Arian Foster injury has barely slowed Texans down

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Sunday was a great reminder why rushing success can be fleeting.

Jamaal Charles tore his ACL against the Lions.  Last year’s rushing champ Arian Foster clearly isn’t 100% yet, and it may not even matter that much for the Texans.

Ben Tate rushed for 82 yards on 19 carries in the second half to top 100 yards for a second straight week. Foster didn’t have his usual burst in the first half, and then had to leave the game at halftime.

“I pulled myself out because I felt it getting a little tight,” Foster said.

It sounds like Tate is going to have a big role for this team a while, even if Foster gets healthy later.

“He’s growing up before our eyes,” coach Gary Kubiak said. “It’s fun to watch. It’s fun to watch a good player become a pro.”

The Texans may want to consider sitting Foster until he’s truly healthy again. It seems like they won’t really lose that much by going to Tate.

That’s just how things tend to go at running back.

12 responses to “Arian Foster injury has barely slowed Texans down

  1. How’s that bright idea to play out your minimum 500k rookie contract seem now after leading the entire NFL in rushing yards last year? Dude has lost MILLIONS!

  2. Yeah Charles got his extension last year. First Madden 12 didn’t get it right and now here. Either way charles is making bank sitting on the sideline this year.

  3. Shame on the Texans for twice jumping the gun on Arian Foster’s injury. When the Texans are 100% sure that his hamstring injury is gone they need to sit him another two weeks because if this happens again it will be a huge red flag on all of their resumes. I’m not even a Texans fan and I’m kinda pissed about it. They probably just cost themselves another 3 weeks. Plain stupid.

  4. anactualnflowner says: Sep 19, 2011 10:05 AM
    “…They probably just cost themselves another 3 weeks. Plain stupid.”

    Another 3 weeks of what? Ben Tate rushing for 100 yards and the offense not missing anything with Foster being out?

  5. Foster said he took himself out of the game because it got tight, Kube said he took him out because of fatigue. Whats the real story? I’m not sure but everybody from the team was also saying he wasn’t set back any. That leads me to believe its a combo of both fatigue and maybe the hamstring tighting up at halftime. So I’m not worried about him coming back in full force soon. Once he does the Texans will have a awesome one two punch!

  6. This is a great sign of the team that we are becoming…we lose last years NFL leading rusher and our season isn’t completely lost?!! It is great to finally have a little depth on our team for once in 10 years!! But i don’t want to push it and have Shaub go down….Noone in Houston wants to see Leinhart on the field!

  7. I have Foster on two of my fantasy teams. Thankfully, I somehow also have Tate on those teams (and one other) as a FA pickup before Week 1, so he’s been a pleasant surprise so far.

  8. @KIR

    Do you have that exact post copied and pasted on your comp, word for word? That’s like the 9th time I’ve seen that from you. Pathetic.

  9. Here’s the story – Foster told Kubiak at halftime that his hamstring felt “a little tight”. Kubiak decided not to take a chance and pulled him. Foster did not want to miss the entire second half, he just wanted to let Kubiak know what was going on. He actually wanted to come back into the game later in the half, but Kubiak kept him out. It’s the safest option to keep Foster out, but Foster did not “aggravate his hamstring” or “re-injure it”.

    And as for Foster not having his usual burst, you are aware that his first run was a 14 yard gain on first down, right?

  10. I’ve said since training camp to leave Foster on the bench until week 4. With the continued re-injuries I now say week 5. We have Tate so we can afford to do that and not end up losing Foster for the season.

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