Week Two Monday 10-pack


If the lockout hadn’t been resolved, we all would have spent Sunday enjoying an afternoon of late-season baseball, capped by an evening with the Emmys.

And then it would have been time to find a high building and jump off it.

Instead, we enjoyed the second of 16 Sundays (and one Saturday in late December) of NFL football, with enough story lines to make us even more grateful that the powers-that-be ultimately resolved their differences.

Here are 10 things we wouldn’t have been able to talk about at the water cooler if cooler heads hadn’t eventually prevailed.

1.  Replay review needs a review.

For 2011, the replay rules have changed.  All scoring plays are subject to review.  But the review can’t happen unless and until the replay official determines that the referee should go under the hood.

On Sunday, several scoring plays that should have been reviewed weren’t, and some that shouldn’t have been reviewed were.

As to the latter point, the biggest glitch came when the replay official called for referee Mike Carey to take a closer look at the game-ending interception made in the end zone by Bills defensive back Da’Norris Searcy, who appeared to catch the ball before finding himself in a scrum with a Raiders receiver.  The teams had cleared the field, and most of the crowd had cleared the stadium, when Carey confirmed what was obvious — there was no indisputable evidence on which the interception could have been determined to be a simultaneous reception, and thus a touchdown.

In New Orleans, running back Darren Sproles appeared to step out of bounds at the one, en route to a score.  But the replay official didn’t call for a review, and thus a review never happened.

The Sproles play demonstrates the power that the replay officials now possess.  On scoring plays and in the final two minutes of each half, only the replay official can initiate the process.  As Raiders coach Hue Jackson learned the hard way after a Bills score with which Jackson disagreed, the coach has no ability in those situations to force a review — and trying to throw the red flag will result in a yellow flag being thrown against the coach in question.

Thus, the league must shore up the process by which the replay official determines whether to call for a review.  Under the Instant Replay Manual, which is distributed by the league to Instant Replay personnel prior to the season, the replay official will notify the referee that he is to stop the game and begin the review process, if the replay official cannot confirm the ruling on the field.  Though there’s no precise standard for determining whether the ruling can be confirmed by the replay official, the replay official shouldn’t substitute his judgment for the judgment of the referee.  When in doubt, the replay official should give the referee a chance to look at the play.

We realize that the NFL doesn’t want to bog down the game with excessive reviews, but if the replay official serves as the gatekeeper at key moments and/or key junctures of a game, the replay official must do a better job of determining what does — and doesn’t — merit a closer look by the referee.  Week Two proves that, in this regard, the NFL still has a long way to go.

2.  Calvin Johnson rule still causes confusion.

One play that didn’t trigger a replay review involves one of the rules that seems to periodically arise.  Called the Louis Murphy rule as of Week One in 2009 and renamed the Calvin Johnson rule since the first week of the 2010 season, the provision that determines whether a reception has occurred when a player goes to the ground while making the catch continues to confound fans and media alike.

Early in Sunday’s Chargers-Patriots game, New England quarterback Tom Brady connected with tight end Aaron Hernandez on a 14-yard touchdown pass.  Hernandez caught the ball in the air, hit the ground in the end zone, and then lost the ball.

Based on the manner in which the league has explained (and, for 2011, clarified) the rule, the pass appeared to be incomplete.  But the officials on the field ruled it a touchdown.

And, of course, the replay official didn’t call for a review by the referee.

Though the league privately contends that the ball was knocked out by a defender after the act of making the catch was complete, it’s a play that at least required a second look by the referee, given the confusion that has emerged over the past two years regarding this rule.

3.  So much for protecting quarterbacks.

Sunday’s games included at least three hits on quarterbacks that didn’t drag flags — but that undoubtedly will draw fines.

After taking a low hit to the leg that resulted in a flag, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger took another low hit, but no flag was thrown.

Ditto for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who absorbed an awkward shot to the lower leg that conjured memories of the Week One season-ending injury he suffered in 2008.  Again, no flag.

And in the Sunday night game, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan suffered an obvious helmet-to-helmet hit from Eagles defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins.  Once again, no flag.

