Sebastian Janikowski charged with battery over 2010 incident

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Just days after he tied the record for the longest field goal in NFL history, Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski is in trouble with the law, stemming from an incident last year.

The Contra Costa Times reports that Janikowski has been charged with misdemeanor battery and false imprisonment against a woman stemming from a 2010 incident.

According to the report, the woman says Janikowski used “force and violence” upon her, but there are no more details than that. Janikowski and the Raiders were unavailable for comment.

Janikowski has had multiple legal problems but none in the last few years. He was arrested four times while a player at Florida State and has been arrested three times since the Raiders drafted him in 2000. His most recent arrest was in 2003 and related to a fight at a restaurant. Those charges were later dropped.

92 responses to “Sebastian Janikowski charged with battery over 2010 incident

  1. Wow……THAT sucks. You kick an all-time record tying 63 yard field goal and the world is your oyster. You enjoy nice feelings for the blink of an eye and then …BAM! …you’re a piece of chit.

  2. This dude just does not get it. I sure hope he is innocent of these charges, but his history would suggest otherwise. I love my Raiders, but this is too much.

    Okay, Haters. Go ahead and t-off on all your Raider-bashing.

  3. Don’t sound any worse than Roethlisberger. Hopefully, she was wearing something that showed she was aking for it like Ben’s college girl was.

  4. Been a fan of the Raiders for over 30 years and I’ve just gotten to truly appreciate Jano here in the past 4 years or so as he’s finally become reliable (with the recent exception of the game in Arizona where he cost us the game on a chip-shot during the time period in question) – things are looking up this year and Jano just tied an all time record – but if these allegations are true, lock him up yesterday.

  5. god knows if this was vick, pacman or britt this would be all over the news i watch alot of football and didnt know he has been arrested that many times

  6. It sounds as if he would not pay her asking price to go away and now she is pressing charges. Same professional type of woman, different angle.

  7. numberoneinthehoodg says:
    Sep 16, 2011 8:53 PM
    Doesn’t matter how far the “uprights” are, Janikowski will split them.
    Too soon?


    Uhh, yup.

  8. I was at that bar in Walnut Creek when Seabass went off in 2003. I lost the rear view mirror off my car.

  9. What do you expect from a guy busted with the date rape drug at a bar?

    Never had any respect for him after that. Never will.

  10. bombayjon you are full of it. This guy hasn’t gotten into trouble in over ten years, now all of the sudden he is deciding to F-up again. Hell no! They know he is a Raider and he has have trouble with the law in the past. Smell set-up! Sorry if you have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth and lived a sheltered life, but I can smell a rat when I see it and this looks like a big NYC sewer rat!!! Go Raiders!

  11. No one knows the truth of a matter like this but it does sound suspicious that he has his name in all the papers for his field goal and suddenly some women who had sex with him a year ago, yes a year ago, or maybe doesn’t suddenly decides she was held captive. I’m not defending the guy, if guilty he should rot in hell, but what the hell is it with these who women can wait a whole year and all of a sudden when the guys name is in the spot light suddenly decides it’s time to yell rape. Ladies if some SOB sexually assaults you dial 911 immediately.

  12. What the Raiders have honored us with……

    New security rules.

    Now— little Joey will have his pants pulled down because Raider fan suffers an inferiority complex.

    It seems the Raiders and Hamas(Terrorist) have many things in common.

    Thank Oakland Raiders for destroying the greatest game ever created!


    The “Everybody is out to get us” motiff is completely over.

    Contract this disgusting vermin……..

  13. A non-story, since there’s no names, no mention of it in 2010, and some b.s. from some incident that wouldve been blown up far worse then rather than now. Where was the police report?

    file under “g” for gold-digger or “o” for opportunist.

    Not one mention of it, and during the Marie Lutz incident with Cable. The usual reach following a somewhat historic opening game win.


  14. I love how stuff always happens at a restaurant, not a bar. Like fights are going down at TGI Fridays or something.

  15. Given his history of dust-ups with alcohol, drugs and the law so this is no big surprise…

    He has gotten off in the past – except the DUI he had in 2002 – so let’s see what happens…

    The Crypt Keeper has certainly paid him well enough to be able to affrod the best lawyers so the bish better have a good case…

  16. Leave it to the haters to drum up a phony story to cause a distraction for the team. If this unconfirmed incident happened during 2010, why is it that she waits 9 or 10 months to file a complaint? This whole charge sounds like total BS. Janikowski probably has good attorneys that know how to bring frivolous law suit charges against the accuser. Just keep kicking them straight and long Jano. Your attorneys should have fun with this one.

  17. you have to love this country, anybody can say anything, and then you have to pay an attorney to fight it.

  18. She could be lying…However, he does have a rather long rap sheet. Unfortunately for him the credibility goes to her by default in a court of law. Unless she has skeletons in her closet…

  19. Most definitely deserves at least a 4 game suspension. We are done with the lockout. Precedent has already been set where you can be suspended for tarnishing the shield and NEVER BEEN CHARGED so if you are charged during the season when all eyes are on the league and you have a history of BEING CHARGED in the past with other incidents then this is a suspension coming no doubt from Goodell. Right? Or do you have to be on the cover of SI first?

