Bengals receiver Jordan Shipley will miss the rest of the season

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The Bengals will be without slot receiver Jordan Shipley for the rest of the season because of a knee injury, coach Marvin Lewis confirmed at his press conference on Monday.

Shipley was splitting No. 3 receiver duties with Andre Caldwell before the injury.  The Texas product caught 52 passes as a rookie last year, but his role appeared to be decreasing this year.   A.J. Green and Jerome Simpson are the team’s starters.

The young wide receiver group is one of Cincinnati’s strengths on offense.  Losing Shipley hurts the team’s depth, but Caldwell has a similar skill set.

19 responses to “Bengals receiver Jordan Shipley will miss the rest of the season

  1. This really hurts.. Many we are looking exciting on Offense..

    I like this kid and hope he can come back from it.. We need more guys like him..

    Bengals fan till the end..

  2. This Blows…… Maybe Ryan Whalen will step up. I have only 10% confidence in Caldwell.

    @carson9, did you already forget 09 when Caldwells nick name was “Clutchwell”??? Thats right, must have been forgotten by aquiring a guy named T.O. No confidence is kind of a stupid thing to say…..

  3. That’s awful. I new Cincy wasn’t the place for him. At least now he can see his little brother shine at Texas.

  4. I hate it for Shipley as he looked great for my Bengals last year and is definitely an ascendant talent.

    Unlike other posters, though, I am glad that we have Caldwell to step in. He looked great down the stretch and has worked his butt off – I thought the biggest downside to drafting A.J. Green was that Caldwell was just coming into his own. I don’t think they miss a beat with Caldwell in there.

  5. Hey barklikeadog,
    2nd posting about the tix for the 9ers game….cute!
    By the way, assuming your a loser Clowns fan, please tell me what its like looking up @ the better team in OHIO…..for the last 10 yrs.?…..bwaaahhhhh!
    And as far as the Shipley comment goes….stay classy my friend!
    “Ya don’t live in Cleveland, ya live in Cincinnati!”-Sam Wyche

  6. bungleguy correct me if im wrong but werent the bungles in last place a year ago. also the Browns games sell out years in advance we dont have to wait for Krogers or Chad OchoStinko to buy out the rest of the tickets just so its on tv. say what ya want about Cleveland Browns but we have real fans not a bunch of fricken bandwagoners. and if ya wanna get technical who do you think people was rooting for beofore the bungholes got here in 68.

  7. Hey trbfan1,
    I agree people rooted for the Clowns before 68….and after 68 they became Bengal fans…..and as far as your sellouts go, the 2 main reasons for your sellouts??? The Cavs and the Indians. MISTAKE BY THE LAKE BABY!!!! Hanging all your hopes and dreams on Peyton Hillis…..what a joke!!….you and barklikeadog need to go bowling and figure out why in 45 years your team has never even SNIFFED a Super Bowl! And you still arent close!…come on, join the frickin bandwagoners…plenty of room now…but after Andy Dalton and AJ get a year under their belts,seats will be limited!
    “Ya dont live in Cleveland, ya live in Cincinnati”-Sam Wyche

  8. bungleguy i live in Cincinnati so Cavs and Indians dont mean anything to me. and what the hell would that have to do with the Browns selling out all their games your a moron. and if ya wanna get technical the Browns do have 8 World Championships(aka Super Bowl) which it was before they changed name and merged leagues. and yeah give Green and Dalton a couple years and they will want out of Cincinnati too.

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