NFLPA taking lead on Pryor appeal


The back-and-forth, up-and-down, on-and-off appeal of Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor’s five-game suspension has featured an apparent reluctance by the NFLPA to push the issue.

But now that Pryor has exercised his right to challenge the decision to defer his eligibility to enter the NFL, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the NFLPA has taken the lead in the appeal process.  (As Jason LaCanfora of NFL Network reported Wednesday night, the hearing will be held today.)

The union, we’re told, won’t be disagreeing with any of the relevant facts at the hearing.  Instead, the argument will center on the question of whether Commissioner Roger Goodell has the power to impose a suspension based on the violation of NCAA rules, and/or the contention that Pryor in some way engineered his entry into the supplemental draft by making himself ineligible via the hiring of an agent.

It’s unknown when a decision will be reached.  Pryor has requested expedited consideration of the appeal.

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  1. I like the Pryor suspension. It’s bad precedent to use the NFL as an escape mechanism from NCAA punishment.

    I hate the Haslett suspension. He didn’t resign, he was fired.

    What about Pete Carroll, Roger?

  2. This is only about Pryor not wanting to go without pay for 5 weeks. He knows he wasn’t going to play this year no matter what. This also isn’t about enforcing NCAA rules, this is about cheating and abusing the draft system, which is an NFL entity.

  3. NCAA Rules are biased and ridiculous………just like Roger. I wish someone in the media would call Goodell out on his policies….player to player, team by team, he does not rule fairly. Seems like the amount of media attention carries a lot of weight on his decisions.

  4. I just want Goodell to lose this case so that he has some of his power taken away. I don’t care about this case in general, just that Goodell needs to stop changing the rules in the middle of the game because no body wins but him in that case.

  5. When this suspension was first handed to Pryor, I seem to remember that he was given an appeal deadline – 3 days or something. He chose not to appeal during this window.

    The contention that Goodell does not have authority t suspend Pyror is mute. Pryor should not be allowed to appeal the suspension as he failed to follow procedures, End of story.

  6. Also, the supplemental draft is there for a reason, the system has worked thus far why does Goodell try to change everything?

  7. I have some serious issues with the NFL punishing it’s ‘partners’ for things which are not NFL rule violations in the first place.

    The paperwork says Pryor in suspended for hiring an agent. All players hire agents, and he became eligible for *a* draft when he left OSU, BEFORE he hired an agent.

    The reason the NFL isn’t trying to enforce NCAA rules violations here is that as soon as they do, then their rules enforcement immediately becomes an issue for the Federal court system, outside the sanctioned halls of the commissioner’s office, since the rules violators weren’t either employed by an NFL team, or a member of the NFLPA, when they did so (see Carroll, Pete – Seattle Seahawks).


  8. I hope Pryor wins his appeal. As a U of M fan, this is strange to me. I feel his having to be in the suppelmental draft and not the annual Draft is penalty enough. Roger just loves to create more headlines for his League. I wish Pryor a successful Career, he is very talented. Just wish he would have gone anywhere but at that Damn cheatn’ ass excuss for a school! R.I.P. Sweater vest!!!!! lol

  9. It’s as simple as this. Goodell has no right to suspend Pryor because Pryor has not done anything wrong in the NFL.College and the NFL are two different entities.

    Unless the NFL cut Pryor a check while he was playing collegiate sports they have no right to discipline him for anything that he did in college.

    They reserve the right to not employ him, but once he’s employed you can not punish him for anything he did prior to him working for you. He hasn’t agreed to the terms and conditions of employment yet.No agreement or contract was signed yet. It buffoonery.

  10. Carrying over an NCAA suspension to the NFL blurs the line between the two. This removes any doubt that college football is basically the farm system for professional football. And why not at least let the kid practice?

  11. This is about Drew Rosenhaus demanding Pryor appeal,…Drew loses out on shillings if Pryor goes without checks for six weeks…Pryor wouldnt even be on the active game day roster on sundays this year much less ever get a snap,…this is all Drew “whats that rhyme with” Rosenhaus and his overwhelming greed…period.

  12. If you work at Kmart and get suspended and then quit, and then go work at Walmart…you don’t get suspended. If you sleep with the crazy loner chick in your dorm in college and meet someone else later and get married…the college experience doesn’t count as cheating on your new wife and she can’t hold it against you…the same rules should apply here. What TP did in college should have no bearing at all on if he is suspended in the NFL. These are separate institutions, Goodell is out of his jurisdiction here.

  13. @mpg22387
    He filed for the right to appeal within that 3 day period – and is now exercising that right.

    The kid isnt going to play this year but he NEEDS to be able to practice with the team to develop.

    You can only come so far practicing throws by yourself…

  14. All Goodell had to do was say he was ineligible and see you next year. He did it this way to show he will still implement NCAA violations because he’s God!

  15. Goodell is gonna piss off the wrong couple owners and the woners are gonna throw him in the trash and out of his position. You see Pryor is an employee of the Raiders. Al Davis is just one owner. The Colts helped him out with Tressell. But what happens when he wrongs players of a couple more owners; you get the point they get fed up and Goodell is out. That is like hiring me at burger king but saying hey at that last grocery store job you offended your boss so five weeks without pay. See that is how messed up and illegal this whole thing is. You cannott punish someone for something they do that has nothing to do with your business two separate entities; fifth graders could understand this it is so simple of a concept. Lets get congress or a comittee to investigate the ncaa and Goodell specifically for either bribeyry or blackmail, or favors you know like congressman get in trouble for all the time last time I checked Goodell is not a congressman and therefore not exempt from prosecution as Rangel was the guy not paying taxes on the dominican house for like twenty years and then saying he did not think he had to.

  16. Anyone bashing Pryor for this appeal isnt informed. The NFLPA is the one that has been pushing for him to appeal because it believes it sets a bad precedent. Pryor has said many times he would take the suspension.

  17. To all of you misinformed, TP was NOT suspended for his actions at the ohio state university. what he was suspended for is trying to manipulate the system of entry into the NFL. just because he decided to hire an agent, and invalidated his NCAA eligibility does not meet the requirements for inclusion to the supplemental draft. he tried to force the hand of gooddelland gooddell let him have it. by the way, the NFL ,didn,t suspend tressell, the colts did the suspending!

  18. While I agree that he should be able to practice, I think he should be suspended. He had every chance to declare for the draft, but chose to stay. Then did a 180 when he realized he was in deeper trouble, left school, and declared for the supplemental draft. Goodell’s argument is that he circumnavigated the NFL draft for his benefit, and that is why he is suspended. He should be able to practice though, thats my only disagreement.

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