At a time when stellar quarterback play has made NFL football more exciting than ever, referees shouldn’t be holding their flags when the men who bring home the bacon are battered in ways that clearly break the rules.

4.  Marino’s record has never been in greater jeopardy.

Despite the pass-happy nature of today’s NFL, Dan Marino’s single-season yardage record has stood for 27 years.  This year, it seems inevitable after one eighth of the season has been completed that someone will throw for more than 5,084 yards.

Five quarterbacks currently are on pace to shatter the record.  Tony Romo’s 687 yards project to 5,496.  Ditto for Drew Brees, whose 689 yards translate to 5,512.

And then it gets ridiculous.  With 713 yards in two games, Philip Rivers is on pace to throw for 5,704.  Rookie Cam Newton has racked up 854 yards, which at that rate will become 6,832.

Then there’s Tom Brady, who has thrown for 940 yards — which becomes 7,520 if he can keep it up.

Surely, Brady eventually will see his numbers drop.  But with 940 in the hopper, he needs to average only 296 yards per game over the next 14 to break Marino’s record.

5.  Tarvaris Jackson should get a few more chances.

Not all quarterbacks are making assaults on the record books.  Seahawks starter Tarvaris Jackson has presided over an 0-2 start, with middle-of-the-pack numbers.

But before Seattle fans start chanting for Charlie Whitehurst, keep in mind that the Seahawks have yet to play at home, where they are hard to beat.  In Week One, Jackson pulled the team to within two points at San Francisco, before special-teams breakdowns spelled doom.  Against the Steelers, no one expected the Seahawks to survive the onslaught of a team that had been embarrassed in Baltimore.

With the Cardinals and Falcons coming to town over the next two weeks, let’s see if Jackson can get it done.  If he can’t, then it’ll be time to call for Charlie.

6.  Cromartie becomes a versatile weapon.

After failing in their bid to lure cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha to town, the Jets opted to bring back Antonio Cromartie.  But Cromartie has become much more than a cornerback this year.

With Brad Smith gone, Cromartie is returning kicks and making cameos on offense.  In Sunday’s 32-3 win over the Jaguars, Cromartie churned up 149 all-purpose yards via kickoff returns (85), interception returns (63), and a one-yard rushing attempt.

Though it remains to be seen whether and to what extent Cromartie will continue to be used on offense, his next contribution could come via yet another avenue:  Cromartie can throw the ball 70 yards.

7.  Chris Johnson isn’t earning his money.

Maybe the Titans shouldn’t have paid Chris Johnson, after all.

More than two weeks after he inked a four-year extension, ending a lengthy holdout, Johnson has done nothing to help the Titans win games.  Held to 24 yards in Week One at Jacksonville and 53 in a stunning home win over the Baltimore, Johnson heard boos from the home crowd.

Though Johnson eventually will find his groove, he’s averaging 2.3 yards per carry, well below his three-year average of 5.0.  If the Titans can find a way to hover near .500 until he wakes up, they could be a force in the AFC once Johnson plays like he did from 2008 through 2010.

8.  Texans need to sit Foster until he’s healthy.

The fact that Texans running back Arian Foster aggravated his hamstring injury on Sunday proves that Foster shouldn’t have played so quickly after the last time he aggravated it.

This time, the Texans need to shut him down until he’s truly healed.

They don’t need Foster for now, given that Ben Tate has rushed for 116 and 103 yards in his first two NFL games.  So let him sit and in turn get to 100 percent and take full advantage of Tate for as long as necessary.

9.  Bills still have a long way to go.

We believed that the Bills could compete in 2011.  But the fact that the Bills have won their first two games doesn’t mean that they’ll return to the postseason for the first time since 1999.

The Bills still have to show that they can compete with teams like the Jets and Patriots.  And if the Bills can’t win the AFC East, they’ll need to box out at least one quality opponent in their own division or from the AFC North.

Besides, it can be argued that the Bills really haven’t beaten anyone.  The Chiefs look worse than bad, and the Raiders can’t consistently win beyond the borders of the AFC West.

