Tom Brady wants the fans to drink a lot . . . of water


On Monday, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had a night to remember.  On Wednesday, he arguably had a press conference to forget.

Commenting on the team’s home opener, a late-afternoon kickoff against the Chargers, Brady said, “Yeah, start drinking early.  It’s a 4:15 game.  They have a lot of time to get lubed up, come out here and cheer for the home team.”

Brady was grinning, and the remark drew laughter from reporters.  But those who profit from the sale of alcohol are compelled to point out that alcohol should be consumed in moderation.  Otherwise, those who sell the alcohol may be liable for any mayhem created by anyone who has gotten himself “lubed up.”

And so Brady, through Patriots spokesman Stacey James, tried to clean up the mess.  James said that Brady “wants everyone to drink a lot of water, stay hydrated.  Drink responsibly.”

So fans should drink water responsibly?

Look, Brady said what he said.  He was referring to the consumption of alcohol.  So why not just say he was joking, and that he doesn’t condone drinking beyond the point of getting “lubed up”?

Tom Brady will get a pass on this from the media, because he’s Tom Brady.  If other guys would have said, even in jest, that folks should take advantage of the late kickoff to get snockered so they’ll be loud and obnoxious in the stands, the complaints would be flowing like, well, water.

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  1. What’s the problem? Adults don’t know what alcohol is? His comments are that of a normal person, plus they’re funny. Win win. Win.

  2. Anyone want to bet Belicheck does the same thing to Brady like he did to Welker after the foot jokes?

  3. one of the funniest press conferences he ever had
    “Yeaa start drinking early, its a 4 clock game”-brady ha

  4. And any Wine and Cheese Club fan at Foxboro who tells the guy in front of him to sit down should be punched in the face!

    Be a man! Drink. Stand up and yell!

  5. Ooooohhh no! Tom Brady just gave Bostonians a reason to get drunk like it’s Thursday when it’s only actually Wednesday.

    It’ll be anarchy.

  6. Brady’s not shy to throw back a few himself prior to games…says it helps reveal defensive coverages

  7. k first of all ——“Otherwise, those who sell the alcohol may be liable for any mayhem created by anyone who has gotten himself “lubed up.” ah isn’t liberal america great? nobody is responsible for themselves anymore its always somebody elses fault just sue em hey maybe we can replace in god we trust with just sue em

    and second—– tom brady loves lubed up male fans

  8. Are we really getting this sensitive?

    Brady wants fans to go to games, have some brews, and have fun. Why is that so controversial?

  9. This IS a problem. I gave up my skins season tickets because of all the ridiculous fans that paid out the nose to buy a games worth of tickets, got WASTED and thought they could say and do whatever they wanted because they paid so much. Can’t take my young kids to a game, so what’s the point. I like drinking beer, especially at a game, but the level of drinking and the correlated actions of drunk idiots is really ruining the game day experience for families. It’s a shame.

  10. Despite recent success, the Gillette crowd is underwhelming.

    Wasn’t it last year that Brady took a shot at the home crowd for bailing early when the game was out of reach, early in the 4th?

    Brady wants loud, drunk fans cheering his team and I cannot blame him.

  11. Brady will now be an accomplice when some drunk Boston idiot (which is 98.5% of the population there – yes, that is the correct percent, I figured it out) beats to death some visiting fan wearing a Dan Fouts jersey…

  12. Nancy boy finally says something cool and catches sh-t for it. Watching football sober is an unnatural thing to do.

  13. Ya, let’s get drunk and dare anyone with a Chargers jersey in the stadium to cheer for their team. Patriots fans will show those California sissies how to eat dirt.

    Drink up! Buy everyone in your section a beer. Piss in your pants and throw up on your neighbor. Get in a fight and go to jail. Vote for Rick Perry!

    Yeah, drinking at a game is FUN!!!


  14. I’m shocked, shocked to find out there is a huge amount of alcohol consumed at tailgate parties.

  15. those who profit from the sale of alcohol are compelled to point out that alcohol should be consumed in moderation

    But we know they don’t really mean it.

    They would be out of business if everyone took their advice.

  16. Phillip Rivers will drink alot after breaking the record for passing yards in a game against that defense!This game might end with 100 points being scored.

  17. i thought it was a good one. beer and football have gone together since the early days. EARLY DAYS. why are we shunning it now?

    you sell beer there, everyone knows, its not like some secret item at the concession stands.

