Nick Collins appears OK after scary injury

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Packers safety Nick Collins is believed to be in good condition after being taken off the field on a stretcher in Carolina today.

Collins suffered what looked like a head or neck injury while trying to tackle Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart. Collins’ helmet hit Stewart’s leg, and the impact caused his neck to bend in an ugly fashion. There was a lengthy delay as Collins was attended to, but Collins was waving to the crowd as he was stretchered off.

Rachel Nichols of ESPN reports that Collins was taken to a local hospital, but indications are good and the Packers are hoping he’ll be out of the hospital in time to make the team flight home. And Charley Casserly of CBS reports that Collins has movement in all extremities and a CT scan was negative.

So it appears that Collins will be just fine after an injury that looked severe.

20 responses to “Nick Collins appears OK after scary injury

  1. Thank goodness, that was a really scary looking injury. I sincerely hope the other players on the Panthers that went down are ok as well (not to mention Pickett!), no one likes to see serious injuries.

    It was an ugly win, but they all count the same in the W column at the end of the day…

  2. a busted up hip or knee and you’re 60 something years old, you can get by with that, but a neck injury…

    that’s scary… real scary, glad Nick is okay, whew!

    by the way, Cam Newton … Kid is legit, our defense has to do better thou, but 400 yards passing, 50 rushing, that’s video game numbers.

    Panther fans, keep your head up, you’ve got a franchise guy, we’ll see you in the playoffs sometime in the future.

  3. Falling full force on his face guard might have been the thing that stunned him … that was a much more violet impact than bending his neck against Jonathan Stewart’s leg. Stewart was air-borne at the time … the physics suggests there had to be some give against an air-borne mass …. but the ground didn’t move at all.

    Thank the Lord he’s OK !!

    Seems like Charles Woodson decided he wanted to have a pro-bowl genre result in game #2. Two picks and a fumble recovery must feel good for him. That’s great.

    My early prediction is that Nick Collins and Tramon Williams will both have pro-bowl type games next week against the Bears as those guys decide to make up for some missed snaps this week.

  4. Hugely glad Nick is ok.

    Maybe next week we get Tramon Williams back, too.

    That Saints-Bears game will provide the motherload of film for Dom Capers.

    It’s hard to shore up an O-line in one week.

  5. Very welcome news! And lucky to escape with the win. Panthers and Cam Newton have a very bright future- the kid will throw some more picks this year, but he could throw for 5,000 yards as well. Bona fide star after he gets some experience under his belt and learns from the rookie mistakes.

  6. thephantomstranger says: Sep 18, 2011 5:39 PM

    Great news for Collins. The Packers certainly need him, with all the passing yards they’ve given up this year.


    The Packers are 2 – 0 after giving up all of those passing yards. How are the Vikings doing? Oh, that’s right …..

  7. “The Packers certainly need him, with all the passing yards they’ve given up this year.”

    This is certainly true, but I think it’s safe to say that everybody gives up passing yards against D Brees, and I’m gonna bet that Cam Newton is not done stretching defenses this year either. Pack’s D has certainly been suspect so far, but big fourth down, 4th quarter defensive stands in both victories.

    P.S. McNabb will not have a 400 yard game against the Packers. Probably won’t hit 400 combined in two games.

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