Jack Del Rio declines to name starting quarterback


After Luke McCown threw four interceptions in a thoroughly depressing performance against the Jets Sunday, we speculated that McCown can’t afford another start like that before Blaine Gabbert is named the Jaguars starting quarterback.

It’s possible McCown won’t even get one more start.

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio declined to name a starting quarterback for next week’s game against the Panthers.

“My answer is we’ll discuss that as a staff,” Del Rio said.

Pretty much everything went wrong for McCown in a performance that saw him complete almost as many passes to Jets as he did to Jaguars. He took a safety, was almost picked off twice, and had a QB rating of 1.8.

“It was never a case of missed reads,’’ McCown said. “It was poor execution.’’

Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union writes that it’s time to go to Gabbert as the starter.  We’re not sure. The No. 10 overall pick did not look ready in the preseason, and the team can’t go back to McCown once they put the rookie in.

Then again, the switch to Gabbert seems inevitable.  If it doesn’t happen this week, it may go down once Del Rio sees another rookie quarterback — Cam Newton — show what he can do against Jacksonville.

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  1. Expecting Gabbert to perform at Newton’s level may be a lose lose situation — for both Jax and Gabbert.

    Newton has weapons which compliment his abilities.

    Gabbert really does not.

    Putting him in there too early may be the quickest way to end his NFL career before it ever begins.

    Be careful about that Jax.

  2. I felt sorry for the McCown – he was totally in over his head. The Jets defense is really good but it looks like the guy can’t play at this level. The Jags just need to go to the rookie and hope for the best. Either way, it’s a lost season for them and probably the end for Del Rio.

  3. Congrats to the Jets. That was a thoroughly embarrasing performance by our offense.

    Our defense did their job, but besides MJD, our offense looked pathetic.

  4. How long has mccown been in the league? He has been a backup the entire time and that is what he is.

    Gabbert was draft as the future, well it seems to me today is the future.

    The problem in Jax is there is no clear direction. The coaching staff is gone after this season if they don’t win a lot of games, and that means going with a QB with at least some experience (mccown), but for the future of the team they need to play Gabbert, get him some playing time and maybe win some games a long the way. What is gabbert going to do, turn the ball over? That would be something new…

    Lame duck coaches can’t win because they only care about win now, not the future. When the owners/front office/coaching staff wakes up and understands that maybe they can come up with a plan. They have done this to themselves.

  5. Well Jack let me help you out. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Gabbert have the same time with this team as Cam Newton and Andy Dalton with theirs. I was on board with Gabbert sitting behind Garrard/McCown, but let’s get real. There is no way you can go back to McCown after that this game. My only problem is Del Rio/Dirk Koetter(OC) will only stunt the growth of Gabbert. It’s too soon right now, but at some point this season or off season Wayne Weaver has to say enough is enough with Del Rio.

  6. The team can’t go back to McCown once they put the rookie in? Why? Is he no longer under contract? Not that they would want to but I do believe they could.

  7. “He took a safety, was almost picked off twice, and had a QB rating of 1.8.”

    Am I reading something wrong here? He was picked off FOUR times and had only six completions.

  8. All off season, when fans talked about a serious lack of talent at the skill positions, Del Rio kept telling us not to worry. The offense will be dynamic. We really like this group.

    Nice going Jack. Yesterday’s performance was truly dynamic.

  9. Letting go of your starting QB just before the season started would only make sense if you had somebody better ready to go.

    When McCown was named the starter, you had to know it was all about money.

    What a slap in the face to Jags fans, unreal.

    One more thing, what did Garrard do to warrant such a late cut, so late that he’s still out there?

  10. “Hit the Road Jack …”
    The same “coach” that dumped Brunell for “Lead-foot” (Leftwich) …
    How ironic was it that Brunell Finished the game for the Jets ? LOL 🙂

  11. I agree with jimmysee why put the rookie in when he won’t get any proper coaching or have any offensive players to compliment his talent.

  12. “He took a safety, was almost picked off twice, and had a QB rating of 1.8.”


    Geezus, I thought you got at least a 25.0 just for putting your helmet on, with the opening facing forward.

  13. lol…I bet Brunell slept with a smile on his face.
    Seriously..as long as this teams management and coaching staff stays in place. You will never go anywhere!!

  14. It’s so telling who were really the more ready QBs in this draft vs. who the so called experts prefer. One would think that if Blaine had shown a real strong sense that he was a starter and not just the usual snotty belief that since such perceived inferior QBs like Cam can start, then why not Blaine, Del Rio would be playing him behind Garrard?But maybe it’s just me.

