Lions G.M. Mayhew snubs Scott Pioli in Detroit


The Lions aren’t ready to forgive and forget the tampering charge levied by Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli.

Moments after the Lions finished their 48-3 victory over the Chiefs on Sunday, Pioli extended his hand to congratulate Lions G.M. Martin Mayhew.  The Lions boss shook his head and turned his back on Pioli, according to the Chris McCosky of the Detroit News.

This blowout felt especially good for the Lions. Pioli reportedly got “more than a few cold shoulders” on Sunday.  Former Chiefs head coach and current Lions coordinator Gunther Cunningham got a Gatorade bath at the end of the game.

Pioli accused Cunningham of improper conduct with members of the Chiefs.

“We weren’t trying to do anything except win a game,” coach Jim Schwartz said when asked about the Lions’ aggressive play-calling late in the fourth quarter.

Cunningham broke down after the game when he thanked the team.  It was a day for settled scores in Detroit, no matter what Schwartz says.

“This win was very important to [Cunningham]. It’s not bragging rights, it’s not winning — it’s just respect,” safety Louis Delmas said.

47 responses to “Lions G.M. Mayhew snubs Scott Pioli in Detroit

  1. The chiefs sure are working hard at being the most hated team in America. Josh McDaniels and Eric Mangini have company now.

  2. i love what martin mayhew has done. when this started i wanted pioli now i am so glad mr ford made the decision he made we are going to win a championship decades before kc does. right gm right coach…different atmosphere in mo town…. go lions
    we even got the better qb.. we have had little from this draft even wait until those guys come in next years draft and this years will enter at the same time bright future

  3. Old Man Ford’s loyalty to a fault has finally started to pay off. So many fans and writers wanted Pioli over Mayhew and Co. and look at the two teams now. Detroit still has a ways to go – mostl obviously their consistency through 60 minutes and the run game on both sides of the ball, but man did this one ever feel good today!

  4. Come on Pioli… don’t accuse the Lions of cheating and when you get blown out by them try to be best friends with them…

  5. Apparently Detroit’s new found swagger goes all the way up to the front office. Ain’t takin’ crap in the D anymore.

  6. Yeah, I know, it was the Chiefs, but Detroit played a great game today. Obviously, a lot more was on the lines behind the scenes, which I didn’t realize till reading this.
    It’s refreshing to see Detroit with a balanced squad this early in the season. My only concern is the secondary, which isn’t horrible, but with that monster line, they could step it up in the backfield. Practicing against megatron, I don’t see that being far off. When that happens, you could be a force to be reckoned with for years to come(this coming from a Bucs fan.)

  7. as a fan that has been on the losing end for the last decade and a half, i’m glad to see Detroit is on the up and up.. good luck and hope stafford stays healthy for you guys

  8. The NFL is better with the Lions being a relevant team these days. That city deserves a tough, hard-nosed team, that is competitive week in and week out. Schwartz and the executive team have done a great job…and to think, they’re still without Fairley and their high pick RB who was lost for the year.

    They’ll be learning how to win this year (and winning some)…and will really be trouble next year when everyone is back to full health.

  9. Oh and how dare you cry about Pioli extending his hand…..

    You guys DID tamper, so quit your freaking crying about the Chiefs bitching about it.

    When you DID.

    It would be different if you had NOT tried to cheat.

    So crack open a can of Shut the **** up

  10. jdmp86 says: Sep 18, 2011 9:41 PM

    Old Man Ford’s loyalty to a fault has finally started to pay off.
    Really? After 50+ years of miserable, pathetic, joke of a team, doormat of the the league Matt Millen football, a 2-0 start makes that all worth while?

  11. Oh and I just read they gave Gunther a Gatorade shower……

    That is AWESOME.

    What is lamer than the gatorade shower after the SUPER freaking BOWL.

    And the Lions just gave their D Coordinator a gatorade shower after their SECOND win of the year.

    Woo hoo

    The D is back!!!!!!

    Jesus is this the NFL or High School 7 on 7 football.

    Detroitt, stick tho the things you know about.

    Crime Crack and 2000 square foot multi level houses that sell for a dollar.

  12. Been a Chiefs Fan since the days of Mike Livingston, Jerrell Wilson, Otis Taylor, Jack Rudnay, etc (FYI late 70’s)

    Never been more disappointed in the Chiefs organization. Pioli is a stuckup ass, and his pretty boy coach can leave with him.

    Congrats Lions & Gunther (still have the yellow shielded glasses ? – those were classics), The Chiefs treated both of you horrible and you took it out on them and it was honestly GREAT to see.

    I cant stand Pioli or Haley. Still a chiefs fan, but dont like at all where Clark let the team be taken.


  13. Pioli and Haley believe they are really good. They have been exposed this year so far with their approach to conditioning and play calling. If Hunt fired both of them today hardly anyone would protest.

  14. Which is worse, trying to shake hands with the guy you filed charges against, or the guy that ran up the score on you. Wuss move either way. If the Lions didn’t cheat, why’d they lose a pick?

  15. I forgot about that, wow, Chefs fire Gailey 9 days before season starts and three years later he beats them by five TD’s and accuse Lions of junk and they get beat by 6 TD’s.

