Bears first rounder Gabe Carimi dislocates knee

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Chicago’s struggling offensive line will be without its first-round pick for a while.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that right tackle Gabe Carimi has a dislocated knee.  At this point, the thought is that Carimi could miss roughly four weeks.

Carimi was known for his run blocking, but was settling into his pass protecting duties as well.  The Bears struggled badly to protect Jay Cutler on Sunday, especially in the second half after Carimi was hurt.

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  1. Well, he wasn’t the only one struggling, as far as I could see. Hopefully, his injury isn’t too bad.

  2. The one good O-lineman on the whole line….hope Martz takes note of this and eliminates a few of the 7 step drops for Cutler otherwise he’ll be sitting next to Carimi for a few weeks with some sort of broken bone….

  3. smart idea to pass up McKinnie comes back and bites Lovie … I hope Lovie/Martz/Angelo all get the boot next year

  4. 4 weeks? It shouldn’t take that long, unless the medical staff didn’t put his kneecap back in place right away.

    Fit that big man for some knee braces!

  5. Tough deal. It seems wierd that someone could come back from a dislocated knee in 4 weeks — how can you dislocate a knee without messing up ligaments?

  6. Ouch…………..bad timing for that injury with the Packers coming to town. I’m thinking 3 pics for Cutler ……….

  7. Woooowww…

    Does that mean our best player on the line is J’marcus “False Start” Webb?

    See Angelo? Because of your stupidity we’re screwed

  8. Normally this would be devasting news. However since the other 4 O-Line are such crap works, even when the young kid played great you couldn’t tell cause Cutler was still running for his life. BTW, letting Olin walk and bringing in Roy “Oil Can” Williams was brilliant… Way 2 go Jerry! U actually make Mike Brown seem logical.

  9. What’s the Vegas odds that Martz will be fired by end-of-year?

    Mike Martz refuses to tailor his scheme to the players, instead insisting the scheme is perfect.

    If memory serves, he was the 3rd or 4th OC interviewed.

    And if memory serves, this “scheme over players” is what got him fired.. what.. 3 times?

  10. Martz and “The Greatest Show on Turf” was a near perfect marriage of on-hand talent and scheme. Each place he goes (including here in Niner Land) he insists on employing that scheme. If the Bears do not have an offense that is an exact mirror image of the Rams back then, you guys are in a heap of trouble. Martz will NOT change to fit your players. Out here in the West, we know. Good luck Chicago!

  11. A dislocated knee is one odd injury. I can’t reallly remember hearing that before. How do you dislocate it without tearing tendons, ligaments, etc.?

  12. Fire Angelo Now !!!!!!! Start bringing in General Manager prospects right now so we have time to find the person we need and don’t get stuck with what is left over. How about Bill Cowher ?

  13. The Bears O-line is not very good, but Jay has to take some of the blame for all his sacks/pressures. There were some obvious blitzes at the line of scrimmage that he didn’t adjust for. The best QBs point out blitzers and adjust their protection accordingly. Jay doesn’t do that nearly enough and often pays for it. Either that, or Martz’s offense doesn’t allow for it. Either way, it’s not good sense for the health of a QB that they gave up so much for.

  14. Mike Martz did not change up the game plan at all, insisted on putting Cutler under center with no help EVEN in the 4th quarter when he literally could not get back from the snap without getting clobbered. I hate to admit it but this kills me when I know this team has a little more potential ONLy if the freaking coach would help his team out. I cant believe someone that has coached as long as Martz has that he can’t figure this out.

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