Danieal Manning not fined for hit on Pierre Garcon

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We noted this week that Texans safety Danieal Manning drew one of the more ridiculous penalties of Week One, getting called for a hit on Colts receiver Pierre Garcon even though Manning went out of his way to avoid contact.

But we have some good news: The NFL has confirmed to PFT that Manning was not fined.

Although the NFL always avoids calling out the officials, not fining Manning is a tacit acknowledgment that the official who threw the flag on Manning screwed up. If Manning’s hit on Garcon had really merited a penalty, it also would have merited a fine.

So we’re glad to see that the league office recognized that Manning did nothing wrong. Now we’ll hope the officials don’t throw any more flags this year on defensive backs who are going out of their way not to hit defenseless receivers. But we won’t be holding our breath.

17 responses to “Danieal Manning not fined for hit on Pierre Garcon

  1. Yeah, it should have been immediately obvious to anyone watching the game that this call was bogus. He clearly pulled up and avoided the illegal hit. Dierdorf and Gumble even said on air that it was a bad call.

    Glad he wasn’t fined.

  2. How many games have be unjustifiably lost or irrevocably altered before the NFL starts to light up the officials for these stupid calls? Players will, unfortunately, get hurt one way or the other so it is time for the NFL to teach their officials as to what really are illegal hits and not just good, sold hits

  3. this is going to be BS when one of Goddel’s little zebras call one of these BS calls against my team and actually affects the game. This is a joke and you should be able to challenge it since the refs can it wrong consistently

  4. “they fined james harrison for his hit” : Everyone knows that that’s only because the NFL picks on the poor 0-2 Steelers.

  5. These calls need to be challengeable. Say there’s 20 seconds left ball on the 20, 4th down. And this bs call gets made and the offense scores and wins from the 5? I guess we have to wait until it actually happens for the league to pay attention.

  6. Well you need to cut the guy some slack… He does have a girl’s name after all……

    Surprised Cromartie hasn’t tried to woo him…

  7. And the beat goes on…….play, flag, whistle, timeout, officials conference, under the hood, further review, announcement, penalty/no penalty, player fined, appeal, fine confirmed/reversed, yadda, yadda, yadda – gimme a freakin’ break.

  8. nelspetersen says:
    Sep 17, 2011 1:51 PM
    So let me get this straight, any hit that merits a penalty now also merits a fine…

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. When did a flag turn into a fine? It’s a penalty already. The loss of yards or down IS the punishment. I understand fines for fighting and dirty play but not for a pass interference or a face mask. It’s getting too close to the point where players will be fined for off sides!
    Lower the frequency of the fines but not the amount. Let them play Football.

    BTW: Whatever happened to Mike Lockley’s $20,000 fine?

  9. Just the owners saying to the players, if I gotta
    pay you all this much more money, if you don’t
    play the game by our rules will start taking it
    back from you. All about the money. Always.

  10. The officials are (part-time) employees of the NFL and try to do as directed.

    It seems to me they aren’t getting very good directions.

    I officiated college level track and field for 20y. In that sport the best official is the one that is not noticed. That doesn’t happen in football.

    My two cents.

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