Hail Mary to end Raiders-Bills was reviewed by referee

When the Raiders-Bills game ended with a Hail Mary pass that was intercepted by Bills defensive back Da’Norris Searcy, the CBS coverage ended, the players left the field, and the game was over.

Or was it?

Unknown to the fans at home, the replay booth called for a review.  It’s spelled out in the official play-by-play posted at NFL.com.

Fortunately for the Bills (and unfortunately for the Raiders), the play was upheld, presumably because of the absence of indisputable visual evidence to overturn the call on the field.

If there had been such evidence, everyone would have gotten a major shock, minutes after the game presumably has ended.  As it stands, the game-winning touchdown reception goes to David Nelson of the Bills (pictured).

The  subject of whether plays that fall within the jurisdiction of the replay booth will or won’t be reviewed is something at which we’ll be taking a closer look in the Monday 10-pack, and possibly during the Eagles-Falcons postgame show.

32 responses to “Hail Mary to end Raiders-Bills was reviewed by referee

  1. Meh. 5 possessions, 5 touchdowns…when the offense scores 35 points you should win the game. This loss was on that defense..they couldnt make 2nd half adjustments, and Chan Gailey called a hell of a game.

  2. Actually they didn’t review it. On WGR 550 they interviewed Carey about it. He said was in the locker room when he got a buzz for a review. He went back to the field and under the replay booth hood – but the equipment was not on. He inquired upstairs and they told him it was an “inadvertent buzz” and the decision was already final.
    He went on to say in order to have a simultaneous reception, the offensive player must be on the ground with the ball. In this case, Searcy ended up being the only player on the ground with his hands on it.

  3. I would call for pumpkin head Bresnahan’s firing, except everybody in the Raider Nation knows that this is Al’s defense to run.

    This loss was almost as painful to that 51-3 playoff blowout to the Bills years and years ago. Chickens come home to roost.

    Al could scapegoat Bres, but he’d only be indicting himself in reality.

  4. A great win by us over a deserving foe. I think both Oakland and my Bills will get more scrutiny by other teams than in recent memory. We aren’t an automatic “W” any more. And, LOL, Jauron would have kicked a field goal at the end…Great day for Coach Gailey!!!

  5. As a Raiders fan you have to tip your hat to Chan Gailey and R Fitzpatrick. Their halftime adjustments were brilliant. At halftime I, presumably along with the rest of the Raider Nation, thought we had it.

  6. Who cares. Moore could have come down with the game winning TD cleanly and the refs still would have flagged Branch, Routt, or Johnson for defensive holding, P.I., or looking at Fitzpatrick funny, even though none of them were on the field.

  7. Great effort by the Bills. Raiders blew the big lead, and Bills capitalized. Fitzpatrick looked like a true leader. Raiders have a lot of work before the two next big challenges. They got my hopes up with that hail mary, but it was not to be. Oh well. I’m as healthy as I was before the game, my wallet’s a little lighter from beer, but the Raiders will play another day.

  8. Raiders fans showing some class, on to the patriots where they are few and far between and band wagon to boot

  9. Just wanted to give a shout out to everybody on BZ / TBD / BBMB & say the Bills are da’ thrills.

    There is a new sheriff in Erie county.

  10. You know, watching Fitzey run Gailey’s offense like that was painful as a Raiders fan. It was like death by a thousand cuts painful.

    That empty spread that they run is kinda like run-n-shoot lite. The ghosts of Jim Kelly, Andre Reed and Thurman Thomas have returned.

    Even though it’s an old school offensive scheme, even a broken watch is right twice a day. All the defenses these days are geared up to stop west coast and west coast hybrid offenses. “In a blind world, the one-eyed man is king.”

    If I was the Bills, I’d ride that spread offense til the hooves come off.

  11. Hats off to the refs for giving the Bills not 1, but 2 first and goals after the Raiders of course stopped them. You can beat the Bills, but you cant beat the zebras.

  12. Man…I’m pissed…the raiders blew a 21-3 halftime lead….over 450 yds in O for the bills…no pressure on Fitzpartrick at “ALL”….. 35 points after halftime…..man I’m just sick…urrrrrrr!! And to boot Campbell and the passing game was revived…there “D” should be sick on the flight home……..winning TD dude was “ABSOLUTELY” wide open…..man….!! (GOOD PLAY DESIGN)…….

  13. marcsasharc says:
    Sep 18, 2011 5:47 PM
    like i said, Oakland has a terrible defense. if they had Nnamdi, they win today.
    Whatever you’re smoking pass it.

