Carson Palmer surfaces with status unchanged


There was a Carson Palmer sighting on Saturday, but it didn’t come with any sign that he’s closer to returning to the NFL.

Palmer was spotted tailgating before USC’s game against 38-17 win over Syracuse and that still looks like the most we’re going to see him doing during the 2011 football season. Adam Schefter of ESPN spoke to people close to Palmer who said that he has no intention of ever returning to the Bengals and the Bengals haven’t given anyone reason to believe that they are softening on their stance when it comes to trading Palmer. If anything, they’ve moved the other direction by going all in with Andy Dalton.

Palmer is working out in California in the event the Bengals change their mind or someone makes them an offer that they can’t refuse, but there doesn’t seem to be anything on the horizon that would spell an end to the standoff.

22 responses to “Carson Palmer surfaces with status unchanged

  1. Reliving the glory days!! Go ahead Uncle Rico, enjoy the beer gut and your Ed Hardy sunglasses because Mike Brown has got you on LOCK.

  2. I kinda feel sorry for the quitter……………………………just kiddin….what a waste of a career….Every Bengals fan out there is happier anyway….We like our new offense, no more 5 delay of game penalties a game…no more multiple pick sixes a game..No more pocket breaking down and our qb becomes a dead turtle, no more lack of leadership……see ya Carson…..have fun in your living room with your Heisman…..

  3. “Palmer was spotted tailgating before USC’s game against 38-17 win over Syracuse…”

    Heh heh. Slow down, guys.

  4. He will stay in shape and return as a free agent next year. Probably good for him to nurse any nagging injuries. Its not out of the question because he isn’t that old.

  5. raiderfankirk,

    Thanks for the heads up with the D…. they were on my waiver wire. Even if the Bengals D doesn’t do anything special, it would have been better than me playing SD D against the Pats

  6. I’m not a big Mike Brown fan , but Palmer is getting exactly what he deserves. I hope Cincinnati lets him rot until he’s too old to play.

  7. @ticalcaldwell

    Your calling ANDY DALTON a the saving grace after ONE GAME that he didn’t look that great in. Also, if he played for the Lions everyone would say “if he could stay healthy! he’s left in EVERY SINGLE GAME he’s played in”.
    Plamer > Bruce Graddagowitckz > Some kid with his helmet on backwards > Andy Dalton.

  8. @ticalcaldwell

    You nailed it. The Bengals were better JUST on penalties alone.
    I’m sure part of that is Gruden and part Dalton. Benson even said that Gruden has the next play ready to go before the last play is even ran.
    It lets us keep our time-outs also.
    Calling plays from the sideline – much smarter, cuts out the middle man, saves probably 10 seconds on the play clock.

  9. What a brat I can’t believe someone who should be a PROFESSIONAL is doing something like this. Grow a pair and play for the contract u signed. Don’t be a baby and sit around refusing to play

  10. @ ‘ticalcaldwell’

    …is right..

    If nothing else, Dalton is getting his guys lined-up right and in time. Everyone seems to know what they’re doing with Dalton in there. Thats probably 60-70 yards per game, just in avoiding penalty yardage right there.

    Did I really just read that Carson is staying in shape, by stuffing burgers and beer at a USC tailgate.

    Way to go $100M quarterback……

  11. @baxman89:

    Palmer can’t return as a free agent next year. He is signed with the Bengals through 2014. I doubt anyone will still be interested in him 4 years from now…

  12. So, nothing new here. Thanks for the non-update update.

    To @huhfasi:
    So Dalton “didn’t look that great” in the first game? Did you bother watching the game?

    Dalton lead the Bengals to score on their first 3 possessions (first time in franchise history) and had a QB rating over 100 when he injured his wrist and came out of the game. Folks should pay attention, instead of blindly jumping on the Bengals are horrible bandwagon.

    Granted, it remains to be seen if Dalton will be the long term answer for the QB position, but to imply he did not perform well his first time out seems a bit reckless IMHO.

  13. All of the bitter Bengals fans that are posting on this are funny. I get that your feelings are hurt, but to already be saying that Dalton is better than Palmer is beyond delusional. Palmer has throw for over 30 TDs and over 4000 yrds multiple times in his career. Dalton has 1 career start under his belt against another laughingstock of the NFL, and to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if in 5 or 6 years he also decides that he’d rather not play at all then play for the Bengals pathetic organization.

  14. @baxman89 – He can’t return as a free agent, knucklehead. He’s under contract. He can return to the Bungals. Therefore Mike Brown has him in a Sleeper hold! At some point he’ll figure it out.

  15. @bowens

    Dalton is better because he’s not quitting and he wants to be there and win, which is more than I can say for Palmer. Palmer is a bitch and a quitter, and for that reason alone no other team should want him.

  16. INDIANAPOLIS will never be in a more vulnerable position as now, I bet BenGals could get several starters of the COLTS rosters and draft picks in return. But the management of Lawyers and BeanCounters is to stupid to do anything to help themselves and do themselves a public relations favor. THE SITUATION IS NO DIFFERENT THAN THE BARRY SANDERS SITUATION.

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