Trying to fix the Chiefs

Last week, we called the Chiefs the biggest losers of Week One.

Things got a lot worse in their second game.  After losing Jamaal Charles and their pride in Detroit, where do the 2010 AFC West champions go from here?

Rodney Harrison and Florio discussed the Chiefs’ rough start, and Rodney suggests what Matt Cassel should do to ignite his team.

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18 responses to “Trying to fix the Chiefs

  1. All they need is a new RB, new QB, new head coach, new owner, better defense, and 1 or 2 wide receivers. Aside from that, they’re fine.

  2. I think they need to let Stanzi, or even Palko have a chance. Cassel has done nothing this season to prove he should still be starting. I guess maybe 2 games isn’t that big of a sample, but if he is playing poorly against San Diego the switch has to be made. On top of that they need to get a real Offensive Coordinator in there. Muir is not that. Weis was the only true OC the Chiefs have had under Haley and Haley refuses to relinquish control to any of them. If those 2 changes are made there may be a chance but otherwise they are doomed.

  3. My team is on the “new coach” waiting list before EVERYONE! I don’t even want to hear it…. Jesus Christ!

  4. Move them to a town where they can afford to spend their cap money. This new CBA pretty much put a nail in coffin relative to KC being able to keep an NFL team.

    Clearly, the Chiefs aren’t spending the money this year and next because they’re trying to save it for when they must spend it in the coming years. They were one of 2 teams actually named by the NFL PA during the negotiations and why the “must spend” rule was put in place.

    This is a shame…..the LA Chiefs just doesn’t sound right.

  5. lets face it bellidick and his diciples all suck….if you put brady on the chiefs, and cassell on the pats they would have opposite rrecords of what they have now.

    Bottom line billidick is to blame ….best thing ever for the raiders are josh mcdaniels, and todd hailey. I am loving it.

  6. Fixing them is going to require firing Haley. (And probably the GM, as well.) Charlie Weis had that offense on the right track before Haley got insecure and drove him away. Without Weis, they struggle to get in field goal range.

    Haley is exactly like Josh McDaniels–a Bellichick disciple who thinks he’s a genius despite having accomplished absolutely nothing on his own–except he’s even less likable than McDaniels, which is saying something.

  7. Tom Brady has told Rodney he doesn’t have a clue about the Patriots. Now the Chiefs should tell this blow hard he doesn’t know the Chiefs any better.

  8. Right, just like when Cassell led the Patriots to an 11 – 5 record. Leave it to a Raiders fan to say Belichick and disciples suck. Can’t wait to see Brady destroy those stiffs week 4 in Oakland.

  9. Haley was a wide receiver coach on the Jets when Belichick was the defensive backs coach. They were both under Parcells, and Haley even went on to later coach under Parcells again in Dallas. Haley is not a disciple of Belichick. Most people consider Haley to be a disciple of Ken Whisenhunt from his days in Arizona.

  10. Matt Cassell went 11-5 in basically his rookie year. Granted it was with New England who had more horses than KC, but if he truly sucked, all the talent in the world wouldn’t have helped him.

    Get him a decent OC (you saw he didn’t suck with Weiss) and a HC with a clue. Let Scott Pioli straighten himself out (not so easy without Belichick advising you, eh Scott?), and this team will be competitive before long.

    Todd Haley is a train-wreck of a coach. I don’t see him getting a job after this debacle, but hey, McDaniels is working today, right?

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