“Play Tim Tebow” billboards coming to Denver

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John Fox insists he didn’t hear the crowd chanting for Tim Tebow during the Broncos’ loss to the Raiders.

Now he’ll have to drive through Denver with his eyes closed as well if he hopes to ignore those who want to see the Heisman Trophy winner under center. A group of Broncos fans have purchased two billboards in downtown Denver for $10,000.

Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post spoke with Jesse Oaks about the plan. Oaks, a Kentucky-based Broncos fan, posted the idea for the billboards on message boards frequented by Broncos enthusiasts and said that he received plenty of offers to chip in for the cost of the billboards.

“We believe in Coach Fox. We’re just tired of Kyle Orton,” Oaks said. “We were sitting around after Fox said he didn’t hear the chants for Tebow and we figured if he’s deaf, we hope he’s not blind.”

It isn’t every football season where you see one team’s fanbase chanting for a quarterback while members of that quarterback’s own fanbase burn to have him replaced. That’s just what happened with Orton this year as Dolphins fans proclaimed their preference for him during training camp before the Tebow uprising began in earnest on Monday night. To the best of our knowledge, no one is chanting for Brady Quinn.

Fox has made it clear this week that he still believes in Orton as a starting quarterback. It will be harder for him to do that if Orton can’t do a better job against the Bengals because the outcry for Tebow will only get louder.

61 responses to ““Play Tim Tebow” billboards coming to Denver

  1. These people are simply idiots. Wasting your money on a billboard for a QB that can’t even throw the football right.

  2. I just don’t get the whole Tim Tebow fan club. He hasn’t shown anything amazing, and Orton didn’t play that bad. I think the fans are just desperate for change so they latched onto someone without logic.

  3. “We were sitting around after Fox said he didn’t hear the chants for Tebow and we figured if he’s deaf, we hope he’s not blind.”

    lol, that’s friggin beautiful.

  4. A group of Broncos fans have purchased two billboards in downtown Denver for $10,000.

    Gee, I wonder if those who chipped in to raise that freely give to better things or things that matter more than just this crap.

    I would like to see how Tebow would do against the Packers.

  5. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Ordinary Orton!! He has the extraordinary ability to look AMAZING in practice and minicamp, yet completely $h1+$ the bed when in an actual game!!!

    His other abilities include throwing for garbage time 4th quarter TDs so his statline for the game looks good!! This causes almost all casual fans to proclaim “Well, it’s not Ortons fault. He threw for 300 yards and a TD.” He can literally make people blind to how bad he actually is!!

    Ladies and Gentlemen… Ordinary Orton!!!!

  6. What a bunch of morons. They have a team with tons of holes all over the roster but want an above-average QB replaced with one who is, by all accounts, is still not ready to play in a pro-style offense?

    I would take Orton over half the starting QBs in the NFL right now.

  7. Fans and media can be such idiots… going out on a limb here, but I suspect that the coaching staff, working with the personnel team know a little bit more than the weenie’s that are pro or con.

  8. If ANYONE thinks Tebow is better than Orton, they’re crazy. This reminds me a bit of the Brady Quinn situation when he was on the Browns backing up Edwards. When he played, he stunk.

    Listen, Broncos fans: If you’re going to get billboards put up around your city, it should state “Bomb the season and draft Andrew Luck 2012 draft”. Because their current group of QB’s aren’t going to help you win, with how mediocre the roster is.

    And for the record, Orton>>>>Tebow.

  9. Who says the economy is in the toilet? If people have $10K to blow on something this stupid, it sounds like the Denver economy is on the rebound.

    Take a moment and think about what $10,000 would mean for your favorite charity. For Tebow’s favorite charity, for that matter.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid waste of money.

  10. Amid all the personal bankruptcies, mortgage defaults and rampant unemployment that’s going on, you’ve got ten large to spend just to promote your view that a mediocre quarterback with little experience should be starting over a mediocre quarterback with several years of experience?


  11. What wasn’t mentioned is these idiots decided to pass on going to the Superbowl to put up these signs. They should add to the signs to put Tebow at FB or TE a position he’s more suited for

  12. Just send him a one way ticket to an underdeveloped country and he can START trying to convert the natives. That’s what he’s best at.

  13. Look, I like God’s Crusader as much as anyone, but it might be worth noting that less than 11 months ago, Kyle Orton was on pace to break Dan Marino’s passing record.

    Then again, right now Tom Brady is on pace to pass for 8300 yards this year. Point is, it’s 1 week, people need to quit the knee-jerk reactions.

