Tony Sparano: I don’t have any answers


The Dolphins fell to 0-2 on Sunday in front of a sparse crowd at Sun Life Stadium and their coach doesn’t seem to know how to get the team pointed in the right direction.

“It’s baffling to me,” Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said, via Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald. “It really is. I don’t have any answers for it. We’ve got to do a better job.”

While we don’t doubt Sparano was being honest, he might want to come up with a different approach to the post-game press conference. When your team has lost twice at home by double-digit margins, the local crowd seems to have tuned your team out and your owner openly flirted with other candidates for your job, it might not be the best idea to let everyone know that you have no clue how to fix the problems.

That seems like a pretty good way to suggest that someone else might be a better choice to lead the Dolphins to a better tomorrow. We know that Stephen Ross has already entertained such notions and he’ll likely pull the trigger before too much longer if the Dolphins don’t start finding a way to win games.

44 responses to “Tony Sparano: I don’t have any answers

  1. “I don’t have any answers for it”

    Talk about the kiss of death for coaches. Those words are all but a one way ticket to the unemployment line.

    The owners very response will be, “well, then I’ll find someone who does.”

  2. It’s a shame how the head coach always takes the fall in times like these. Sparano is actually a good coach. You don’t take over a 1-15 team and lead them to a 11-5 division title the very next year without being a pretty good coach. I doubt he just forgot how to coach between 2008 and now.

    The team just sucks and they play in what looks like it will be the toughest division in football with three 2-0 teams.

  3. The answers are simple: 1. Poor drafts. 2. You don’t develop players. 3. Colombo is terrible at RT. 4. You never drafted a qb in the first round. 5. Too conservative.

  4. This guy isn’t an NFL head coach. He’s like Dave Wanstedt with dark glasses. Poor DolFans.

  5. They should’ve never fired Cam Cameron. He didn’t get a fair shake, only one season to work with a horrible, injury riddled team.


  6. i didnt’ watch the game, but Henne had a 40% completion percentage. Might want to start there, Tony..

  7. Really Coach Sparano really?

    You seem like a really good guy, a likeable type that would be fun to watch the game with….but… are the head coach of the team that I have been a fan of for 40 years. Where’s the leadership?

    It is easy to start with the players, like Henne or the defense….but for me, it all starts with coaching and the management. The management demonstrated they had no faith in you but when they came up short, they came running back!

    So how about it Mr. Ross, sell the team…please!!!! Soon, there wuill be no one in the stands and for a franchose with the history and pride that the Dolphins have, that is just plain sad!


  8. Tony Sparano: I don’t have any answers? Hey TONY at your next home game, When you see more people on the sideline and NO one in the stands, Just maybe you’ll figure it OUT.

  9. Dolphins are a joke, so are there fans…. Tony a good coach,yea right…. this guy beats his chest and throws fist pumps after every field goal….. dolphins what to be good again, it starts on top, fire the GM he’s the reason why your losing…. no one on the dolphins is going to scare the defense there going up againts…. I see a lot of blackouts this year in Miami….

  10. Easy thought is you don’t have a job, but if you look a little deeper….. Why does this team take New Orleans reject running backs? Quit trying to steal what you call talent from other teams that win and develop your own. Oh, you don’t know how to draft either? You mean like Ginn?
    Sucks to be you.

  11. I agree that Tony should learn some better presser etiquette, but you can’t pin this entirely on him.

    Henne had 3 balls batted down. He also had a few drops, including one by Brandon in the end zone…perfect throw. The Thomas fumble killed the momentum, and Carpenter debacle(s) absolutely deflates things.

    Miami’s defense played markedly better today, and this loss was in no way Sparano’s fault. Maybe the reason he really doesn’t have any answers is because it wasn’t really anything the coaching staff did to lose the game today. We had our chances, and I, for one, am not calling for his head.

    He does need to keep his mouth shut after crap like this, though.

