Peyton Manning visits Colts’ facility but won’t attend game


As he continues to recuperate from a neck injury that may cost him his season, Peyton Manning will not attend the Colts’ game today. But he did pay a visit to the Colts’ facilities last week for the first time since his most recent surgery.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Manning did “light therapy” and watched part of Friday’s practice but won’t be at Lucas Oil Stadium today.

Manning’s doctors have told him that he needs to rest, and attending a game is more than he’s up for. Presumably, if he can’t even attend a game, he’s a very long way from being able to play a game.

The good news for Manning is that since he won’t be attending Browns-Colts he can stay home and watch a good game.

6 responses to “Peyton Manning visits Colts’ facility but won’t attend game

  1. I think that’s a wise choice for him (or whoever made the call, sometimes HCs/GMs do)to make. I remember when Brady was out a lot of us Pats fans wondered why he wasn’t there and part of it is that if he WERE there, all the media would do is pan over to him, try to talk to him, talk ABOUT him etc. Focus should be on the team and players there playing. I know other players are on the sides with their teams while on IR but I think that when you are the highest media profile guy on your team all it can do is draw more attention to the guy NOT there competing. Not good for the team IMO.

  2. All that money he just got, you would think he would be with his team trying to help the backup QB get better and make game time adjustments or share what he might be seeing from the opposing defense. Time to take the golden boy title from him and apply the “it’s all about me” title.

  3. I understand the whole “media circus” thing, but he should at least be in the owner’s box cheering on the team… I hope the Colts go 1-15, draft Andrew Luck, and tell this selfish jackass to take a hike…

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