Pats will distribute 70,000 “MHK” lapel pins Sunday

The New England Patriots have dedicated the 2011 season to the memory of Myra Kraft, the late wife of Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

All year, the team will wear a patch bearing Mrs. Kraft’s initials — “MHK” — on their jerseys.  On Sunday, the fans will have a chance to wear her initials on their clothing as well.

The team has announced that 70,000 lapel pins bearing Mrs. Kraft’s initials will be distributed for the home game against the Chargers.

Mr. and Mrs. Kraft were married 48 years, and Mrs. Kraft had a strong influence on the franchise.  A limited number of additional pins will be available for a $5 donation to the Myra Kraft Giving Back Scholarship Fund benefitting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston.

The pin can be ordered at the team’s online Pro Shop.

42 responses to “Pats will distribute 70,000 “MHK” lapel pins Sunday

  1. Was this woman really that famous and beloved in New England? I live no where near there so I don’t know. But if she isn’t, seems a little self-indulgent for a team owner to force his employees to wear patches for business in his personal life. And if it wasn’t Mr. Kraft’s idea, then whose was it? Seems an odd way to kiss ass. Educate us Patriot fans, this seems weird outside of Foxboro.

    I just don’t picture the owner of Papa John’s or something making all his employees wear patches to commemorate someone dying in his personal life and I wouldn’t expect a sports team to do that either. In general I don’t think a sports owner should be doing anything that makes him a “personality”. Owners should stay behind closed doors, write the checks and stay out of the limelight.

  2. I am sure it was a big loss for Robert Kraft, but was her death really a big loss for the Patriots?

  3. I am a Pats fan, but this is getting a little out of control. I respect the family, and by all accounts she was a GREAT woman. The patches on the uniforms for this year are ok, but pins for all the fans?

  4. She was on the board of directors of the United Way and the Board & Girls club of Boston. She also did a lot for work with a lot of charities.

    Is not much of forcing employees if he’s the boss. Thats kind of what he gets to do.

  5. I am sure she was a nice lady, but c’mon. I never heard of her until she died. I am sure very few people did. I am sorry for Mr. Kraft’s loss, but he should keep her death separate from the football team.

  6. She worked rather tirelessly for many past and current players’ personal charities. There were a number of articles in the Boston Globe and Herald when she died in regards to this, so feel free to browse their archives if you’re curious. Lawyer Milloy probably had a bad taste in his mouth (actually, he probably had a miserable taste in his mouth) when he we cut back in 2002 and spoke glowingly about Mrs. Kraft to local media in Boston after coming up to attend her funeral. I also recall Vince Wilfork being rather agitated at the prospect that players may not be able to attend her funeral due to the lockout. It seems like she meant a lot to the entire organization both past an present, so yeah, a tribute like that would seem fitting.

    For everyone trying to find a problem with it, I’ll assume you had just as much of a problem with the respect the Anaheim Angels showed the late Nick Adenhart after he was killed by a drunk driver.

  7. Anyone who doesn’t live in this region has no clue on what she did for communities here. I do agree that the patch for the players should suffice, but I see no problem in handing out pins. Who does it hurt? If you don’t agree then don’t wear it. Fans owe Mr. Kraft gratitude for helping to save the season while facing personal tragedy. He is as far from self indulgent as any owner in the NFL. Jerry Jones on the other hand…

  8. why, if there are fans that were fond of her or knew her, what is wrong with “giving away” pins for a little remembrance, maybe there are fans that enjoyed meeting her at fundraisers and the like, & if they become very popular and run out, they will end up on ebay anyway…..i think it is a very nice gesture by the team to help fans remember her if they so choose.

  9. To most Patriot Fan’s she was the owners wife, To the community she was a very special lady that gave a lot of her time & Money to worthy causes.

    To the Patriot players she was like a grandmother who watched over them and inspired them to give back to the community.

    She did things quitely with out much press.

    To this point I feel what the Pat’s have done is appropriate

  10. For all of you that do not live in Patriots nation and are not season tickets holders like me then you will not understand the level of what Myra Kraft brought to this region. She is the reason that so many local and national charities have benefited since 1992. Also she is also listed as the owner with Robert of the NE Patriots. That alone commands respect. Before EVERY home game she would be seen walking the sidelines talking to any fan in the stands that wanted her attention. In the proshop she was the one seen stocking the shelves with hats, shirts and even bagging orders. She was the mother figure to a lot of these players who came from broken home. So is this self indulging. NO. If you live in this region and have been to these games in person and worked in the charitable community with her like I have then you would see why she is being treated as a queen. Myra has earned it.

  11. I saw this headline and thought it was a lovely gesture. Anyone reading the articles at the time of her death knows she was highly regarded in the Patriots community and among the players. Real fans–not those who just jump on when the team is winning and leave when things start to go wrong–whose teams have longtime family ownership do feel an affinity for the owners. I have a photo of Art Rooney Sr. and a framed personal letter to me from Dan Rooney on the wall in my sports room. If you don’t understand what The Krafts mean to the team and Pats fans, either you’re not a Pats fan and it’s none of your business … or I finally know what a bandwagoner is.

  12. Did she help them cheat like the rest of the organization. Sorry no respect for this classless organization. Nothing classy about cheating.

