Thomas Davis tears ACL once again

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Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis has torn his ACL for the third straight year.

“I would like 2 take the time and thank every1 that has supported me over my career. Unfortunately, I have re torn my acl,” Davis said. “Thanks for the prayers!!”

It’s a devastating  development for one of Carolina’s defensive leaders.  Davis told an ex-teammate in another tweet Sunday night that he “felt good until I got leg whipped.”

The Panthers thought so much of Davis, they gave him a huge contract this offseason despite his injury history.  While the contract had injury protections, the Panthers gave Davis a $7 million signing bonus.

Carolina lost starting middle linebacker Jon Beason last week. With Davis out too, their rush defense is going to struggle.  Jordan Senn appears to be next on the depth chart.

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  1. A class act on and off the field. TD is a regular at kids hospitals and does tremendous work for local community when it comes to fundraising and donating his time.

    A speedy recovery prayers for you big man, but I never knew anyone who beat this thing 3 times in 2 seasons.

    You’ll be missed.

  2. Man this hurts. We lost both of our defensive leaders on a very young defense. Not good. Next man up. Get well soon TD, you will be missed.

  3. That sucks…I remember when this guy was coming up…he is a stud who just can’t stay healthy the last few years.

    I guess Newton is going to throw for 400 every week just to keep up…hell of a future that kid has.

    This isn’t good news, but things are looking up for Carolina. When Newton gets it, watch out!

    Good luck to Davis.

  4. dude was a former db, putting that much weight on that quickly obviously had bad effects on his im not saying he did some roids but that happens to dudes in the gym that take them a lot and get big too quick.

  5. That is really too bad. I knew very little about this team before the game yesterday (aside from Cam Newton,) but I was very impressed. Their O-line kept an relentless onslought at bay, and they very well should’ve could’ve beaten Green Bay. Good luck during the rest of the season.

  6. I’m not one to tell someone that they should end their career, but he torn both ACLs AND one ACL twice…3 years in a row. Perhaps a new career choice is in order. Gotta wanna be able to walk for your kids and your kids’ kids sake!

  7. isn’t this the same guy who said the Panthers should come away with a victory over the Packers last week….?

  8. That’s gotta suck. Surgery and then rehab 3 years in a row? Going to take a lot of courage for him to come back and play without fear.

  9. Having just faced the Panthers, I can tell you they are a LOT better than their record would indicate. If they get a top-5 pick again, they will be downright scary.

    Too bad for Davis. He has been down this road before, he knows what it takes, I would bet against him making another stunning comeback.

  10. Man that sucks!!!! He’s a good player and even a better person. For the jackass who put LOL and called him a failure, I can guarantee you that he wouldn’t trade places with your pathetic ass.

  11. Can’t believe it. Like others have said… first Beason, now Davis (again). Just seems like they can’t keep the linebackers healthy and that just kills this defense. And it’s the same damn knee. I wonder what the doctors have been doing when they’ve repaired the first two. Not saying it’s their fault, but who knows… maybe the offseason would have helped in strengthening it too.

  12. Steelers fans are the Westboro Baptist Church of PFT.

    Always sad when a class act player’s career ends too early due to injury. I applaud any player that finds time in their extremely busy schedule to do charitable work that people like myself don’t find time to do. Big ups Thomas Davis.

  13. Newton won’t be on the field to pass it 200 yards… offenses will run, run, run all day and eat up the clock.

    REALLY tough news.

  14. 7thlombardiontheway says:
    Sep 19, 2011 2:52 PM
    LOL What a failure. This is why the Steelers didn’t draft him.


    So instead you drafted Limas Sweed? What a joke.

  15. was it on field turf or natural grass? It’d be interesting to compare the %’ages and types of injuries between the two surfaces

  16. the guy can’t have much donor tissue available for a repair… unless they’re using cadaver tissue, but it’s not usually as strong as one’s own tissue

  17. ‘It seen some people are not made to be football players sometime the body can’t take it.
    Good Luck I wish you well.”

    If he wasn’t made to be a football player he wouldn’t be an NFL starter

  18. Isn’t this the same guy that said Carolina would “Walk away with a victory over the Packers Sunday?” Now he can’t walk at all! Karma!

  19. scudbot says:
    Sep 19, 2011 2:43 PM
    The number of ACL tears this year is astounding.

    Shouldn’t be astounding, the reason is clear: lack of conditioning due to the lockout.

  20. This is why I’m baffled that many players don’t wear knee pads or that Goodell hasn’t mandated them to all players. The number of knee injuries this year especially particularly to big name players is outrageous and I cringe every time I see a WR getting tackled by the legs when I see them without thigh or knee pads.

    And yes i know that wearing leg pads may slow down players, but if it means prolonging your season and career, and most importantly your health, why would any player be against this??

  21. I’m not incredibly familiar with his situation but if it’s the same acl over and over he’s obviously not giving it enough time to recover.

    there’s something to be said for the competitive warrior within, but you can’t do it with one knee.

  22. This sucks, I feel bad for him. Heartbreaker.

    What tremendous mental & physical toughness it takes to keep coming back from all these serious injuries to play. I marvel at all the players who do that.

  23. They lost those guys last year too and linebacker was still the strength of the team.

    Of course… they were a lousy team.

  24. The same ACL? God bless him. I hope medical science can devise a synthetic repair for those knee ligaments that would prevent recurrent injury.

  25. If this website had any balls, it would block every post applauding injury. What a disgrace…I guess I should expect it from writers though, ya know protecting freedom of the press…funny how this one will probably be blocked.

  26. @ cusoman who says: Sep 19, 2011 3:42 PM
    scudbot says:
    Sep 19, 2011 2:43 PM
    The number of ACL tears this year is astounding.
    Shouldn’t be astounding, the reason is clear: lack of conditioning due to the lockout.

    Conditioning? Dude, really? A knee Ligament tear has nothing to do with conditioning. Jerry Rice was the best conditioned athlete ever and he tore his ACL. Its’ just bad luck.

  27. stairwayto7 says:
    He was leg whipped by a Packer??Shocking!

    I guess after getting your collective asses whipped in the Super Bowl by them, it certainly shouldn’t shock you now, should it?

  28. @DaPackrepeat Nick Collins might be done for his career. So it seems that is what happens when you play against the Panthers.

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