    Del Rio might as well start Blaine cause unlike Cam who has to prove himself because he is sooo inferior at the QB position despite his talent, Blaine is ready despite his.

  15. My apologies to all 75 Jaguars fans on the planet, as I truly enjoy your city and wish your team well. But the truth is, Del Rio is getting slapped in the face by a little known thing called Karma – you don’t do to players what he did to Garrard and Leftwich, both moves which essentially have and will end those guys’ careers.

    Jacksonville should have taken Tebow last year. That was their first fail.

    Keeping Del Rio this year. That was their second fail.

    Wasting money on bums like Pozlusny. That was the fourth fail.

    And, of course, the obvious – cutting Garrard 5 days before kickoff weekend. That was the final nail in the coffin.

    I think Gabbert could be a good QB, but by the time he aclimates himself to the pro game, a new HC will be in town and will want his own guy.

  16. I’m almost certain that GM Gene is setting up Del-rio to fail with not getting any offensive weapons and with ther release of Garrard.

    I think he wants Jack out about as much as the Jaguars fans do.

  17. 9 years of .500 ball, 3 quarterback controversies, 1 playoff win, 0 division titles …

    Man I love the Jags, and they seem to be adding talent here and there – but …

    If I did a decent job .500 of the time, I’d be fired REAL quick.

  18. How bad was Garrard if he was WORSE than McCown??????? It’ll be a miracle if anyone signs him after this performance!

    Personally, I think Garrard is pissing himself, laughing at Del Rio

  19. Dudes,

    The problem is Jack Del Rio. Before the Jack era we were a pretty boss team. 4 or 5 playoff appearances within our first 6 years of being in the league.

    Jack gets here. Hires ‘Shack’ as our director of player personnel. Shack turns out to be an idiot: Drafting Byron Leftwich that year with the #7 overall, then drafting Reggie Williams (#9), Matt Jones, Reggie Nelson, Derrick Harvey (#8), etc in the coming years. How many of those guys are still in the league? 1?

    Jack insists on supporting Byron Leftwich, despite there being readily more accomplished QBs on the roster (Brunell, Garrard). Jack cuts Brunell, snubs him at his farewell game, and leapfrogs Leftwich over Garrard in the depth chart. We get years of crummy Leftwich play. Finally Leftwich goes down with injury for like 8 weeks. Garrard takes over and leads us to the playoffs, then beats the Steelers in the playoffs. The next week, Leftwich gets better, so Jack starts him instead. We end up losing like 20-3 to NE.

    The next year, Jack supports Leftwich all throughout the pre-season and offseason, then cuts him at the last second before the regular season; completely classless move. Well, he just did the same to Garrard. And I imagine he’s about to do the same to McCown.

    I feel bad for QBs that come here. I feel bad for the city for putting up with such mediocrity. Jack’s managed one playoff berth in 8 years. Let’s move on already.

  20. tatatoothy says:
    Sep 19, 2011 11:05 AM
    “My apologies to all 75 Jaguars fans on the planet”———————————–
    Jaguars 1st game attendance 61,619. You need to apologize to the 75 Dolphin fans yesterday at that game. Stop regurgitated the same lame misinformed jokes. No validity and it’s played out.

    “Jacksonville should have taken Tebow last year. That was their first fail.”———————
    You must’ve just landed from Planet WTF. You just blew any chance of a valid argument. What’s so funny is you’re actually serious.

    “Wasting money on bums like Pozlusny. That was the fourth fail.”——————–
    You forgot to mention which NFL team you were a scout for?

    Although I do agree with your other points, you lost all credibitily with the Tebow comments. You’re funny.

  21. Start Gabbert. Put in the new receiver (Chastin West) and hope for the best. OR… sign another QB to mentor Gabbert until next season. Either way, things will be alright in the end. Gabbert is going to be a great QB and will bring the Jaguars far.

  22. Gabbert is going to have a tough road as well. With a horrible coaching staff and plays designed for the JV squad at Our Sisters of Perpetual Grace, Tom Brady couldnt focus this team.

    Way past time for Jack to go, but that would have cost Weaver $5mil during the offseason.

  23. Hmmm. My thoughts are to get rid of Jack del Rio give Bill Cowher a figure he can’t resist. Jack doesn’t seem like an experienced head coach and needs to sit as a back up for a while. We need someone who can coach the guys up and make them want to be there. The team has potential even without big time players besides MJD. 1 guy can’t carry the whole team. Also Rasheen I want 7 picks this season

    Gabbert ftw!

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