  14. All the tebow hate pisses me off, I mean whats the guy done wrong? He played in a few games end of last season, everyone wrote him off and for the most part he proved them wrong! He’s obviously an awesome guy and teammate who takes heat for loving the lord and having an unorthodox throwing action not too disimilar to rivers. Truth is I feel for this guy, the hate and criticism is completely uncalled for. At the end of the day he’s the one getting paid and loving life while all you haters just keep on doing what you do best.

  15. The best part is that these guys had been saving their money to attend the Super Bowl but decided to use it on this instead. That’s right, they’re skipping the Super Bowl and spending their money on billboards that won’t make any difference at all. What a waste of money.

  16. I think it’s a matter of keeping the locker room. If they see that they are caving in to the fans, it disses Orton, and if Tebow falters in any way, they’ve conceded 2011 and are playing for 2012’s pick.

    At some point it should be considered, but it was never Fox’s style, he didnt play Clausen, and he stunk up the joint, anyway later in the season. It’ll be interesting to see what happens of Orton rebounds v. Bengals. And that is a winnable game for them.

  17. The big irony is… both crowds were SO WRONG
    Henne > Orton > Tebow. In my country we have a phrase: “Be careful what you wish, maybe comes true” (something like that lol)

  18. “What a bunch of morons. ”

    Maybe.. Some of them are for sure, but you people who don’t see the other side are just as moronic.
    For the people who think Tim Tebow is some great QB.. i dont know what to say for them, but there are people out there who want Tebow to play and its because they are nowhere near a moron.

    This whole “Orton is the best player….Orton gives them the best chance to win” bit is stupid. If Orton is so great, or gives them all these chances to win, why did he go 3-10 last year, and pick up right where he left off last year? No QB who is 3-16 in their last 19 games(going back to the season before last) is giving anyone a chance to win. He sucks. Yes, Denver is weak all around him, but the QB is the one position where the player has the ability to carry the rest of the team on his shoulders.
    Look at the Colts and how good they are without Peyton. They suck, but he makes them annual super bowl contenders. Nobody is asking this of Orton, but something above 3-16 would be great!

    He is also at the end of his contract, which means he will be gone next year anyway. (Unless Fox Delhomes him and keeps him around despite being a horrible QB. Fox could hold on to a turd longer than a 16 year old girl on her first date)
    So where does that leave Denver?? It leaves them horrible this year, and if Tebow is as bad as some think, leaves them horrible for the next few years. If that is the case, lets see what he can do now, so the team can move on from both of these guys after this year, if need be.

    Setting the franchise back even more years is one reason benching Orton isn’t as moronic as some of you brilliant people think it is.

  19. I applaud these fans for doing whatever they can to be heard, although I would never spend my own money to do something like that, you cannot say they aren’t diehard fans.

    Here’s the GIANT problem that outsiders don’t understand about Kyle Orton: He’s a heartless, tin-man who only plays this game for himself and doesn’t give a $hit about the fanbase or the team. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t need to be a Rockstar off the field, but the guy actually tells the Broncos faithful that he doesn’t care what they think, and tells the media he won’t answer questions about the situation because it’s “B.S.”. Thats a immature, unprofessional way of handling things. A lot of other players act this way, but 9/10 times those players have talent that trumps anything they say or do and this fans cut them breaks. Kyle, on the other hand, is god awful in the red zone and in the 4th quarter and has a terrible record as the Broncos starting QB. He finds ways to piss games away (literally drops the ball against Oakland) and then acts this way. He’s a joke. He’s a really, really good back up QB, kinda like Rex Grossman or Jason Campbell.

    Kyle either needs to shut his mouth off the field and act like a pro, or go out and win some games. Until he does either of those things, every Broncos fan will continue to want him replaced, wether it’s with Tebow, Quinn, Andrew Luck or John Elway.

    The guy has gotta go.

  20. This is exactly what happened to Brady in Cleveland but, then, he was the adored one. Crowds chanted for him over Anderson and when he finally got his chance, he blew it. I would be very curious to know how he feels now.

  21. to btwicey

    Tebow’s release is nothing like Rivers’. Rivers may have one of the ugliest looking releases in the NFL but atleast he gets it out quick… Tebow’s is more like Byron Leftwich

  22. It never ceases to amaze me… Is it that hard to understand that the Owners (have all the $$$ invested), not the fans, of pro teams, run the team as they see fit? That would also apply as to whom gets to Coach, play, sell hot dogs, etc… The fans’ only recourse…quit spending your $$$ at the stadiums, pro shops and stupid signs that won’t affect anything but your wallet(s). Suuuure…like that’s going to happen, right? Good thing they don’t have those problems in Green Bay. Go Pack!