  12. I feel bad for Sparano. He’s a good man and a hard working coach. Unfortunately in a “what have you done for me lately” league like the NFL, nice and hard-working don’t matter. Your record does.

  13. I think Herman Edwards said it best, Tony. “YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!” The Dolphins are 125-126 since Shula left and 25-26 under Sparano! I was one of many who said Shula needed to go and be replaced with Jimmy Johnson. I APOLOGIZE for that now! Johnson was a snake in the grass who only won in Dallas because the Minnesota PIGEONS gave him a slew of picks for a hasbeen named Herschel Walker!

    The fact is the Dolphins are a COMMITMENT TO MEDIOCRITY! When a coach says he has no answers, he needs to get out! If a politician has no answer to a political question, do we still vote for that candidate? If we’re intelligent, we don’t. The same concept applies here. If a coach has no answer to his team’s INEXCUSABLE performance and home field DISADVANTAGE, then it’s time to go!

    Sell the team, Ross! FIRE TONY SPARANO! Rumor has it Bill Cowher is available after he’s voted into the Hall of Fame in April, but if he’s hired now, the Hall has to wait! HIRE BILL COWHER!

  14. sparano looked like he’d been on a 3 day meth/coke bender with keith richards and little wayne at that press conference! he looked really ripped out of the frame with those sunglasses on1

  15. wow. 125-126 since Shula left? That is an eye-opener. Miami has lived off its rep since the mid-90s. I hope for better days for us soon.

  16. Mr. Ross:

    Please sell the team. You’re a terrible owner. You make Daniel Synder look great. Just because you’re rich, that doesn’t mean you’re smart enough to own an NFL team. The Celebrity crap, we’re not in the Roman times. The Dolphin fans are not your serfs. It’s very insulting. I will boycott the Dolphin games until you sell the team. Stephen Ross, you suck! You’re embarrassment to the Miami Dolphin’s team history. Jimmy Buffet’s fight song is horrible and stupid, along with retarded. Hey old man, stick to bar songs.

  17. No answers?

    How about going back to the basics in practice?

    Maybe have some drills on throwing the ball, catching the ball, and tackling the guy who has the ball. Simple. Maybe even watch some film on your opponents…

  18. Well Tony thought that his mentor and former boss Bill Parcells had the answers. Run the ball and play defense. Now that Tony realizes that Parcells was referring to the NFL twenty years ago he does not know what to do. Teams watch the film and figure out what to do. Tony is a reactive coach who needs to be more proactive. Sparano should be in the Defensive Coordinators face. What happened to Mike Nolan’s Defense? Well maybe the owner Ross offered Nolan the head coaching job if the Dolphins got off to a slow start!

  19. One suggestion for Sparano – find the answers. And have your defense start making tackles and stop blowing pass coverages. As good as Carpenter has been he was horrible today. If there is any good news from this loss – looks like Thomas is going to be a good running back. Would have liked to see them call more plays for Bush in space and see if he can make a play very much like they would do with Ronnie Brown. Let the Andrew Luck sweeptstakes begin!

  20. The average Dolphins fan could give him a few answers.
    1) Use the players’ strengths…Daboll has done a pretty good job of that concerning Henne so far. Use Bush as a match-up issue out of the backfield. Stop cramming him up the middle in the hopes that he will break one and silence the doubters. He should be on the field instead of the bench. Use a split backfield and run Thomas up the middle and let Bush handle the sweeps/tosses. (The extra lineman just means the defense has one less guy to worry about covering and that LB can key on the run)
    2) Find a RT somewhere (even if it is Carey and we need a guard) because Columbo isn’t getting the job done.
    3) Instill a sense of urgency and pride on the team. They do not look adequately motivated in two-minute drills. Also, learn proper clock/timeout management strategy. That’s coaching and it has been bad the last 3 years.
    4) Marshall has been pretty good but he broke off his route on timing patterns and the ball was almost picked at least twice. The coach needs to get in his face about that and the drops.
    5) (This one hurts a little) Go get Crowder back to get some adequate depth at ILB or find a FA that can cover a TE
    6) Fix the return game. Put Bush in for every punt (it forces the other team to react differently) and tell Gates that if he catches a kickoff in the end zone, take a knee. (he killed the offense in both games by running kicks out and then going east/west only to get dropped at the 10-15 yard line)

    Those were two of the most high-powered offenses in the league but the defense needs to do a better job. They should be able to turn it around because they are essentially the same as the top-10 defense from last year.

