Kickoff rule not slowing Josh Cribbs down


Coaches change in Cleveland every other year. Quarterbacks and schemes come and go with them.

The one constant for the Browns: Josh Cribbs remains the most dynamic guy on the team with the ball in his hand. The Browns beat the Colts 27-19 on Sunday in large part because of Cribbs’ return ability.

He took one kickoff seven yards deep into the end zone and returned it 45 yards.  That set up a touchdown.  He took a punt return in the fourth quarter back 42 yards to set up the game-sealing touchdown.  And he did it on command:

“When I was going out there to catch a punt return, coach Shurmur looked at me and said, ‘we need a play,'” Cribbs told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. “When the head coach looks at you and says they need a play, you’ve got to give them a play.”

Cribbs, who also caught three passes for 41 yards, also took a kickoff return last week eight yards deep into the end zone and returned it 51 yards.  Some things in Cleveland just don’t change.

While we’re here, a few other thoughts on Cleveland getting to 1-1:

1. Peyton Hillis needs to secure the ball better. His lost fumbles are an issue. There has to be some concern the Brown offensive line couldn’t open bigger holes for him against the Colts too.  He’s averaging 3.4 yards-per-carry this year.

2. The Browns secondary remains a strength.  Joe Haden did a nice job on Reggie Wayne.  Safety T.J. Ward played well against Dallas Clark.

3. Rookie defensive linemen Jabaal Sheard and Phil Taylor both had nice games. That’s a great sign for Cleveland.

4. We know it’s early, but that’s a big road win for the Browns. The schedule is very favorable. They can hang around .500 for a while if they can beat bad teams on the road.  Yes, the Colts are a bad team.

22 responses to “Kickoff rule not slowing Josh Cribbs down

  1. The Colts are a bad team, but the Browns aren’t? What are you smoking, thinking the Browns can hang around .500?

  2. Lots of folks criticized the previous FO for giving Cribbs a generous contract extension considering that the majority of his contributions are on special teams but he is the one player that is worth it hands down. He has been a constant for the Browns in making plays when they really need them.

  3. “The Browns beat the Colts 27-19 on Sunday in large part” well, because they played the Colts.

    Cribbs is a great player, but let’s not overlook the obvious here.

  4. Rosenthal , did you even watch the game? Joe Haden covered Garson, Sheldon Brown covered Wayne, with a rolled safety help. I was there, if fans need colts tixs wait til gameday i got them half price.

  5. Any half-arsed NFL fan should be able to acknowledge that Browns are NOT a ‘bad’ team.

    They have, by design, gone from one of the older rosters in the league to one of the youngest. Holmgren and Heckert are 100%, all-in committed to doing what that organization should have done when they came back into the league a over decade ago: build with/around their draft picks and players in their 20’s.

    They will not make the fatal mistake of throwing millions at thirtysomething free agent has-beens. I for one, commend them for the brains and balls it takes to go that route and do it the right way.

  6. “Peyton Hillis needs to secure the ball better. His lost fumbles are an issue. There has to be some concern the Brown offensive line couldn’t open bigger holes for him against the Colts too. He’s averaging 3.4 yards-per-carry this year.”

    Don’t blame Peyton Hillis. Don’t blame the O-Line.

    Blame everyone who voted him onto the cover of Madden.

  7. Interesting to read the same old stale comments implying that the Browns still suck and always will. People need to remember that NFL stands for “not for long” and that old standby giants such as the Steelers, Colts, and Ravens are “moving on” to what will doubtless turn out to be less than never-ending glory years. Move over, dudes. Young teams like the Browns are comin’ after ya! BTW, bengalsown needs to put down that pipe containing whatever he’s smoking if he thinks that last week’s game in Cleveland wasn’t a fluke. Evidence: their joke of a game against a very weak Denver team yesterday. Good luck the rest of the way, Bungles. You’re gonna need it!

  8. Its kinda sad someone hasn’t told the Colts that this was a one man operation a long time ago.

    These players actually beleived in their front office and organization for years when going on to win all those 12 win seasons, pro bowls, GM of the year, coach of the year etc. I’m kinda glad, but not in a way to be little the players, they have given 100 percent, but when your too small, not tough enough, its not your fault. All those 12 win seasons made them believe they had a contribution and the reality is, is that it was very little if any at all. I had a hunch the Colts were not that good anyway, but you can tell in post game interviews that some of these players actually thought they were that good and they made a difference and they are still TRYING to convince themselves. The reality is its been a “one man” show for atleast 10 years and we are now seeing what the team really is…A very bad, dysfunctional, poorly coached, utterly irresponsible, and untalented team.

    Peyton Manning was the star of the show and over the years I have watched all of whom he made famous. Retire or irresponsibly released. The producer, Mr Bill Polian has taken all the credit in the world for building this team, has a pompous radio interview every week and basically given royal status in terms of being the media’s best hall of fame GM. So now that Manning is no longer available the picture is more then crystal clear. He’s not a great GM and probably not hall of fame worthy. Yes after 2 games, I know this.

    This team, this franchise, these coaches Dungy or Caldwell, and Bill Polian, and players past, present were never has good as we thought in that decade which Polian himself claims to have taken so much credit for. Some and probably all, were better then average, but never great and never hall of fame worthy. And I believe most of the current players and coaches on this roster are not even NFL level. And the ones who most think are, get let go like Jake Scott, Ryan Lilja, Tommy Harris, are a few because this team might have beaten the Browns without Manning if they could stop the run and protect their quarterback.

  9. bengalsown says:Sep 19, 2011 10:31 AM

    The Colts are a bad team, but the Browns aren’t? What are you smoking, thinking the Browns can hang around .500?

    And the Bun Gals aren’t a bad team?

    Had it not neen for the sneaky balloon pass from Gradkowski to Green when the Browns D was a sleep at the wheel the Browns would be 2-0 and the BunGals would be 0-2!

    Can’t wait for the rematch at CinCinTucky!

  10. Phil Taylor, jabaal sheard, Joe Haden, TJ Ward, along with 2 2012 first round picks give our defense some hope in upcoming seasons. one thing that worries me is the plethora of penalties we have been committing. Say what you want about Mangini, but his discipline was quickly forgotten. Still.. Congratulations to Coach Shurmur for a solid road win.. Go Browns..

  11. I’m concerned about Hillis’ vision, and finding the hole – I thought the O-line did a nice job. I know he fumbled, but I would expect more and more work for Hardesty each week.

    Greg Little needs to learn the nuances of getting off the initial bump or off the line, and he could lead all rookies in receving – McCoy is extremely accurate.

    Gocong is undisciplined abnd Sheard showed improvement in that area and holding the edge. Taylor seems to be steadily improving and Rubin looks like he could be a beast. Fujita is average and on the downside – reliable and leadership skills, but not very dynamic to make plays – D’qwell is ideal in the middle – not flashy, but gets the job done – effort is excellent. Love the secondary – want to see more Usamna Young

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