Dick Jauron takes blame for decisive TD in Browns’ loss


The Cleveland Browns had a 17-13 lead over the Cincinnati Bengals with five minutes to go on Sunday, but a defensive breakdown allowed Bengals receiver A.J. Green to score an easy 41-yard go-ahead touchdown. Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron says he’s to blame for that.

“When the offense is ready to snap the ball, we’ve got to be ready to play defense,” Jauron said. “That’s my responsibility and I didn’t get it done on that play.”

The Browns’ defense didn’t have its play called when the Bengals hurried to the line on that decisive touchdown, and at the time the ball was snapped, Jauron was looking down at his play sheet. There’s no excuse for that lack of preparedness, as Jauron acknowledged.

“To have that happen to you is hugely disappointing to everybody, to us and to our players and to our fans,” Jauron said. “It’s one of those things that clearly you don’t expect, and when it happened, you probably will never forget it.”

Jauron has instituted one change that he hopes will prevent another similar screwup: The cornerbacks will get hand signals rather than join the defensive huddle. That idea came a week too late for the Browns.

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  1. “Regardless, it’s not like it’s too terribly hard to line up and cover a guy.”

    They were just leaving the huddle as the snap took place. Haden didn’t have enough time to get over and cover Green.

    Regardless of whose fault it is, it needs to be fixed.

  2. njdevil7 says: Sep 15, 2011 8:05 PM

    Man, it is so hard to get really mad at as guy as nice as Jauron

    I had no problem doing it when he was coaching the Bears.

  3. If there is one thing you can always say about Dick Jauron it is, without a doubt, “Are you sure he’s not the one who died in Hawaii?”

  4. >>> bigwhitey says: Dick Jauron costing his team a game? <<<

    I guess it might depend on how you define 'his' team? The last 3 years of Jauron's 8-year playing career was with the Cincinnati Bengals!

  5. Good job, Dick. Now apologize for running the Bills into the ground with your crappy, passé Tampa 2 that stopped being relevant a long time ago. Oh, and for subjecting us fans to Captain Checkdown.

  6. A huge blunder, no doubt. It’s also worth noting that the Bengals snapped the ball with 14 seconds left on the play clock, so it wasn’t exactly the quickest snap in history. The previous play was an incompletion on a deep ball, and it did take some time for the Bengals to get set up for that TD pass on the next play. If Jauron was truly still looking down at his play sheet with only 14 seconds left on the playclock then he really was inexplicably taking his sweet time.

  7. How can these rerun losing coaches keep getting jobs? Once a loser, always a loser. Too bad Colt, Browns, you doomed with coaches like this.

  8. You’re kidding, right?

    I mean, we learned at the age of 14 that if an offense plays that fast and you can’t call a play, its automatically a cover 2 man.

    These are highly paid NFL players and can’t think of that?

  9. Dick Jauron is going to cost Cleveland more than just this game. This is the guy who whiffed on the Aaron Maybin pick after all.

  10. The defensive backfield became confused. Dimitri Patterson, who was on the field the previous play, came off on his own, apparently hurt. Coaches sent Mike Adams in for him. But apparently Patterson went back in on his own. A nickel package was being called, but the dime personnel was on the field, and they even had 12 men on the field at the time. The blame goes to everyone for not calling a timeout.

  11. Nice guy………………………..mmmmmnothing more to say. Thank the football gods he’s no longer here in Buffalo. We’ve seen that movie and it doesn’t end well !

  12. thats just the crazy thing!….there was plenty of time on the clock, it was not dire last second. i watched three years of my football loving life because of the skeleton, lost in no mans land. don`t worry dick, we got solid, southern s.e.c boys calling the shots, you know? guys that understand football? go bills

  13. Sure, these “Wonderlic Wonders” should have called a time out, or even have gotten into a base coverage. But, the fact that they didn’t reflects on the coaching. As a Bills fan I think Jauron’s a great guy, etc. I just wouldn’t want him coaching my team!!

  14. is there another team in the league that finds more ways to lose games than the cleveland browns??? its in their DNA!

  15. Go watch the MNF debacle of Dallas vs Buffalo when skeletor was HC or New England vs Buffalo… How’d Holmgren decide he’d be a good Defensive Coordinator.

  16. gibooner11 says:
    Sep 15, 2011 11:52 PM

    Nice guy………………………..mmmmmnothing more to say. Thank the football gods he’s no longer here in Buffalo. We’ve seen that movie and it doesn’t end well !

    Well, considering he’s not the head coach/decision maker, I don’t think too many Browns fans are worried about. Thanks anyway.

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