Report: Jamaal Charles tore his ACL


The Chiefs season has seemingly hit bottom after only two weeks.

Jamaal Charles suffered a torn ACL in Sunday’s game, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.  Charles will undergo an MRI on Monday to confirm the initial diagnosis, but everything points to Charles missing the season.

It’s hard to overstate the loss to a Chiefs team reeling after being outscored 89-10 over the last two weeks.  Charles was the team’s best offensive player, and it isn’t even close.  Dexter McCluster will get a bigger share of the carries in the backfield.

Suddenly, the Chiefs look like they are in running for the race for Andrew Luck and the No. 1 overall pick.

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  1. Who isn’t in the running for the number one pick right now? Way too early.

    And I’ll admit i was wrong. The Chiefs won’t be in the playoffs.

    Cassell is terrible without Weis. Bench him for Tyler Palko

    Whacko for Palko.

  2. This could easily snowball into a 2-14 kind of season. KC’s passing attack is non-existent, now they can’t run worth a darn, and they’ve given up nearly 100 points on defense.

    Their best chances to win are against Denver (twice), Miami and Indy.

    Other than that, they play:
    Minnesota, Oakland (twice), SD (twice), Pittsburgh, New England, Chicago, Jets, Green Bay and Minnesota.


  3. Well…this is gonna make for a long crappy winter. Good news….Deer season started on the 15th. So I guess I know what I’ll be doing on the weekends. Because it sure won’t be watching football.

  4. The problem I have with KC is what exactly is their identity on offense or defense? A team like Pittsburgh you know wants to run the ball and stop the run. When I look at KC, I don’t see any of that.

    Just Andrew Luck isn’t going to fix a defense that could challenge historic records (in a bad way) with the murderous schedule they have.

    If Tom Brady puts up 500 passing yards on Miami, what will he do to KC?

  5. Poor Jamaal. At least he and Berry got their injuries early and can take their time rehabbing and missing the debacle on the field.

    Haley has now been outscored 156-27 in his last 4 games since taking back play calling duties.

    If Pioli doesn’t hit the eject button on Haley, Clark better.

  6. The talent is there, which leaves the questioning of the coaching. This has truly been an embarrassment to professionalism! The preparation and game planning is beyond pathetic!

  7. Absolutely terrible loss of their major playmaker, but from the 1/8 of the season sampling we have now, it doesn’t even seem like it would make much of a difference. This KC team is failing on all aspects of their game.

  8. Nice try trying to gouge us on Season Tickets.

    Glad I decided to wait until next year to get them.

    Knew the schedule was too tough.

    After losing Moeaki. I knew we were effed

  9. I’ve never seen a guy so fast (4.3 40 type speed) heading so fast horizontally towards the sideline. It was awkward watching him try to stop and even before he went out it just looked like a bad idea. Even if Charles beat the defender to the edge (he didn’t) he had no chance of turning the corner. Maybe he gets that last half yard for the first down, but watching that play live and in the replay it just looked like a phenomenally fast guy running as fast as he could towards the sideline. Tough break for the best offensive player KC had.

  10. That’s really too bad. Looks like the Chiefs and the Colts in a coin flip for Andrew Luck. Luck better hope the Colts win the coin toss.

    Without Charles the Chiefs are well done instead of just medium well.

  11. I’m a Raiders fan, and next to the Steelers, the Chiefs are my least favorite team in football.

    That being said, this is NOT how you want to see a team, even a rival, suffer. Charles is a great running back, and I wish him personally the best of luck in rehabbing from his injury.

  12. Get well soon Jamaal! I hope Clark Hunt has the vision to ditch the Haley, the loudmouth micromanager, and appoint Romeo as the interim head coach. Draft Luck and try to find replacements for draft busts Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey. I cannot fathom why the Chiefs have never been able to draft a quarterback, and have never drafted a decent defensive lineman except in the early days of the franchise.

  13. As a Chiefs fan, my only hope is that the next ACL torn is Matt Cassel’s. Both of them. And I hope he tears them while running out of bounds on the Chiefs’ sidelines and giving Haley a serious concussion that knocks him out for the season too.

    As someone who had high hopes when Pioli came to the Chiefs, it’s now glaringly obvious who was pulling the strings for the Patriots’ dynasty–and it sure as hell wasn’t Scott Pioli.

  14. Long time Chiefs fan and I’ll tell u I was happy 2 see this because if they win 3-5 games this year which is what they were prolly on pace for with Charles in and Pioli would not have replaced Cassel. Now best of both worlds they will fire Haley and get to replace Matt. Wonderful

  15. I’m getting ready to head out of the country for 7 months, and not being able to watch my chiefs was a major bummer for me… Now, with my favorite Chief (get well soon JC!!), the best D player (Get well soon E Berry), the promising TE (get well soon T Mo!!) out for the season, all I can say is thank goodness I don’t have to watch this 1-15 season (we beat the Colts) that they are about to suffer through!

