Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bills reportedly talking contract extension

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Ryan Fitzpatrick could be rewarded soon for his solid run as Bills starting quarterback.

WGR Sports Radio 550 in Buffalo reports that Fitzpatrick and the Bills have talked about a contract extension recently.  A deal is not believed to be imminent.

“I’m focused on playing, that’s all I can focus on right now,” Fitzpatrick told Joe Buscaglia. “Whether it comes or not, that’s for the team and my agent to deal with. For me, all my focus and efforts are going in to beating the Raiders.”

The Harvard product will earn $3.195 million on the final year of his contract in 2011.  Since Chan Gailey arrived in Buffalo, Fitzpatrick has a 27:15 TD: INT ratio. He’s coming off a four-touchdown game against the Chiefs.

There is no young quarterback being groomed in Buffalo, so getting Fitzpatrick locked up seems like a wise move.

Incidentally, who says the Bills don’t get any attention?  This was our third Bills-related post of the morning.

Just imagine if they get to 2-0.

55 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bills reportedly talking contract extension

  1. The Amish Rifle & the Buffalo Bills hogging up all of PFT. Am I in heaven? So good to have my Bills back. So good to have FOOTBALL back!

  2. Good for him.

    The Bills finally saw the light and realized they could do allot worse than Fitz at QB.

    God knows they have bigger fish to fry.

  3. @Davo – Was that a joke? I’m kind of sick of how reactionary NFL fans and media can be after one week. You’d swear the Super Bowl was going to be Bills – Bears right now. But I guess if we’re awarding the 2nd best AFC East QB award after one week, I’d give it to Chad Henne.

  4. Here we go:
    Charlie Weis and Notre Dame…
    Tony Romo and Dallas…

    Don’t get all emotional about a guy who actually ‘DOES HIS JOB’ and then provide a big pay day as if they reached the playoffs or Super Bowl.

    From 6-10 to 4-12? How about if we see if this is for real all year first.

    High earnings come from high achievements that should NOT be measured relatively to the cellar in which the Bills have lived for years.

    Expect and achieve more Buffalo, then pay!

  5. @kellyb9…

    was THAT a joke? This guy is good, as the article states, and vastly underrated, as your comment suggests. Last year people referred to him as a stop gap until the Bills get the QB of the future. Now they’re extending him. His play and personality changed their mind.

  6. People are acting like Fitz didn’t do this all of last season as well. Against the ravens, steelers and the first game against the patriots he nearly put the team on his back doe.

  7. You want to know why they shouldn’t pay him yet? Two words…Matt Cassel

    Just ask KC how that big contract is working out for them.

  8. IIRC, he’s the 3rd highest paid QB on his own team! Thigpen was signed for insurance & has Gailey EXP and B.Smith is more of a hybrid type (KR,QB,WR). This is the 1st year ever where he is the undisputed starter and it has shown in camp and in games.

    Pay da man!

  9. This guy has ALWAYS had talent, he just never had a coaching staff who believed in a 7th round draft pick of the Rams from Harvard. Even as a rookie in St. Louis when he played a couple games for an injured Bulger, you could tell this guy had a bright future. I’m so happy to see someone finally gave him enough of a chance to show what he really had as a football player and QB.

  10. Go Fitz! Compare Fitzpatrick’s stats to Sanchize and Matt Ryan’s over the past 15-16 games and take into consideration the talent gap (Bills vs. Jets/Falcons) as well. Not too shabby Fitz, not too shabby!

  11. Why do people say “My personal favorite team will win! Book it!”

    Do you think I’m at home, writing down your predictions waiting until they’re fulfilled, so I can come back here to give you credit? …”Man, what a prediction! How did you see that coming?!?”

  12. @agelardi

    Were you in a coma during the 2010 season? This guy has been the best thing to happen to the Bills for some time now.

  13. isnt it like winning the lottory? like when a dr and his lawyer wife win 20 million lol. the gets a harvard degree (which means he could get a job anywhere he wants really), and is on the verge of a very nice paycheck…good for him. hope he works out because i am sick of going through qbs. and i dont want just any rookie. if we cant have luck then i dont want just anybody


    I’m getting really tired of the references to Harvard. Who gives a rip. Complete passes to your team that’s all that matters. Where did Jim Kelly go to school??? That’s not brought up everytime his name is mentioned. The guy is a decent QB not great. He may very well become one of the better QB’s in the leauge but I could care less where he went to school. Pretentious jerks.


  15. Trust me when I say nobody knows Fitzpatrick better than me. He he is more than worthy of being a long term quarterback and being paid for the excellent service he has already provided and will continue to provide for Buffalo. No one will ever out work this guy and he would never want the attention for all the work he puts in. He is dedicated to the team

  16. Pay this man now and lock him up long term while you still get a “home town discount” Anyone who knows Fitz knows he loves playing and living in Buffalo. Any Bills fan knows he is a winner. Get this deal done and use the off season to improve you offensive line.