    80 something to 10 first two weeks.

    You know what they say about payback…

  16. Pioli, McDaniels, Manguini, Weis, Dimitrof…..all these failures show the greatness of Belechik. They all suck when they leave New England. Schwartz is a part of that tree also… maybe he will succeed ….maybe not

  17. Deserved. The Lions now have the self respect to ignore such obvious insults and respond to them appropriately.

    @bedmanock – inbred… feel free to stay out of Detriot and Michigan completely every chance you get. We like our houses and city just fine.
    We like putting a beat down on your team even better.

  18. Colts and Bears Fan here, but as a football fan in general, how can you not like this success of The Lions. I mean, the fans up there deserve it, the team deserves it, and I hope it lasts a little longer for them. May the Schwartz Be with you! (Spaceballs reference for the uninformed)

  19. Stay classy Detroit. Although I guess they are still getting used to winning there and don’t know how to not act like clowns when they do.

    The Lions got called out and proven for cheating the system, and Pioli is the A-hole for extending his hand even after you just humiliated his team on the field?

  20. I love when people take sports so seriously they feel the need to put down another city’s teams and fans by bringing up the misfortunes of life – drugs, crime and economic depressions. The people who put down the Lions by making fun of Detroit’s suffering are the same people who cheer for the USA not realizing that Detroit and so many other cities that are suffering right now are actually part of the USA. Maybe instead of wasting all your money on stupid throwback jerseys you should invest in a map.

  21. I too am one of many fans of other teams that are excited (in my case jealous being a Broncos fan) to see the Lions do well. I drafted Best & Stafford in my fantasy draft because I felt they were going to be on a good team and do well. Congrats Lions fans on what looks to be a very talented young team. Thumbs up if you think the Lions should be the “New America’s Team.”

    You are 0-2 get over it. Get off us getting excited about our 2-0 start cause it goes deeper we are on a 6-0 run sremming from last year (10-0 if you count the preseason). Who cares who contacted who. Its common in thr NFL. Your guy tatled cause he was a cry baby like all the rest, when we decided we didnt want his loser ways in Detroit. We left him where he belomgs.

  23. To all you salty Chiefs fans, Pioli lied to the NFL to get a pick from the Lions. He filed the charges saying the Lions contacted Jarrad Page and his agent last year when the Cheifs were planning on trading or cutting him. Page and his agent both emphatically denied these reports and said they never talked to, or received any contact from anyone in the Lions organization. Pioli doesn’t deserve a handshake or respect from Mayhew.

    Pioli knew he could never get a draft pick from the Lions just from Gunther saying he likes some of the KC players so he filed the false claim about Jarrad Page too because he knew that would be enough for a draft pick. I hope that 7th round pick was worth the embarrassment he got today. Because it was on the Lions end.

  24. bedmanokc says:Sep 18, 2011 10:01 PM

    Oh and how dare you cry about Pioli extending his hand…..

    You guys DID tamper, so quit your freaking crying about the Chiefs bitching about it.

    When you DID.

    It would be different if you had NOT tried to cheat.

    So crack open a can of Shut the **** up

    Gun told a reporter he would like to have Byrd on his team. If that is tampering than go F*** yourself. Enjoy that 7th round pick. It should get you a nice RB or QB to replace Charles’ knee or Cassell’s everything.

  25. @pb420

    Not sure which game you were watching. The Lions secondary was very good yesterday. 3 picks, 1 forced fumble, 4 passes defended, no big plays like the past. Plus, they did it playing straight cover 2 man. Good man coverage on the outsides (Houston INT) with the safeties sitting deep (Spievey INT) and when they shift to nickel, the NB covered the shallow middle/underneath routes (Wright INT). Also notice that teams aren’t throwing much to Delmas’ side of the field.

  26. Oh and the tampering charge last year was a joke, Gunther Cunningham told a reporter he liked a lot of the defensive players the Chiefs drafted when he was there, and would look to go after them if they were cut with the scheme change. It was only after he specifically said he liked Jarrad Page coming out of college that Pioli got the impression he could shake a late-rounder out of the Lions. Nevermind that Page and his agent denied any contact.

    That’s weak and definitely NOT tampering…

  27. For the uninformed. The Lions “cheating” was based on a comment Gunther made that – If the Chiefs keep cutting good players we’d be happy to take them. It’s no different that Haley’s comments last week that, “we really like Suh coming out of college”.

    Why Goodell (maybe he is evil) didn’t uphold the Lions appeal in the case should be made public – rather Goodell continues to hide behind “the shield”.

  28. How delusional are some of the Lions fans here?

    Yeah, guys, the whole tampering thing was all made up. It never happened. There was no evidence at all. It was a bold faced lie.

    Then the NFL investigated it, decided you had tampered, and punished you for it… not because you actually did it, but because they’re out to get you.


  29. @bedmanokc and normswifevera

    You guys have a right to your opinion. Fine… Lions are cheaters… Looks like you’ll need that 7th round pick more than we will. Sounds more like sour grapes from a couple of country bumpkins if you ask me…

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