Nick Mangold expected to miss 2-3 weeks


A Monday MRI has confirmed Florio’s report from Sunday night: Jets center Nick Mangold has a high ankle sprain.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports Mangold is expected to miss a minimum of 2-3 weeks.  No further ligament damage was found.

It comes at a bad time for the Jets — not that there is ever a good time to lose an All Pro center.  The Jets have three straight road games coming up against the Raiders, Ravens, and Patriots.

14 responses to “Nick Mangold expected to miss 2-3 weeks

  1. As a Pats fan, I think he should really take his time coming back from this. No need to risk aggrevating it.

    Just lookin’ out for your future buddy.

  2. that’s gonna suck when they have to go against Wilfork and Fat Albert in 3 weeks

    if there’s one silver lining so far it’s the Pats pass defense isn’t any better than last year, and McCourty & Co might even be taking a step backwards

  3. I think he should wait until at least Oct-23 to make sure it heals all the way, of course as a Dolphin fan I’m concern about his recovery, and the way its going we may have a new coach for our trip to Jersey on Oct-17th. However hes a good center and he should take the doctors advice. Bill

  4. Add this injury to the litany of excuses of Jets fans will cite when Rex Ryan’s annual guarantee to win the Super Bowl once again ends in the agony of de-feet.

  5. tiffpats4eva & joesixpack,

    you can call it Fear& Loathing in New Jersey.

    jets fans like david7590 keep bringing those checks Rex Ryan is writing but can never cash them.

    3 more weeks 28-21 greatest victory Cult fans!

  6. @ david7590

    Lovin’ the comparisons between the Cowboys, 49ers and Patriots – teams with 13 Super Bowl wins between them

    … just as long as you don’t insult the Patriots by comparing them to the Jets and their 42 year drought

    Another thing all those teams have in common is none of them had a coach who thought their fans were stupid enough to believe a Super Bowl guarantee (2 years in a row no less)

  7. j0esixpack says: Sep 19, 2011 6:31 PM

    @ david7590

    Lovin’ the comparisons between the Cowboys, 49ers and Patriots – teams with 13 Super Bowl wins between them

    He didn’t compare them. Had you even fourth-grade reading-comprehension skills, you’d know that. Instead, he compared Patriots fans with early-90s Cowboys and 49ers fans, noting that they’re mostly the same: a gaggle of bandwagoners who skip from team to team when it’s expedient.

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