  18. Big deal. Fans should be able to loudly cheer on their team and even taunt or boo the visiting team. Its called homefield advantage and part of what makes attending a football game exciting. Its almost as if you’re implying that Brady should be sued for any bad behavior of a fan that drank too much. Its not church and that’s why they have security.

  19. Lmfao this was actually pretty funny, though only because of the lame comeback.


    Nah, I like when the Jets beat the Pats with TB12 under center. It’s more complete and real that way. Besides, I don’t hate him to the point I want him dead, that’s messed up lol.

  20. Give me a break! Are you serious?!!! First, Bruischi’s tripping over Chad Johnson’s tweet and now this. Stop trying to make the New England experience something it’s not. It’s a damn football team. Please. These guys are football players not cardiac surgeons. He’s a quarterback that had a hot game. Aren’t we used to this guy performing? Huh?

  21. They’re going to have to get “lubed” to live through the agony that P.Rivers is going to put them through,hell henne threw for 416 , Rivers might hit 600+…

  22. I loathe Brady and the Pats, but the comment was made in jest. It was funny, and I think the “hydration” statement was even funnier.

  23. If rex ryan or anyone on the jets said that hell would freeze over on here with about 100 negative comments. At least own up to it Brady. On a side note seeing the tom brady mens ugg commercial during mnf really made me feel better about the sanchez gq spread cause i though that was just as bad if not worse.

  24. Tom’s just a regular guy. He likes crankin beers and watchin football. What a guy. Great human.

  25. I’m gonna stay home and watch in HD on a 61″ screen while smoking a phattie and scratchin’ my balls when I please.
    Ya’ll have a great time drinking and driving and spending this months pay for all that FUN!

  26. In fairness to Brady he did add “But whatever you do, please don’t bring a taser with you to the stadium.”

  27. People have been drinking at games for decades. It’s not the drinking that’s the problem. It’s that the world has more jerks than at any previous time in history. Some people think being a jerk is funny, and they can’t get their faces smashed in and taught a polite social lesson like a jerk used to, so they keep being jerks. Plenty of people can handle their booze just fine, it’s these jerks that ruin it.

  28. bossplayer213 says: Sep 14, 2011 9:25 PM

    I swear, with his hair and the way he talks, Brady comes off as a total creep

    Yeah real creep. His hair isn’t even that long anymore and he talks with respect and is well spoken. Definitely a creep talking like an educated person!

  29. I have always considered myself a Brady-hater; but this comment was pretty funny. I can’t say he’s won me over yet, but maybe Brady is a cooler guy than I give him credit for. Still hate the Pats.

  30. Oh no. Tom Brady suggested that I drink beer while I watch football. I’m going to get extra drunk this week. If I drink and drive or get fired for showing up late on Monday, it will be a result of what Tom Brady said.

  31. How lame that they tried to cover it up.

    Shouldn’t Brady be telling the Pats fans to mix the alcohol with the koolaid that Bill serves up to the players?

  32. Look, just because we have some idiots living among us does not mean we have to change our whole way of Life.

    People Joke, people live. Enough because one Fool does something, we change and destroy the other 99.9% of the folks time.

    People are getting SOFT in this country, I am sure that 99.9% of the folks understood what Brady was saying.

  33. He is just reminding people to drink a lot of water while they are drinking a lot of alcohol in order to stay hydrated. He is not telling people to drink water responsibly.

  34. Don’t take criticism well…’s a very sad thing. You could learn a lot from the people at like Craig Calcaterra.

  35. Spillertime. Not sure how many games you have been to in Foxboro, but that doesn’t happen. People lose their season tickets and don’t want to risk that.

  36. There’s a reason prohibition failed. People like to get lubed up. That said, I’m not sure “lubed up” means the same thing to Brady as it does to people who like to drink alcohol.

  37. What NONE of you clowns can see is that Brady was really just trying to motivate the prim and proper Gillette Stadium crowd into giving the Patriots an actual home field advantage. If it requires the typically quiet Foxboro crowd to “start drinking early” in order to root for the home team enthusiastically, then I’m sure Brady would settle for that if it helps the team secure a victory.

  38. it was a stupid thing to do/say. I’m sure he realized it pretty much after he said it and if he hasn’t apologized yet he probably will.
    Even if he doesn’t – what’s the big deal? WE out here know it was stupid.

