Rob Ninkovich signs extension with Patriots


Once a long snapper that didn’t stick in New Orleans, Rob Ninkovich has carved out a nice role as a starting linebacker in New England.

The Patriots rewarded him for it before Monday night’s game, according to Brian McIntyre.  The team signed Ninkovich to a two-year, $4 million extension through 2013 that included a $2 million signing bonus.  The deal has since confirmed by multiple Patriots beat writers.

It’s a fair deal for a player that can handle a variety of roles with the team.

It’s appropriate Ninkovich signed the deal right before playing Miami.  He broke out last year with a big performance on Monday Night Football.

10 responses to “Rob Ninkovich signs extension with Patriots

  1. This is what makes the PATRIOTS so good and smart……. You pick up a guy who someone said had no talent for their team, take him, coach him, find his best fit and turn him into a BEAST. I LOVE IT!!!

  2. As much as I like the Ninko I certainly wouldn’t call him a beast.

    He is versatile and has some talent but I think it may be his work ethic that has enabled him to do well in New England.

    I’d consider him solid but not an impact player.

  3. Good for Ninko! The reason he didn’t stick in New Orleans was because he was constantly hurt. I don’t think anyone doubted this guy’s talent though.

    It’s funny how everytime the Pats play on primetime and Ninko is running around making plays, the Saints forums blow up about this guy!

  4. A good, cheap signing that should add some stability to the LB mix. Ninkovich seems to always be in the right place and rarely is the opposite…ie, out of position.

    I wouldn’t call him a beast, but he’s done a great job with his opportunity. Congrats to him and his family.

  5. I’m mildly surprised at how well Ninkovich has turned out. He’s somewhat of a poor man’s Mike Vrabel with his versatility. Not a stud, but a hard-nosed player who does all the little things well.

    Goes to show that different coaching/different schemes can often lead to dramatic differences.

  6. Actually toonsterwu, I think that’s probably about what Vrabel’s contract wound up being

    … when Vrabel’s contract was due to inflate to $4 million a season he was either going to have to renegotiate or potentially be cut

    instead he wound up being part of the trade to Kansas City, keeping him out of the hands of division rivals but also ensuring that he’d get his full $4 million from the Chiefs, who had ample cap room and ensured that Cassel would have a friendly face in the locker room

  7. Don’t ever forget, he beat out Ray Edwards for the DE job as a senior at Purdue. That team had Ninko, Ray Edwards and Anthody Spencer at defensive end and Cliff Avril playing LB and ended up finishing 5-7.

  8. He was a defensive end in college. Many smaller d-ends transition to linebacker. Glad to see Rob has done okay for himself with the Pats. Boiler Up!

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