    Please, Clark and Scott…PLEASE!PLEASE! PLEASE! FIRE HALEY so I can enjoy the season next year!!!

  16. 2 years in a row my 1st round pick (10th pick last year overall Grant HB GB) and now Charles (6th overall) go down in the first 2 weeks. I won last year with Rodgers play down the stretch, Hopefully Brady does the same for me this year.

  17. As pissed as I am about losing I’m more pissed that Hunt and Pioli didn’t spend any FA money on a DT, LB, and a RT. It’s great they got Flowers, Charles, DJ, and Hali under contract but we all knew they needed a NT, they got 34 year olf Kelly Gregg. Eff that. The CBA requiring teams like my Chiefs to spend more money is the best thing to come out of the lock out. They could’ve spent another 20 million and had pro-bowl calibur players at each of the positions they need. Nope, sit on your awesome fan base and take the money. I can’t wait until 2013, then Clark Hunt will have to pay for an effing team.

    And they won’t get smacked around by mid level teams.

  18. stairwayto7 says:
    Sep 18, 2011 6:02 PM
    I said before the chefs are a 5 win team!

    Go look at their schedule and find me 5 wins. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Matthew Stafford have looked like Joe Montana against us. We still have to face Phillip Rivers twice, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco, and Aaron Rodgers. Some of the other teams on their schedule might not have great QBs, but they have physical lines that the Chiefs can’t handle. The Raiders games are going to be ugly.

    The Chiefs are royally screwed. 3 wins would be damn near triumphant.

  19. ….and let the scramble for thomas jones on waiver begin..

    Seriously though sucks for him…he had a chance for 1500 yards this season AS a backup…

    btw i know it wasnt the mascot’s fault, but why do NFL teams have mascots? no one cares for them in profootball. this aint college

  20. Pretty huge loss. But to early to talk about getting Luck.

    Who knows, maybe they adjust, but this really makes that hard. Charles was a playmaker and great young RB.

  21. The Chiefs might be in a position to draft Andrew Luck, but do they really *need* to? The problem for the Chiefs isn’t Matt Cassel but the fact that two all pros (Eric Berry, Jamal Charles) and a future all pro (Tony Moeaki) aren’t playing, and drafting Andrew Luck has nothing to do with getting those guys healthy again and keeping them that way.

    Matt Cassel might not be the second coming of Peyton Manning, and he completely sucked today, but it’s not like you can’t win with him — see last season. 27 TDs, 7 INTs. I’d start him over Rex Grossman, that’s for damned sure.

    Meanwhile, all of K.C. needs to pray, do voodoo, basically whatever it takes, to ensure that Brandon Flowers and Dwayne Bowe stay upright.

  22. tmfchiefs says:Sep 18, 2011 5:54 PM

    Well…this is gonna make for a long crappy winter. Good news….Deer season started on the 15th. So I guess I know what I’ll be doing on the weekends. Because it sure won’t be watching football.
    You weren’t really watching football anyway. You were watching the Chiefs.

  23. I hate to see 3 of our best players(first Tony Mo, then our best defencive player(E.Berry) and now our best player on offence(J.C.) but if it was going to happen I`m glad it happened this early in the season to give em lots of time to get healthy for 2012. I agree 100% to can Haley and give the job to Romeo, but lets wait out this (HOPFULLY 0-16) season and draft Luck. We need a STARTING QB not a BACKUP CASSLE.

  24. @Jbaxt

    Wow you really think that team that is on a 6-0 run (10-0 if you count preseason), considered to have one of the most potant offences, and a defence that makes offensive coaches and QBs, shake in thier nikes, are a mid level team. I feel bad about JC, no one wants to win that way. But, Detroit is no mid level team. The league knows we are elite. Your team prepares all week and still gets spanked 48-3. Kansas City, you have alot to fix, and it will take time. Im a True Detroit fan and know the pain. Stay strong and loyal, it will get better

  25. As a Raider’s fan, I never like seeing another AFC West team win. But, I don’t ever like seeing a star player in the league, lost due to a serious injury. That’s two big stars for KC in 2 weeks. Berry is a young rising star. I thought if given the opportunity, Charles could easily be a 1600-1800 yard RB.
    The NFL isn’t better when star players aren’t on the field. Football fans want to see amazing plays by amazing players. Get well soon.
    You guys will be knocking heads with the Raider Nation again soon!

  26. I dislike the Chiefs, but I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for them losing some great talent. First Eric Berry now Jamaal Charles… Get well soon guys. See you next season.

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