  39. Dr. Greenstreak – I’m with you, but I’ll go you one more – not only will I scratch my balls whenever I want – I will go outside and take a leak off the porch, on the lawn, on the driveway, or on the dirt road where I live.

    I’ve done it so many times the dog long ago gave up on marking this place as his territory.

    I’ll concede you the phattie (I gave it up 15 years ago) and the 61″ TV.

  40. Patriots fans need to get off their rear ends and make some noise. That place can be as quiet as a library. Pats fans should go out and drink and take a lesson from Hawkey fans at the Gahden.

  41. The Pats’ 1st string QB played at Michigan

    The 2nd string QB played at MSU

    The 3rd string QB started out at Michigan

    (File under “who gives a ….”)

  42. Tedy Bruschi thinks Brady should be watching film instead of making wise cracks to media members.

  43. keeponhating says:Sep 14, 2011 8:05 PM

    k first of all ——”Otherwise, those who sell the alcohol may be liable for any mayhem created by anyone who has gotten himself “lubed up.” ah isn’t liberal america great? nobody is responsible for themselves anymore its always somebody elses fault just sue em hey maybe we can replace in god we trust with just sue em

    and second—– tom brady loves lubed up male fans


    Totally agree with your first point…

    On the second, you might be projecting your own desires…

  44. If any other player not on the MIGHTY New England Patriots said this they would be getting creamed.

  45. It was a tongue-in-cheek comment. A joke. Why is it that we can’t joke about serious subjects. It’s the whole point of joking. Christ all mighty!


    As my Lieutenant would say “we’re turning into a nation of p***ies.”

  46. wte1 says: Sep 14, 2011 8:00 PM

    And any Wine and Cheese Club fan at Foxboro who tells the guy in front of him to sit down should be punched in the face!

    Be a man! Drink. Stand up and yell!

    +1 for that post. Right there is the reason we have no home field advantage. The white collar folks who can afford the tickets, parking, etc just don’t get nearly as loud. The one drawback of being privately financed is all the corporate boxes and giveaways. They’re white collar fans who are happy to be there and mill around…not get that excited about the game.

    Tom’s spot on… I guarantee if they lowered the price of beer by a buck or two, that place would be rockin!

    But don’t hit someone in the face…call them a pu**y in front of their kid, but don’t hit him in the face! 🙂

  47. As an ex-drunken Irish Catholic I can assure you Brady need not tell anyone they should get lubed up before the home opener. I’m betting those plans were in the works long before he mentioned it.

  48. What’s interesting is the Chargers solved Manning, but could never quite close out Brady. That being said, with Gates back this is going to be a track meet. I would almost give S.D. a slight edge, but they lack that quick explosive underneath guy (Sproles) and the Pats have two (Woodhead and Welker)

    Who turns it over probably loses that game.

  49. Not too smart, it was comical sort of…

    One thing that really bugs me is when people say things without thought, only to release a statement later, saying they meant something else or they were misquoted…

    Just admit it, I made a mistake…it’s okay to be humble, “humility is a strength not a weakness”.

  50. Why does Tom Brady want people to die in DUIs, which is inevitably the result of increased drinking?
    Maybe next time he’ll ask the fans to bring guns, because they make plenty of distracting noises too. 🙁

  51. And the people here co-signing Brady’s statement and saying that anyone with a contrary opinion is being a “pu**y” are disgusting as well. Probably all libertarian Ron Paul voters.

  52. Good thing Brady doesn’t play for Oakland. Can you imagine? “start loading your clips early. It’s a 4pm game so, lock and load and good luck”

  53. steelerfan999 says:
    Sep 14, 2011 8:39 PM
    he wants you to drink merlo

    This is too funny!! A knuckle dragger Squealer fan insulting someone, and he spells the word wrong!!

  54. cardiovascularendurance says:
    Sep 14, 2011 8:05 PM
    Ochocinco is in awe of this stupid article.


    Ocho would be in awe of this stupid article if he understood it. It’s too complex like the play calling.

  55. Yea, Tom wants you to drink lots of water. Why? So you piss more. Piss is the main ingredient in that $10/per bottle stank cologne Brady pimps. Stetson.

  56. Brady or not, he speaks the truth. The fact of the matter is that fans have 3 extra hours to drink next Sunday and many of them will take advantage of that extra time to get extra schnockered. What, precisely, is wrong with Tom Brady pointing out an obvious truth?

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