The first real test comes next Sunday, when the Patriots come to town, riding a 15-game winning streak against the Bills.

10.  Dolphins have an even longer way to go.

The Jets, Patriots, and Bills have each won both of their games.  The Dolphins have won neither.

And with Sunday’s loss to the Texans, the Dolphins have now won only one of their last 12 home games.  Since December 27, 2009, the Patriots, Texans, and Steelers have each won twice as many games at Sun Life Stadium as the team that plays there.

The Dolphins now hit the road for five of their next six games.  Which may not be a bad thing.

For coach Tony Sparano, things can’t get much worse.  He said after Sunday’s loss to Houston that he has no answers.  At this rate, owner Stephen Ross will eventually have only one question.

How long will it take you to pack up your things?

58 responses to “Week Two Monday 10-pack

  1. Sparano should have been fired LAST YEAR. He’s only had that job because of that gimmicky “wild cat” that they no longer even use. He’s clueless otherwise.

  2. The really scary thing for the NFL is the two teams that Tom Brady has shredded have been his two toughest opponents historically,

    The Dolphins have always given Brady fits in Miami last year was no different he didn’t top 200 yards passing. Brady has been beaten by the Dolphins more than any NFL team.

    Likewise with the Chargers they have always given Brady trouble. What I’m getting at is if these two teams can’t stop Tom Brady who can?

    I know it’s only two games but Brady shredded the number one and number six defenses from last year.

    At this point it’s expected that he throws for 400 yards and 3+ TD’s.

  3. Protecting the quarterback is important, but the rules need to be enforced with some modicum of sense. A Falcons defender drew a roughing penalty in what could have been a critical situation late in the Atlanta/Philadelphia game. The reply showed that not only did the defender slow up before hitting Kafka, he grabbed him to prevent him from being knocked over. But, he tapped Kafka lightly with his helmet, so the penalty was called — changing 3rd-and-long to 1st-and-goal at the four.

    It was a four-point swing that could have cost Atlanta the game (putting them down by 10 instead of 6), which fortunately didn’t happen.

  4. “With the Cardinals and Falcons coming to town over the next two weeks, let’s see if Jackson can get it done. If he can’t, then it’ll be time to call for Charlie.”

    I don’t see Seattle fans doing this at all. We are not 49er fans we support our team win or lose. Tavaris Jackson’s play might not be pretty to watch, but it is up to the coaches to decide when and if Charlie should take over. At this time I think it would be a mistake to put Charlie in as our young O-line still has miles to go before they are ready to provide solid protection for him. Tavaris at least has the…for lack of a better word…skills to take the horrendous amount of pressure (okay I’ll be honest…@$$ whooping) he is getting. Let the O-line jell and then open it up to a competition. Contrary to what some may think Pete does know what he’s doing in this regard.

    Hang in there Hawk fans better times are yet to come.

  5. And then the Saints defender gets called for roughing the passer when he doesn’t lead with his helmet, didn’t cause a helmet to helmet hit and didn’t lift Cutler to drive him to the ground. He simply hit Cutler just after he threw the pass and his momentum carried them both thru to the ground.

  6. I said it weeks ago – paying Johnson that money gaurenteed he’d tank the season. Now he doesn’t need to work hard, and he obviously isn’t.

    I keep asking, “When will owners learn?” The answer is: Never. Based on their financial decisions made in football I’d have to say that any kid with a lemonade stand has more money sense then most of them. The fact they are rich is a testement to how far greed and luck can take you in America.

  7. Official Mike Carey on the late review of the Hail Mary pass:

    “It was ruled an interception, we came in the locker room after delaying to see if it was going to be reviewed,” Carey said. “I got a beep in the locker room — a buzz in the locker room — that said ‘review.’ Went back out, put the headset on, they weren’t set up. But it was an erroneous transmission, and they had already confirmed the ruling on the field.”

  8. Someone needs to knock Marino out of the record books just to stop people from writing about him. Overrated, loser, not worthy of The Hall, prequel to ManningFace, would throw his own mother under a bus to protect his reputation as something special.

