Blank says Vick’s garbage-time performance didn’t leave a “good taste”

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On Friday, Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports reported that Falcons owner Arthur Blank wasn’t pleased with the Eagles’ decision to insert quarterback Mike Vick into the last meeting between the two teams, when Philly was comfortably ahead of the home team.  Vick led the Eagles to a garbage-time touchdown, which thrilled the remaining Falcons fans who still had warm and fuzzy feelings for Vick.

Appearing recently on NBC SportsTalk (VERSUS, 6:00 p.m. ET), Arthur Blank admitted that he personally wasn’t thrilled with the maneuver.

“Well I didn’t feel good about it,” Blank said.  “But I know Coach Reid, he’s an outstanding head coach and an outstanding human being.  And in terms of the Michael story, dealing with redemption, dealing with some of the personal issues he’s had in his own life with his children, I understand his viewpoint.  I think trying to put myself in his position, I think he was trying to make Michael feel better about himself, trying to make the Eagles, his organization, feel better about themselves from that perspective. I don’t think I was thrilled with it.  But I know Andy well enough, and I know the organization well enough to know I don’t think it was intended to flaunt us in a negative way.  But it didn’t leave me with a good taste in my mouth but I understood it.”

The Eagles return to Atlanta tonight with Vick as the starting quarterback.  By far, it’s the most compelling game of the day.

And I’m not just saying that because the game is on NBC.

24 responses to “Blank says Vick’s garbage-time performance didn’t leave a “good taste”

  1. Arthur Blank cut’s Vick and then doesn’t like it when he comes back to embarrass him? That’s how it normally works in life as people usually get motivated to prove to the other person that that they were wrong.

  2. Blank should be disgusted. I’m not sure why he’s being so diplomatic. We had 5 starters out and McNabb had whooped us already. Kolb was the #2 QB, and should have been put in. It was a slap in the face to all Falcons fans. There was no need to put him in, it’s not like the Falcons had any chance to get back in it.

    Vick was booed when the Eagles came on the field, it was only in the 4th after Atlanta fans started leaving, realizing it was a lost cause, thats when the Vickophants started cheering for their favorite herpes-ridden psychopath. Mpw the media is hypoing up this BS that Atlanta wants Vick back.

    Andy Reid purposely rubbed salt in a wound that was almost healed up, and now because of it, we’ve had to deal with the most annoying pre-game build up in NFL history. Andy Reid only perpetuated the myth that somehow Atlanta gave Mike Vick a raw deal, giving him the chance to get revenge.

    I hope Andy Reid chokes on a freaking chicken bone. Fat #%^$.

  3. Yes you are just saying that because its on nbc, according to you they got the best halftime show post game show and everything else, I caught the notre dame halftime show and that guy who was sitting next to peter king looked like some kind of ghoulish creature

  4. Vick is still the same turd! Reid has it waxed and polished nicely, but underneath, well you know what they say about polishing a turd! The real inner Vick will surface again, and he will crash and burn in a big cloud of stink!.

  5. What a baby. I hate these whiny wusses in football that get soooooo upset about “running up the score”

    Heres the deal if you dont like it stop them.

    As far as blank goes, he should be thanking Andy because his entire fan base was chanting for Reid to put Vick in the game.

  6. I can understand Blanks frustration.
    Imagine having the most electrifying player of the nfl and face of your team that you have millions of dollars invested in make bonehead decisions in life and hurt your franchise for years.Only to see him come back in a different uniform and outplay your current team.

    Bad thing is #7 will be back in town today and remind everyone what could have been if he woulda made better decisions.

  7. Go ask The Giants if their lead was safe in The Miracle of The Meadowlands II.

    The bottom line is Blank is just mad that Vick wasn’t “done” like he had hoped, and he is just EMBARRASSED because his boy SUCKS and the fan base still views Vick as the face of the franchise.

    Your team SUCKS and got beat like an old sweaty dog 🙂

    I mean just this summer there was an autograph signing in Atlanta for Mike Vick & Matt Ryan, and Vick more than doubled the signings.

    Sorry Blank, don’t blame the Eagles for knowing how to develop a quarterback and put REAL talent around him 🙂

  8. There must be something in the water Pennsylvania. Honestly, Vick has been even less successful than McNabb in Philly, but they act like he’s a savior that Atlanta missed out on. If Vick thinks Atlanta treated him poorly, he’s more deranged than I thought. He lied to and embarassed the owners, the coaching staff, and the fans. Atlanta had no choice but to turn their backs on him, because Michael had turned his long before then. It wouldn’t suprise me at all if Andy Reid is using this to motivate Vick, seeing he’s the closest thing he has to a successful “son”. And even then he’s been in prison too. I would take Matt Ryan over Vick any day of the week due to his age. Yes he has struggled in playoff games, but Peyton Manning didn’t win one until 2004. Ryan will have a ring before Vick. Book it.

  9. Oh, and the Philly fans using dog beating comments to get a rise out of fans? You’re trash. What are you? Uneducated? Or twelve? Because those are the only logical explanations. I can forgive you if you’re twelve. If you’re uneducated, well… you probably can’t read this. Grow up, and discuss football without taking cheap shots or using vulgar comments. We’re adults discussing the game we love, not teenagers who just saw their first R-rated film.

  10. @dogluverssuck: Another troll heard from.

    As if your user ID wasn’t stupid enough, you had to throw the “got beat like an old sweaty dog” line.

    You’re either 14, or very immature.

    Bozosforall just got some company in his club.

  11. Why does this matter? Is Arthur Blank playing corner today? Is he going to be chasing Michael Vick around all day?

    Nope. It’s the Falcons that have to play not Arthur Blank.

  12. Interesting. Arthur Blank says he didn’t like it, but he understood it from a particular point of view. He cites his relationship with, and knowledge of Andy Reid and the Eagles’ front office as a reason he didn’t take the action as being malicious or a purposeful slight to him or the Falcons organization. So while the man who has the most reason to be angry prefers to give the Eagles’ the benefit of the doubt, most drunken, ignorant Philly fans choose to see the front office as laughing stock failures worthy of derision and scorn. I am an Eagles seaon ticket holder, and even I think most Eagles’ fans suck.

  13. I think that this is really not a story at all. Of course you wouldn’t like it… especially after Vick made the big pass and riled up the crowd.

    But this story is to rile up the crowd one more good time before the game. I mean, Vick’s success is also dependent upon those people who hate him. I mean, without them, there wouldn’t be a contrast. And without these people, Vick wouldn’t be as big a draw.

  14. He’s mad that the opposing team took OUT OF THE GAME the #1 QB and inserted the #3 QB? He should be pissed his own team was embarrassed by a #3 QB. His distaste is misdirected.

  15. “Vick led the Eagles to a garbage-time touchdown, which thrilled the remaining Falcons fans who still had warm and fuzzy feelings for Vick.”

    Exactly what kind of fans would those be? I’m guessing it’s the same kind that set OJ Simpson free.

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