Texans hold off Dolphins to go 2-0

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Arian Foster’s return didn’t go all that well and the Dolphins mounted a little second half comeback, but the Texans improved to 2-0 nonetheless.

The key play was Andre Johnson’s 23-yard touchdown catch with 10:13 left to play. The score put the Texans up 23-13 and stopped a string of 10 straight Dolphins points after halftime. It also came after Johnson dropped a pass on third down on the previous Houston possession, leading to a punt and a Dolphins field goal that cut the Texans lead to three. There would be no scoring after Johnson’s touchdown, leaving the Texans as the only AFC South with wins in each of their first two games.

Johnson’s score was also the latest sign that the Dolphins secondary has a lot of work to do if Miami is going to turn around from their 0-2 start to make something of their season. The pass rush was good enough to drop Matt Schaub three times, but when Schaub had time to throw he usually made the Dolphins pay. It didn’t help that Miami lost cornerback Vontae Davis to a hamstring injury, although it wasn’t as if they were playing shutdown before Davis left in the fourth. He finished with 230 yards and two touchdowns on a day when the team lost Foster almost as quickly as they got him back.

Foster didn’t play in the second half and the team announced that he reinjured his hamstring while gaining 33 yards on 10 carries. Ben Tate made sure they didn’t miss him, however. Tate gained 82 yards in the second half and ran down the clock single-handedly after Johnson’s touchdown catch.

The question of Foster’s health got cloudier after the game.

Despite the announcement that Foster had reinjured his hamstring, Gary Kubiak said after the game that Foster was merely fatigued and that he was fine. If true, that’s obviously good news for the Texans although Tate gives them reason to feel confident no matter what Foster’s condition.

The Dolphins can’t be feeling too good about anything other than Daniel Thomas. The rookie ran for 107 yards on 18 carries in his NFL debut and relegated Reggie Bush to an observer’s role. Bush had just seven touches days after insisting there wasn’t any part of the running back job he couldn’t handle. The Dolphins seem to disagree and it will be interesting to see what everyone has to say in the next few days.

Equally interesting will be what the Dolphins do about Chad Henne. He had some good moments against the Patriots, but struggled mightily on Sunday. He completed only 12-of-30 passes, threw a pick and consistently failed to get the job done when the Dolphins got the ball into Texans territory. Henne needs to be better in Cleveland next weekend or today’s mass no-show could become a regular happening in South Florida.

15 responses to “Texans hold off Dolphins to go 2-0

  1. How’s that bright idea to play out your minimum 500k rookie contract seem now after leading the entire NFL in rushing yards last year? Dude has lost MILLIONS!

  2. its all out Titanic mode in Miami:

    the big off season move was ignoring Henne and the O line and replacing Ronnie and Ricky with Bush…. Bush was injured in some way today and was a non factor

    Passing, blocking, and pass defense were all disasters…

    Ross needs to do one of those mid season owner freak outs and replace Sparano and Henne.. but he wont

  3. The Dolphins are pure trash. Their “all world best DB tandem in the league” are nothing special. Miami has no pass rush. The basement is where the DOlphins will stay this season. They are no match for the 3 teams currently above them.

  4. Looks like Kubiak will save his job after falling short so many times before.

    According to Jeff Darlington of The Herald Sparano was quoted after the game as saying:
    “It’s baffling to me it really is. I don’t have any answers for it. We’ve got to do a better job.

    When you are on the hot seat, the worst thing to say is: I don’t have any answers for it.

  5. I think its finally the Texans year to finally experience a playoff game. I know its only after 2 weeks but I don’t see anyone else winning that division.

  6. Prediction: Steve Slaton will come out of the fumbleitis doghouse, and become very relevant again. Mark it down.

  7. Mr. Ross
    Everything is going as planed, We will not show up until you & this so called coaching staff are GONEEEE
    and we hope more fans will do the same, DON’T SHOW UP…..

  8. Yeah the fins don’t deserve my money. Very poor quality football. Still calling runs on 3rd and 15? Really? on a drive you had a 41-yard completion? Give me an effing break.

    They deserve to be blacked out. They’d be doing us all a favor. I’m so embarrassed right now

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