  9. “After taking a low hit to the leg that resulted in a flag, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger took another low hit, but no flag was thrown.”

    The first hit was a result of Raheem Brock being leg whipped by one of the Steeler’s O-lineman on his way to sack the QB. The player was on the ground and kicked his leg up to trip Brock resulting in him falling on Ben’s leg instead of getting the sack.

    The second hit was not flagged because it was not an illegal hit. The player hit his upper thigh with his shoulder while wrapping Ben up his knee was never touched. Similar hit with no call was seen in the Falcons game and the commentators defended the ref’s no call decision.

  10. TJack is afraid to throw the ball unless the receiver is nearly completely uncovered. Hopefully, the plan all along was to let him take a beating until the O-line had played together for a few games and began to play better, then put in CW. OR…he is Pete’s ace in the hole for the race to Sck for Luck.

  11. ” Instead, we enjoyed the second of 16 Sundays (and one Saturday in late December) of NFL football”

    I don’t know about you, but I enjoy 17 weeks of football

  12. If Cromartie continues as he did this week the Jets will have the most valuable pair of Cornerbacks in the NFL. Maybe not the best but the most valuable in their contribution to the winning of games.

  13. I expected CJ2K to have a subpar game this week. I didn’t expect it from Ray Rice but when you go away from running the ball early its hard to go back when your Offensive Coordinator is Cam Cameron. But you can’t put all the blame on him. The DBs got torched by Kenny Britt a much bigger receiver than the ones Pittsburgh put on the field. And Flacco held onto the ball a lot waiting for routes to open up. All in all its only week 2 and a lot of teams will show their true colors in weeks to come.

  14. 3. So much for protecting quarterbacks.


    When the league stops treating Mike Vick as a running back and calls one of the 15 very very late hits he takes every single game, Ill listen to you. Until then, I dont want to hear about Tom Brady not getting one call. Boo friggin hoo.

    I see small name QBs taking late shots all the time. But if you arent a golden prodigal, you arent getting the same calls as Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers, Romo, etc.

  15. Can’t protect quarterbacks?

    Tell that to the Jags, who got flagged for unnecessary roughness when shoving Mark Sanchez from in to out of bounds, and a “helmet to helmet” contact penalty on Sanchez when #52 lead with his shoulder and helmets barely tapped.

    Even the commentators said that with quarterbacks, “you can’t throw dirt on them.”

  16. The Bills lead the league in rushing, TD’s & points scored. What is the definition of solid offensive football to start a season?

  17. May the zebra’s are keeping the hankies in their pockets because they think the rules are BS and would rather let them play. Unless it’s flagrant, it’s football! Good on them!

  18. Hey Mike if you have time watch the rugby world cup and see how the Rugby union addressed review on scores (tries)

    If the try is not clear or they (refs) didn’t see it happening, they aks the ref comitte upstairs if they can award the try. They watch the replays and they make their desicions within the minute. No addressing the fans, no going under the hood and the flow of the game isn’t compromised.
    This is very simple and they should at least try to emulate it.

    If you agree with this you might want to pass it along your peers to see if you guys can make some noise with the NFL honchos.

    This would take pressure off of field crew and they wouldn’t have to gesticulate and waste time explaining this or that.

  19. You people are stupid. That Aaron Hernandez catch was not questionable. The only reason the ball came lose was cause the defender hit it out of his hands after he hit the ground. He clearly maintained and completed the process of the catch. IT WAS NOT A QUESTIONABLE CALL IN THE LEAST BIT AND THERE WAS NO NEED FOR REPLAY.

  20. #2 does not surprise me at all. There have been plenty of touchdown catches just like Calvin’s that don’t get reviewed.

  21. Brady may need some help with the weather to beat Marino’s record. There are a lot of home games and road games in cold weather cities late in the season.

  22. 9. Bills still have a long way to go.

    Besides, it can be argued that the Bills really haven’t beaten anyone. The Chiefs look worse than bad, and the Raiders can’t consistently win beyond the borders of the AFC West.