  17. polegojim says:
    Sep 16, 2011 10:58 AM
    Here we go:
    Charlie Weis and Notre Dame…
    Tony Romo and Dallas…

    Don’t get all emotional about a guy who actually ‘DOES HIS JOB’ and then provide a big pay day as if they reached the playoffs or Super Bowl.

    From 6-10 to 4-12? How about if we see if this is for real all year first.

    High earnings come from high achievements that should NOT be measured relatively to the cellar in which the Bills have lived for years.

    Expect and achieve more Buffalo, then pay!

    Yeah, and when we get to the end of the season after Fitzpatrick has brought the Bills to a 12-4 record all while leading the NFL in most stats, we lose him to another NFL team. No thanks.

    Here is the thing, he is in the last year of his contract and playing pretty well for a seventh round pick. I’d rather overpay for him, and even if he flops as a starter, keep him as a backup because he’s proven he can do that. Rather than lose him to another franchise. Everyone knows a good QB is hard to find. If he continues doing well, somebody will put all their chips in for him. We can’t lose anyone else. Ex. Nate Clements, Paul Pozlusney.

    So if it takes a few extra dollars to lock him up, i’m in.

  18. Okay, fitz is good i’ll give the guy that. Can someone please report on the genius that is Chan Gailey though.. That front office is doing work also. The team is starting to come together and their depth chart actually looks decent. Like I was saying Chan Gailey is a monster at putting together offensive game plans. Best part is that he gets to battle it out against two of the best defensive coaches in the nfl with rex and bill in the same division. Can’t wait to see how this team does in the future.

  19. I’ve got to throw this out there… this guy has a wind up throw (just like Tebow). I saw it multiple times on the highlights this past weekend. In fact every pass they showed on the highlight was him winding up like he was throwing a baseball.

    Not saying he should be canned, but all of this talk of Tebow not being able to play because of his ‘throwing motion’ is garbage. Now accuracy… that’s another story.

  20. When was the last time Buffalo won their first game? 2003? I think they beat the Pats 31-0. How did that work out for you?

  21. Fitzpatrick may or may not be the second best QB in the AFC East, but it’s becoming clear that Mark Sanchez is the fourth best. Out of four.

  22. “Since Chan Gailey arrived in Buffalo, Fitzpatrick has a 27:15 TD: INT ratio”
    He ALSO has a 5-9 won-lost record too.

    Don’t forget that fact as well !

    Gee, a little bit of a over-reaction to one good game maybe ??? Anyone remember Rob Johnson ??? He had one good game and then the Bills gave him like $25 million !

    Can we have Fitzpatrick … mayyyyyyybe … string together, 4 or 5 good games before we start talking multi-million dollar contract extensions ????

  23. As long as they don’t give him a huge deal over many years, it makes perfect sense. Both sides have to be realistic about this. And the realism is, Ryan Fitzpatrick will never lead the Bills to a Super Bowl, much less the playoffs. Sorry, but that’s the flat out truth. I’m not a hater on him or the Bills. I’m just a realist.

  24. Peyton Manning- Just signed 100M dollar contract with a “Broken” Neck, Could possibly end his carrer if aggravated again= Good Idea.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick- Statistically the second best QB in his division, puts his team in position to win, and is on the verge to sign a contract extension.= Bad Idea.

    I’m sorry, I just don’t see the logic from some of the people stating we should wait until the end of the season, or that he doesn’t deserve it. Will he make Manning money? No, He probaly won’t even make Sanchize money. At this time, however, he is a better option than both. Also, PFT, I’m not trying to be a nancy here, but can you monitor your “Hatred”posts a bit more. I get the whole “were gunna smash you come sunday” but this whole “He will be lucky to make it to 3rd Quarter, Muahahaha” stuff is a little brutal don’t you think?

  25. Bills fans have such short memories and hold on to every glimpse of hope but don’t forget what Fitz is. He is and will always be a guy you look to replace. He will have games like the KC game but he will also have games that he looks like a Harvard qb with no business in the NFL.

  26. @swaytay

    Please point out these games where Fitz utterly blew. His bad games were the norm for a starting QB. Our d lost us many games last season that, without FITZ, would have been total blowouts. Do your research before spewing stupidity.

  27. “Don’t look now, but Fitzpatrick is fast becoming the second best QB in the AFC East!”

    Since Mark Sanchez is the worst QB in the AFC East, I’d say Fitzpatrick is already the 2nd best, since he’s better then Henne.

  28. How about his 37.1 qb rating 3 pick game against the Pats which prompted the Bills to see what bromn could do in the season final.

  29. He is good QB, he is not the flashiest guy out there, he manages the game well and he gives you a chance to win. Which is a lot more than most teams can say.

    Sign him up long term, if it doesn’t work out you got a great #2 QB which is where he came from in the first place.

    Nobody loses in signing him long term.

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