  20. This is not that big of a deal. This is the same guy that raped using GHB early in his career. Most Raider fans have a Battery charge or two against them anyway. Its like a rite of passage.

  21. josephlewis2k11 says:
    Sep 16, 2011 10:06 PM
    bombayjon you are full of it. This guy hasn’t gotten into trouble in over ten years, now all of the sudden he is deciding to F-up again. Hell no! They know he is a Raider and he has have trouble with the law in the past. Smell set-up! Sorry if you have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth and lived a sheltered life, but I can smell a rat when I see it and this looks like a big NYC sewer rat!!! Go Raiders!


    Easy tough guy. I know everyone is innocent until proven guilty. That’s why I said, “I hope he is innocent”. And I truely do. Unfortunately, Jano has a history of alcohol abuse, arrests, and placing himself in bad situations. This makes it much easier to target him with these kind of allegations, but it also makes the allegations a little more believable.

    Someone else in this blog said that these allegations came up “all of a sudden”. The full story states that the lawyers already met for a pre-trial conference. It takes many months to get to that point, sometimes over a year for even misdemeanors. So the allegations were made some time ago.

    Either way, I’ll be cheering for The Raiders this sunday against the Bills!!!

  22. savannahrose44 says:
    Sep 16, 2011 10:46 PM
    She could be lying…However, he does have a rather long rap sheet. Unfortunately for him the credibility goes to her by default in a court of law. Unless she has skeletons in her closet…


    Gotta disagree about the credibilty in court, Savanna. More often than not, you can not introduce prior convictions and arrests during a criminal trial. But I do agree that she could be lying.

  23. This guy has always been a fat, drunk punk, picking on people who he knows won’t fight back. If he wasn’t with Oakland he’d have been out of the league years ago. Or in Baltimore.

  24. If this was legit at all, charges would have been filed almost a year ago.

    Regardless, The Godfather Al will take care of his player and will win in court if need be.

  25. The accuser was so traumatized from the incident that she waited damn near a year to file charges which coincidentally come just days after the accused equals an all-time NFL record.

    Whatever happened, the accuser has a lot of explaining to do given those facts.

    Misdemeanor battery? Something tells me that is something that any NYC subway commuter could be charged with several times a day just going through their daily routine.

    Most likely scenario- Seabass and this woman who is named in the Contra Costa Times article went back to his place when she had a change of heart. He grabbed her arm to try to get her to stay and she resisted. He let go and she left. End of story.

    I’m thinking she has been trying to squeeze money from him ever since. When they couldn’t agree on a figure, she decided to press charges before the statute of limitations ran out.

    Hope she thinks it is worth it because rightly or wrongly her life is gonna get picked apart. Not for nothing but a 36yr old woman going home with NFL players probably isn’t going to garner a whole heckuva lot of sympathy especially when she waits a year to come forward.

    Helps explain why Seabass gaffed that chippie against Arizona last year as the alleged incident occurred the day before the team flew to Phoenix.

  26. What sounds fishy about all this is that if charges are filed after a year, there is not a scrap of evidence to incriminate Jano. I am not saying he’s an angel, he’s had his run ins with the Law, but these were 10 years ago.

    Seems to me that the charges are being pressed just to get him to pony up the lolly – IOW gold-digger…

  27. Look at all the jealous haters you all wish you had Janakowski as your kicker. There was a reason why he was picked number one over all. Eat you heart out Gruden.

  28. Done one year after, if it was rape it wouldve been reported immediately, if a police report was filed, he wouldve been brought in for questioning.

    The only reason its a year in the making is that she got an attorney and they want the strongest case possible.

    it’s basically her word against his, since the physical evidence of battery after a year, and no preliminary interview is dubious at the least.

    If it did happen, then Janikowski’s alcohol fueled past has come back to haunt him. – notice it occurs after the historic 63 yard field – survey says case thrown out, and probation at the minimum, and I doubt the league takes disciplinary action.

  29. What a coincidence….. he gets charged days after tying the record…… GOLD DIGGER! A normal person would have sought charges immediately after the incident. C’mon all you raider haters, i thought u were smarter than this.

  30. This story is as clear as mud, and no one seems to have any solid details on it. It sounds like he was charged before now, especially if they are having pre-trial meetings with lawyers or whatever, but there was not even a hint of this in the news for the past 12 months. That’s NSA-level secrecy on the part of the victim when it comes to a football player committing a crime, especially one that alleges battery and false imprisonment of a woman. I find it hard to believe that the league knew nothing about this. Especially after Roethlisberger’s troubles last year, you’d think that if Janikowski was going to be suspended that Goodell would have been all over this last year, when this allegedly happened.

    I don’t think all the details are out there yet, so it’s way too early for anyone to be proclaiming his innocence or guilt.

  31. It’s awfully late in 2011 for charges to just now be filed over a misdemeanor that supposedly occurred in 2010. The police get a report, interview any witnesses, then either arrest the guy or let it drop. That should take days, not months.

    The delay doesn’t prove his innocence–and he’s had plenty of problems over the years–but it sure makes you wonder why it took so long. Did the accuser wait until months later to report it?

  32. I seem to recall talk that he could be deported back to Poland or wherever he’s from, if he got into any more legal troubles.

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