  14. What happened to tie goes to the receiver? Or Simultaneous Possession? This is very similar to Cromartie making the pick last week against the Cowboys but because since Miles Austin also got his hands on the ball as they went down it was Touchdown Cowboys? Why not Touchdown Raiders?? It should have never been that close because the Raiders D looked like garbage in the 2nd half, but it’s no excuse for just blowing that call.

  15. Not relevant on this particular play since it was under two minutes, but if the reason for an automatic review of all scoring plays is to make sure they get the call right, shouldn’t ‘non-scoring plays’, or plays that would result in a score if, say, the pass were called complete on the field be subject to automatic review?

    And just have the replay official in every stadium determine the call already. Heading to the sidelines to go under the hood just takes too long.

  16. I wouldn’t know what what happened at the end of that game because our local CBS affiliate in Los AngeleS denied us the final few seconds of the game to run 5 minutes of commercials and then headed on over to the start of the Charger telecast, who apparently “owns” the L.A. market and have the right to deny fans the right of viewing the end of a great game. What a damn shame! Shame on the NFL, CBS and the Chargers, a team that is unwanted by the vast majority of Angelinos. Stay in S.D. and bring back the team that really owns the L.A. Market, the Raiders! RECOGNIZE!!!

  17. 7pints says: Sep 18, 2011 5:31 PM

    The lack of comments from the Raiduhs fans is priceless!

    There’s no lack of them here. Some of us crying about the refs, some of us giving the Bills their due. And all you can offer is “Raiduhs.” That is some inspired smack. What did your Mom say when you showed her?

  18. a win is a win….no doubt….but let’s be real “BILLS” fans …we handed you the freaken game period !!! Our “D” just plum forgot this game is played for a full 60 mins……and the second half was a complete debacle on the defensive side of ball ..(Unbelieveable and unacceptable how they played 35 pts. in 2nd half).. congrats on your win though…..and although this one does sting…..I truly believe we’ll grow from this one……We should make our ” D” walk home….pisses me off !!

  19. tough loss for the raiders. can’t blame anybody but the “D” and nick miller(he didn’t contribute directly to the loss but he is AWFUL). I’ll still be rooting for the bills the rest of the way because i HATE the pats and i hate rex ryan.

  20. That interception was important to me…it gave the Bills defense 0 points (rather than -2) on my FF team. My sleeper DEF pick didn’t get out of bed this morning…

  21. As bad as the Raiders played in the 2nd half……(IMAO) the McFadden fumble was “HUGE”…it totally changed the game….the raiders were driving in what look to be scoring drive which I believe would have knocked the wind out of the Bills for good…and when they recovered the fumble they made us pay with “7”…it just seem to snow ball from there……Our “D” was truly disapppointing today…..

  22. Nick Miller, you got to stop tripping on your fat laces and at least get to the 20 yard line. You realize if you down it in the end zone the Raiders get it at the 20?! Defense was horrible, but give credit to the Bills offense to attack CJ37 the weakness at CB. Time to see what DVD has to offer Raider Nation. McClain whiff and was trapped up in so much garbage that Fred Jackson ran wild the 2nd half. Defensive Line was spanked into submission today. Very quiet bunch. Offense played their hearts out. D. Moore is our new prized rookie, he can be great. McFadden shows us how dangerous he is rushing and receiving. Bad fumble, but glad to see he didn’t hang it up after that. Ran and played even harder after that glitch. If Campbell believes and trust in receivers. What out NOW!

  23. Sure the refs led by Raider Hater Mike Carey reviewed what was an indisputable interception, but NEVER reviewed the Bills third TD which the Raiders got flagged 15 yards for challenging a non-challengeable play. Conspiracy theory? No, proof of reality prejudice against the Silver & Black… The f-ing ball wasnt even close to breaking the plane of the goal line!!… Face it, the Raiders got done without lubricant once again by the refs… But Im not making excuses, our pass D and LBs were horrible in the second half!!

    Why we didnt bring in Darren Sharper for a look-see is inexcusable!!! Come on, man (talking to you Al Davis)!!!

  24. Todd Haley’s Temper says:
    Sep 18, 2011 6:08 PM
    marcsasharc says:
    Sep 18, 2011 5:47 PM
    like i said, Oakland has a terrible defense. if they had Nnamdi, they win today.
    Whatever you’re smoking pass it.


    you cant prove me wrong. 🙂
    the Raiders defense is really bad, its pretty easy to see. 5 possessions and 5 tds for Buffalo in the 2nd half. LMAO thats pretty terrible.

  25. Great game. Raiders will come back from this. Put it this way the Raiders will be in playoffs by winning west. and well Bills will be fighting for 3rd in the Afc east. 🙂

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