  23. Look my team has its own issues. But isn’t Kyle Orton like 5-19 with this team? I know that a QB gets way too much credit for wins and losses but come on, this team obviously can’t win with Orton, why not see what Tebow can give you?

  24. Why is it that none of the talking heads and Tebow haters bring up Orton’s record as a starter in Denver? It’s like they completely ignore it. I’ve have never heard this brought up….just wondering…..

  25. If Tebow was not on the roster, I think this Bronco team would be in a much better place then it currently stands. The distractions he is sending their way is doing much more damage to the team then any benefit he could give them on the field. They just need to unload this guy on any team willing to take him, and just absorb the initial PR hit. The long term cost of keeping him around as backup will do nothing but cause trouble to this team.

    I am not even a Tebow hater, but I have to admit that this guy is like a benevolent terminal disease for a coach and a franchise.

  26. Leading up to the 2010 Draft all the media talking heads(clueless for short) kept repeating “Jax should and needs to draft Tebow. He’s the almighty savior of the franchise”. Can’t believe these guys make a great living for their idiotic opinions. Good thing the Jags new era GM Gene Smith believed building a winning team through the draft and not gimmicks are the only thing that works in this league. This guy is Denver’s problem. Nice work Josh McDaniel.

  27. …ha ha what a silly waste of money…everybody knows that tebow will be anointed the starting job based solely on when his imaginary friend in the sky simply commands “thou shall be done”…as tebow says, it’s all in his hands, right?!?

  28. If I were john fox I would let tebow hold the ball for extra points then tell the media and fans he is playing or just try to trade him for a pizza then share that pizza with orton while reviewing game tape and going over the gameplan, donkey fans are idiots, like moving tebow down to third string wasnt fox trying to tell donkey fans hey I didnt draft this guy so im probably not going to play this guy

  29. Ok I’m a fan of team X. The coaching staff after weeks of training camp decides who plays on the first team and who plays on the second and, what, I’ can’t live with there decisions like I know more than they do?

    The very idea that some fans absolutely can’t live without T bow is ridicoulous. There has to be a lot more to it than that.

    Perhaps and agent out there see’s the writing on the wall and says, if Tebow can’t be first string I don’t get the big bucks for his next contract so I will pay some so called fans, to raise hell for me. Guess where the 10 grand came from.

  30. I would have to point out to mr tebow that if god was on his side, he would have a better arm and not be in the position he’s in.

    His religeous answer would be god has to test him. My question for god would be for how long and why? Can’t he earn it on his own. Doesn’t god want us to get off our ass and help ourselves sometime?

  31. as a raiders fan can somebody tell me where to send my donation? i want tebow to start for the broncos too

  32. Man, I knew Broncos fans were thick, but now they appear just stupid.

    Not a Tebow hater, actually kind of like the kid, but c’mon, in this multi-billion dollar game, don’t you think there are putting the best qb on the field?

    Heck, play him, that should shut them up.

  33. I find it funny that people are up in arms that 10k was spent on a billboard rather than given to charity. Look, I’m all for charity, but I’m a lot more for the idea of people being allowed to spend their money where they want to, even if it is completely frivolous and perhaps illegal. (Medical marijuana, anyone?)

    I don’t live in Denver, don’t follow the Broncos, and don’t care who their midfielder is either (humor there, in case you missed it). But fans all over the world love to play armchair quarterback and this billboard is a classic example of just that. Let them coach from the sidelines, that’s what makes this country – and our sports – great. Because there is beauty in thinking we can do it better than the coach.

    What would be hilarious is if Tebow really did light it up if he got the ball. And if he doesn’t, who cares? At least it was a fun ride.

  34. ironhawk says: Sep 15, 2011 5:21 PM

    I just don’t get the whole Tim Tebow fan club. He hasn’t shown anything amazing, and Orton didn’t play that bad. I think the fans are just desperate for CHANGE so they latched onto someone without logic.
    Yeah, and we’ve already done that once… it’s called the presidential election and we know all know how that’s turned out since 2008. “just sayin'”…
    Deadbeat idiots who want to spend their welfare cash on a freakin’ billboard… you get what you deserve. Stick with Orton or it’ll only get worse if you don’t.

  35. steelerfanforlife says: Sep 15, 2011 6:42 PM

    Why is it that none of the talking heads and Tebow haters bring up Orton’s record as a starter in Denver? It’s like they completely ignore it. I’ve have never heard this brought up….just wondering…..

    Bronco fans brought up Orton’s record a lot when they traded Jay Cutler to get him.
    Of course they had no idea that Orton had little to do with the wins in Chicago while he was there but they want Tebow to play so how much do they really know about football in general?