  13. I can’t believe some fans hate the Patriots so much that they are willing to disrespect a great charitable and caring woman like Myra Kraft.

    She meant so much to the Patriots the community and tons of people nationwide.

    Seriously people wow….

  14. I feel this is a classy thing to do. Im a Jets fan but I always admired Mr. Kraft not only for his savy as an owner but his conduct as a man. I feel he is a stand-up guy. He and his wife (Myra) were married for many years and he made no secret of his love and respect for his wife. Thats something we all see to little of these days. Robert Kraft always made time for his wife and family he is a man who knows whats really important in life.
    How could you not admire that?

  15. @satchboogie69 ??? this is just another 7 year old little girl on moms computer .. just go away little girl…………………..

  16. I had no idea there were so many hateful people on this site. Robert Kraft is doing something to honor his wife who was very involved with this team and their players. In addition she did enormous amounts of charity work to help many many people. The fact that he wants to give these away at a home game to honor her is a classy move, then selling a limited number of them with the proceeds going to charity clearly shows how he felt about her and the causes she supported. How quickly many of you forget how instrumental this man was in ending this labor srike and did so while his wife was dying. All with her blessing. At least there was even a Jets fan that could see this clearly.

  17. @ satchboogie69;
    What does your broad brush statment have to do with the charitable work this woman put her heart and soul into?…God…you ignorant nose-picker.

  18. Hate is a common theme of many who frequent this site. If you were attending this game, would kill you to wear this badge ? 1 game ? Really ?

    He owns the team.
    He can do whatever the hell he wants.

  19. And for the fans and season ticket holders who could attend the funeral mass or the private burial afterward, this will be the way we will pay our respect to her and the family. Remember it was Robert Kraft with Myra’s blessing who help end the lockout. Without her we may still be watching reruns of last season instead of the 500 plus yards that Brady torched on that Miami defense.

  20. Myra Kraft was very much involved in pretty much every locally-based charity endeavor, without ever seekign fanfare. I can tell you from personal experience of working with a charity (Special Olympics, about 10-12 years ago now).

    In my particular example, she contacted our volunteers, assured us the team supported us, gave us money, equipment, and probably had a hand in getting a prominent player to show up in person, while apologizing that she could not attend, since it was a summer event when she was traveling.

    You hope a team will support your charity. You are floored when the owner’s wife takes a personal and direct interest in your cause.

  21. Why would anyone actually *complain* about this? OK, you think it looks tacky or whatever. (“That’s just, like, your opinion, man.”) Here’s an idea: Don’t freaking wear it! As if you’re even going to go to the game on Sunday and be one of the 70,000 that gets one. I guarantee that if you are, and you choose not to wear it, they won’t throw you out of Gillette.

    “Hey Cedric! Bob! This guy won’t wear a pin!”


  22. Its a shame that a great woman like Myra Kraft is gone but despicable human beings like satchboogie69 are still around. If there was any fairness in the world people like her would live forever and people like satchboogie69 would be hit by a bus.

  23. I wonder if Vladimir Putin will donate $5 for one?

    Or will he just have someone he knows from the Russian Embassy steal of for him?

  24. To the ignorant people who question the team’s motivation, it was stated the money goes to charity when the additional pins go on sale. Please recognize a person for their true humanitarian deeds and stop the blind hatred of a giving and beautiful person. To the fans who do not know the history of the Krafts it should be known that it was her family’s money and company with which they started the financial empire that allows the team to function. He used the money to build a privately financed facility and she increased her charitable foundation through greater awareness from the media following the team. The good people and players who know this understand the platform a professional sports team can give to charity.

  25. satchboogie69 your a classless fool, you should think before writing something ,same goes withtkebean dont click on the article if you dont care, you moron

  26. People, please ignore the worthless contributions of some of the poster here.

    Mrs. Krafts philanthrophy trancends fan bases. I think its a wonderful gesture. By all accounts, she was a great gal. I think its obvious, even from a distance, that Robert Kraft loved this woman. Please show him some compassion.

  27. I can’t believe you morons who have a problem with this. Bob Kraft, you know, the guy who OWNS this team, isn’t just glorifying his deceased wife. Myrna Kraft was as key a figure with this organization as anyone. She was loved by not only Bob Kraft, but virtually every player to ever don a Flying Elvis.

    She was widely respected outside the organization for her relentless charitable contributions. More than any owner’s wife in the NFL, this woman was involved, and respected.

    And in a last act of generosity, Bob Kraft is donating the proceeds from any sales of these pins to charity.

    People who mock or belittle these pins probably gave “thunbs down” to condolences to Urlacher’s mother’s death, as well.

    tkebean says:
    Sep 15, 2011 10:20 AM
    who cares?

    People with a clue, moron.

  28. It is amazing that people would leave negative posts on this story. I’m a football coach at the HSschool level and I can tell you a football team is a family. If someone feels Mrs. Kraft should be remembered on a pin on each player’s jersey, then it’s the right thing to do. My God, let the smack end when a story like this happens. I’m a dolphins fan and I do not like the Pats…but I cannot see attacking Mrs. Kraft’s memory as being acceptable. Try being humane…it’s far more rewarding than being a sorry excuse for a human being.

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