    C’mon, I understand the Chiefs being one of those nobody teams, but the Raiders? All week it has been… the Bills will have a hard time against the TOUGH Raiders D-line, putting pressure on Campbell will be tough because of the Raider O-line and so on…

    The Bills beat the Raiders, and now the Raiders are nothing, SERIOUSLY?

    Now we have to beat NE in order to be anybody?
    Not many teams in the NFL have beaten them but they are still considered relevant-Ex-Eagles, Jets, Lions…

    But not Buffalo, never Buffalo. They never get any props. We Bills fans are getting tired of never being considered a threat in this league. What, do we have to go 16-0 before being considered relevant?

    Go Bills!!!!

  23. And then there were two dopey calls of “driving a QB into the ground” that looked like normal sacks. 1 was Roman Harper vs. Cutler. If that’s a penalty and what happened to Brady (2 different times ) yesterday isn’t the rule is all messed up.

  24. In the Falcons – Eagles game there was a hit on Kafka that WAS flagged… When John Abraham lightly shoved Kafka from behind and his helmet hit at the same time as his hands. It wasn’t even enough to knock Kafka down. He basically took one step forward. And yet that was enough to get a flag and give the Eagles a first down at the 2 so that instead of a field goal they got a TD. Ridiculous.

  25. Speaking of the Replay Rule, as a Bills fan I thought it was ridiculous that Hue Jackson got dinged for 15 yards when challenging an un-challenge-able play. I think it was a scoring play, too.

    Really, it’s ridiculous. Give coaches a mulligan, or let them just pick the flag off the field. As we learned a half hour after that game ended, the replay officials aren’t exactly on top of their game – whether it was an “inadvertent” buzz or reviewed play or an official trying to make right the wrong that was the Tuck Rule Game years ago.

    I’m OK with replaying every scoring play, but for the love of all that is holy, please stop killing game and broadcast momentum with this nonsense.

  26. i’m taking it you didn’t see the packers carolina game, two horrible roughing the passer calls. one, bishop hits newton a split second after he throws, no helmet to helmet, flag. another, a panther dt hits rodgers a split second after he throws, no helmet to helment, flag. both hits weren’t low, they were good center of the body hits. that is bad for football. when you start calling those penalties, you’re telling 250 pound plus highly athletic fast guys to slow down. no wonder passing numbers are insane this year.

  27. I don’t really understand the logic behind the lack of confidence in the Bills. They blew out the Cheifs, wouldn’t an Elite team be expected to do the same? They had the Comeback of the decade, that even the upper echelon teams would have had a hard time pulling off. They have allowed 1 sack in 2 games, against Tamba Hali’s Chiefs D, and the other against a whole Raider D that had the second most sacks a year ago. All that, with a suspect O-Line. They held Run DMC to under 100 yds and less than 4 ypc, something teams rarely accomplished last year. This team is built to beat the Jets and Patriots. We have the horses to keep up with Brady, and the versatility to keep Rex guessing. Fitz is becoming the AFC version on Drew Brees. I have already heard the FJ2K, and I like it. Do I think the Bills will win Sunday, probaly not, but this is the first time in 7 years where I belive that we CAN win. Losing Koppen was a huge blow to a team who already struggles with Kyle Willams, and with the addition of Dareus, we could make life hard on Brady.

  28. That Hernandez catch needed no review. Anyone that saw it knows that he caught the ball and it was knocked out after he was ont he ground.

    Dunta should have been ejected. The league needs to get its act together with respect to intentional helmet hits like that.

  29. “Maybe the Titans should’t have paid Chris Johnson, after all.”

    I am pretty sure that just about every NFL fan on this board said they overpaid him. Maybe they should hire us.

  30. @ eaglswoot

    I see small name QBs taking late shots all the time. But if you arent a golden prodigal, you arent getting the same calls as Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers, Romo, etc.
    You are either blind or not watching games sonny. Brady had Garay dive at his feet and knees on 3 occasions yesterday with no penalty called. He wasn’t blocked into Brady either. On one occasion he dived at Brady’s ankle, grabbed it and twisted the leg after the ball was out. Later in the game he flat out dove at his left knee (ACL injured) and twisted Brady’s body. If it wasn’t for the knee brace Brady would be out for the season again.