    No more coddling. Man-up and take responsibility at all levels…Ownership, management, coaches, players.

  21. I heard the terms of Eric Mangini’s ESPN contract read “2 years or until Tony Sparano looses Dolphins coaching job”. On the bright side if it happens the Dolphins will have no issues with AFC East teams anymore.

  22. You know what really sucks, im going to the dolphins game against oakland and i live 8 hours away.. I have to be grouped in with these fair weather half azz fans. Its becoming embarrasing to be a fins fan.. How can the team expect to win, when the fans dont even believe in them or give them a 12th man!Stick with your team live or die.. I will be a believer even when the sun isnt shining.. too bad i will probrably be the only one.. BUT OH WELL WOO HOO I SHOULD BE ABLE TO SNEAK IN TO THE BETTER EMPTY SEATS AT THE 50. Thanks you jack azz half hearted fin fans.

  23. Single Filament says: Sep 18, 2011 11:32 PM

    As long as Ross is the owner I will not spend a dollar on the Dolphins.

    Vote with your wallet

    YOUR BROKE ASS IS PROBABLY IN THE UPPER DECK anyways cheap ass. Hey if you have a seat on the 50 yard line at Dolphin Stadium boycott like this dip chit please I will sneak into your seat..

  24. Sparano is so far out over the skis it’s ridiculous, but how are Parcells and his hand-picked moron successor Ireland getting a pass from everyone? They put this semi-pro team together, Sparano is just trying to make chicken salad out of it.

    Remember when the Dolphins and Dodgers were the teams everyone aspired to be??????

  25. This team can eat a fat one I got tossed from the game for having a sign that said 1-9@ home makes me sick no wonder you can’t sell out a home game and you have no fans

  26. Dolphins will only go as far as their QB takes them.
    When Chad Pennington was there and healthy they won the division with less talent around him.

    Looking like they might be forced to draft LUCK next year. The east is tough this year.

    Not looking good for the fins

  27. “And then it gets ridiculous. With 713 yards in two games, Philip Rivers is on pace to throw for 5,704. Rookie Cam Newton has racked up 854 yards, which at that rate will become 6,832.”
    Last time I checked 854 > 713. So why not list them in order? Cam is on pace for 6,832 and Rivers 5,704.

  28. No pass protection = poor QB play. Henne has performed well this season and should get the WHOLE season to prove himself. The answers that are missing from Sparano are: what happened to my o-line that went from slightly above average to slight below average AND I thought I had a top ten defense – what has changed??

  29. ezra954 says:
    Sep 19, 2011 12:53 AM
    This team can eat a fat one I got tossed from the game for having a sign that said 1-9@ home makes me sick no wonder you can’t sell out a home game and you have no fans
    Based on your sign, I’d say you got tossed for being a jerk. If they tell you to get rid of the sign and you comply, you get to stay. Act like a disruptive moron and enjoy the parking lot.

  30. Good for the Browns this week as the fins will get the mistaken idea that going to CLE should be an easy win for them!

    And the Browns will come away with their 2nd straight win!

  31. “They should’ve never fired Cam Cameron. He didn’t get a fair shake, only one season to work with a horrible, injury riddled team.”

    If you think Sporano might be bad, what about a head coach who actually lets his coordinators take control for certain games in the preseason? Yes, that was Cam Cameron.

    I know if I get my new job where in charge, the first thing I’m going to do is actually let someone ELSE do it.

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