moffitt – Rookie, first NFL start.
    James Carpenter – Rookie, first NFL start.
    Breno Giacomini – Fourth year, first NFL start.
    Max Unger – Third year, 17 starts, first start at Center (started all games at Guard rookie year, injured in first game last year, missed season)
    Russell Okung – Second year, 9 starts.

    This was the second least-experienced offensive line to ever start an NFL game, after the Carolina Panthers during their inaugural season. Oh yeah, and in case some of you forgot, there was a lockout, meaning, they’ve been playing together a whole six weeks so far.

    It’s amazing Cable was able to get them to put on their uniforms properly, let alone not have a dozen false starts. What are people expecting, every running play to resemble Jim Taylor running the power sweep, and every pass play to give the QB 7-9 seconds to make a read?

    Doubtless they must be totally dominant by week 3, or else Cable must be considered an abject failure of a coach.

    I think most Seattle fans will be happy to see this line playing better in the latter half of the season. Lots of lessons to be learned, and Lesson One of learning to fight is learning how to take a hit and properly respond to it.


  16. Hue Jackson ended that streak. Had it not been for him we would have been 3-13 last year under Cable, and D McFadden would have been a bust because Cable sure didnt know how to use him.

    Bill Callahan was a good O Line coach. Rich Gannon could snap the ball, tie his shoes and drink a cup of coffee before passing the ball

  17. Speaking as a Steelers fan, I believe we were drunk on overconfidence last week and should spend this week dining on humble pie. I seem to remember a “nothing” Browns team getting eight sacks on Roethlisberger in 2009, knocking us out of the playoffs the year following our last Super Bowl appearance. So if it’s all the same to you guys, I prefer to view the “young” Seahawks as the dangerous opponent I know every professional football team is capable of being on any given Sunday.

    @steelerfan999 … Are you kidding? Good grief 🙄

  18. stairwayto7 says: Sep 14, 2011 4:27 PM

    Steelers Def will get 7 sacks, 2 ints, hoold rushign game under 50 ina 3 td win! Then no one will say they look old!

    U wil def not git n e ware n lyfe cuz u neva learnt da Inglish langwig.

  19. What a bunch of hateful people. The Raider fan that thinks Damarcus Russle was bad because of Tom Cable?
    Are you nuts?

  20. @ raiderlyfe510

    Lets take a look at Oakland’s record here…

    Oakland Raiders 2003 4-12, 2004 5-11, 2005 4-12, 2006 2-14, 2007 4-12, 2008 5-11, 2009 5-11, 2010 8-8.

    But let’s just blame that all on Tom Cable…the only coach to lead jokeland to a decent season in how many years? Oh yeah….since 2002!

    How quick people forget in 2006 as the offensive line coach for Atlanta he tutored a unit that led the Falcons lead the NFL in rushing.

    He led Oakland to an 8-8 record in 2010, its most wins since the 2002 season and went 17-27 in his time leading the Silver and Black. The Raiders rushing attack ranked in the top-10 in the NFL in 2007 (6th) and 2008 (10th) behind his offensive lines.

    If you want to blame someone blame your crypt keeper owner not Cable.

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