  36. ironhawk says: Sep 15, 2011 5:21 PM

    I just don’t get the whole Tim Tebow fan club. He hasn’t shown anything amazing, and Orton didn’t play that bad. I think the fans are just desperate for change so they latched onto someone without logic

    You apparently didn’t watch the same game I did because Orton looked horrible, and he simply DROPPED the ball in the redzone! Tebow would be as productive as Orton, I’m sure of it. Worse case scenario, he fails. Orton is going to anyway. But if Tebow fails, you draft a replacement. You wait on Orton’s inevitable flop, then you have to wait til next year to see about Tebow. Orton will never be elite!

  37. Tebow is a gamer! Orton is average at best! All I know is I think Tebow can be very successful with the right coach! By the way Fox is average at best too! I would have loved to see Gruden at Denver!

  38. I think people believe if you want tebow to play means that you think he is the greatest player ever. Hear this once and for all. Kyle orton will take you nowhere. That’s why he was initially benched for Rex. He is the ultimate game manager. He will do nothing to win a game. You need to be a winner at the qb position. You have to inspire others to play great. When does orton do that? To want to see what a team has with tebow does not mean I think he’s a pro bowler. But people stop with the he’s horrible because that is not the case. Orton should look better in practice and picking up a pro style offense he’s a 8 year vet. And to take things a step further I have to question elway how do you hire a guy that had a worst record than your team last year. The days of the ball control offense run the football and play d are over. In this NFL you need to put points on the board and orton just doesn’t cut it. He’s not a bum but he ain’t great and the beat chance to win crap this team was only going to win 6 games anyway, who does management think they are fooling.

  39. This is Elway and Fox’s fault. They talked themselves into thinking Orton was worth more than Miami was offering…and painted themselves into a corner where all of a sudden starting Orton made sense.

    Miami got lucky this time. They almost wasted a mid-round pick for a guy that would have DOWN-GRADED the position.

  40. Simple fact is the Tebowmaniacs are just upset because they lost to the RAIDERS in their house again… and they are all convinced that if Timmy was playing, they would have won their “revenge” game for the 59 we dropped on them last year. In truth, did Orton look great? No, but I don’t care who was back there, if they don’t solve their O-line problems, they aren’t going to win any “revenge” games or any ohter games. They can’t pass protect, and they can’t open up holes to run in. Anybody that truly watched the game knows that Touchdown Timmy wouldn’t have made any difference, when both your lines are being pushed around like rag dolls. And personally, as long as they struggle on the lines on both sides of the ball, the Raiders… yes.. the dreaded, terrible Raiders…. will own this team. Much the same way the Broncos owned the Raiders a few years ago. People just don’t get that it is called rebuilding for a reason.. you take your lumps.. and have several bad seasons in a row… in which case you get to pick higher in the draft.. and hope you get better players… occasionally, you get a bust (Jamarcus, any of McDaniel’s picks)… but over time, you improve.. like the Raiders have done. Denver will improve as well, but probably not for a couple of years.. and if these fools truly think that Tebow is going to hurry that process along, they don’t realize that they have MANY many more problems.

  41. Weren’t these the same fans clamoring for Kyle orton? i wish broncos fans would just make up their mind and not freak out after one week.

  42. it’s obvious the Bronco’s brought in Fox to increase their chance’s at getting Luck.Sad thing is that not only will he ruin Tebow’s career but he’ll also ruin Luck’s as well. If I’m Elway then I’d be making reservation’s at Capital Grille for 2 under the last name Fisher STAT!

  43. rubicon202 says:Sep 15, 2011 9:50 PM

    Broncos management…please give into ur rabid fans demands and play Tebow I think he could be a Hall of Famer….

    Yours truely,
    Raider fan
    First, I have been a Cleveland born and bred Broncos fan for longer than I care to remember. 1974 to be exact.

    Seeing fellow Bronco fans behaving like this is embarassing.

    I agree that Kyle Orton is not the long term answer but, neither is Tim Tebow.

    I like Tim Tebow on a personal basis very much. However I just don’t see him ever becoming an elite NFL quarterback.

    As painful as it is to say this, the entire team is woefully short on talent.

    It is going to take time to recover from the Josh (The Franchise Killer) McDaniels years.

    The best way to improve the talent level is to finish dead last this season and draft Andrew Luck keep Kyle Orton to mentor him and trade Tim Tebow to someone else for whatever we can get for him.

    If you don’t believe me check your Broncos history. This happened before with a guy you may remember… John Elway.

    If you need further proof please read the post from Raider fan above.

  44. One thing about Orton that is certain; You always know where to find him when he is on the field. He is either in the huddle or in the collapsing pocket (without the ball, which he just fumbled). I never said Tebow is great or anything, but at least he tries to be elusive.

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