    So stop making these lame “golden boy”, “prodigal son” remarks until you watch a game or two. ignorance is NOT bliss!

  31. “The Bills could put up 50 point on that N.E. defense.”

    Maybe. But Brady could put up 70 on that Bills defense.

  32. The CJ rule is ridiculous. Same thing happened with GB / Carolina…..except that Finely’s TD catch was ruled incomplete. Hernandez was a catch, Finely incomplete. The NFL needs common sense clarity on this….

  33. eaglesw00t says:

    “When the league stops treating Mike Vick as a running back and calls one of the 15 very very late hits he takes every single game, Ill listen to you. …if you arent a golden prodigal, you arent getting the same calls as Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers, Romo, etc.”

    It’s early Monday morning, and I’ll assume you haven’t have your coffee yet. How the hell can you compare those QB’s you listed to Vick? They are pocket passers who at best move around (side-step) in the pocket…that’s the limit of their mobility 95% of the time. Rodgers may run more than the others but that will stop as he gets older and learns he doesn’t have to with his talent. Vick puts him self in space ALL THE TIME, that’s his game…he try’s to take on CB’s LB’s and the Safety’s. Note that the guys he takes on usually have a 10-15-20 yard head of steam as they approach him and he is past the line of scrimmage…what the hell do you expect! They are the hardest hitters on the team who are going to smack him harder than any old fat D lineman. The only time Brady is gonna get hit by a CB, Safety or LB is on a blitz! He won’t be treated the same as those pocket QB’s because he isn’t a pocket QB. By the way, Vick is a “golden prodigal”, at least the media treats him that way in the last 12 months. Wake up.

  34. wiley16350 says: Sep 19, 2011 8:11 AM

    You people are stupid. That Aaron Hernandez catch was not questionable. The only reason the ball came lose was cause the defender hit it out of his hands after he hit the ground. He clearly maintained and completed the process of the catch. IT WAS NOT A QUESTIONABLE CALL IN THE LEAST BIT AND THERE WAS NO NEED FOR REPLAY.


    I wont go as far as saying it didnt warrant a replay. But the replay clearing shows Hernandez caught the ball, and fell to the ground while maintaining possession. After he landed Sanders punched the ball out (on his second attempt). It was 100% a touchdown.

    Also I would like to see people start attached Roethlisberger for asking for a roughing flag, you know, the same way they did when Brady did it.

  35. “The Bills could put up 50 point on that N.E. defense.”

    “Maybe. But Brady could put up 70 on that Bills defense.”

    GeniusFan…only 70? I say more.

  36. Lumping 1, 2, and 3 together, officiating in the NFL is broken. People make mistakes, but there’s no excuse for the randomness of these calls. If Goodell is serious about the integrity of the game, he should:

    1. give coaches back their end zone challenges.
    2. simplify the rule book and better train officials.
    3. implement the NCAA’s booth review system.
    4. put TWO guys in the booth so nothing is missed. (And maybe take away the booth guy’s beer.)

    With the billions they rake in, the league can afford it.

  37. “he needs to average only 296 yards per game over the next 14 to break Marino’s record.”

    Which is a BIG task.

    “5. Tarvaris Jackson should get a few more chances.”

    No he shouldn’t.

  38. The replay thing should be quite simple. After every TD, go to commercial and review. After the break, if it’s ruled a TD, kick the extra point, then kick off, then go to commercial. As it stands now, it’s TD, extra point, commercial, kickoff, commercial. So they still get 2 commercial breaks after a TD. If it’s not a TD, at least the NFL got to run more ads to line there bottomless pockets.

  39. You want to protect QBs? Make a rule that the player who takes the snap from center cannot run past the line of scrimmage. THEN you can start being more consistent with pocket passers and their protection.

    You want defenders to stuff a running back but play tag with a running QB. It’s not possible to be consistent in that situation, and it’s not fair to expect the defenders to react to both.

  40. The replay screwups are yet another reason why EVERYTHING — including penalties or lack thereof — should be able to be challenged.

    Yeah, yeah, I know it will never happen. Still should.

  41. I’m sorry, did we watch the same Falcons-Eagles game? Talk about protecting the quaterback in that game and you point out a minor Eagles hit but leave out the multiple late, dirty hits on Vick?

    How about the late hit by the Falcons that CONCUSSED him by whipping him around into his own teammate so hard he rattled his brain and bit his tongue? We may not have him for next week and all you can say is something bad about the Eagles.

    Not to mention the deliberate header by Dunta Robinson. That play was so dirty he should be ejected for half the season. Watching him take a running leap to wail on Maclin helmet to helmet was disgusting. Obviously the NFL’s penalties on dirty hits aren’t enough to keep jerks like Robinson in line. It’s hard to watch a game knowing a Falcon can commit any kind of deliberate, intentionally injury causing hit he wants and the refs and the NFL won’t do anything to stop it.

  42. Maybe God-del should start fines on the refs for not following the rules. Watching a few games I saw atleast five times helmet to helmet on the QB not even one flag thrown. Seeing highlights on Steelers the Brady rule must just be for Brady. Two hits below the knee one called one not. As always each crews seems to take the rules differently, players don’t have that luxury.

  43. The replay system needs a reboot. Put two people watching the HD feeds and make one of them the head official at the game. That guy needs to simply have the ability to tell the referee what the correct call is. No more sauntering off to the sideline to look at the little screen. If there is a question, buzz the referee to halt the action and then validate the correct call in the booth and notify the referee.

    The premise that all scoring plays should be reviewed is not enough. There are other plays that are not called TDs when they actually are.
    I think they should automatically review the following:
    1) All TDs/safeties
    2) Any play along the goalline where the ball may have broken the plane (when not called a TD)
    3) Any potential turnover play (fumbles/INTs/”arm going forward incomplete passes, etc.)
    4) Give the coaches the ability to challenge any play (regardless of time left in half/game) for catch, spot, etc. except for penalties other than 12+ men on the field–keep the frequency/timeout forfeiture the same as before. The purpose is to get the calls right.
    I also think they should review some of those game-changing personal fouls that are questionable also…but i admit that is pushing it

  44. The touchdown in the Bills/Raiders game didn’t receive a replay. The runner looked like he didn’t break the plane of the goalline and every TV shot did not show he crossed the line even though the on-field ref said he crossed the line.

    I would bet that there was no replay giving upstairs for the coaches because Hue Jackson had to throw a challenge flag to force someone to review the play that the officials were supposed to do in the first place.

    Then they compounded the problem by giving Oakland a personal foul flag for challenging a play that is “un-challengeable?” That took some real balls. I have NEVER EVER seen ANY coach get a flag for challenging a “non-unchallengeable” play.

  45. I like Nolan as a defensive coordinator in Miami but isn’t it about time he gets his lazy ass out of the air conditioned booth and gets on the field with the team maybe then we will play better D!!!!!

  46. The Brady rule is a joke, it’s implemented on a pick and choose basis. The hit on Brady yesterday could have resulted in a major injury to him. Same for Roethlisberger, twice. Goodell is quick to interfere when he wants to flex his ‘authority’, but when it comes to enforcing an existing rule, it’s pick and choose. Last year when Roethlisberger took a blow to the head during the Ravens game, no call, no suspension. In all sports, dirty / cheap hits that cause injury should result in both a steep fine, and the player causing the injury should miss as many games as the injured player. Should cut down on a lot of the cheap shots.

  47. gobillss says:
    Sep 19, 2011 7:37 AM
    The Bills could put up 50 point on that N.E. defense.


    god i hope you’re right. don’t think so but i hope.

  48. Good comments regarding the rules.

    Sporano must be evaluated on weekly basis. At some point, Nolan needs to take overbso we can see what he can do. Let’s start the Jeff Fisher watch today! By the way, who is qualified to evaluate Sporano?

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