After Rams lost, Spagnuolo had long talk with Kroenke

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Steve Spagnuolo had a bad Monday night, with his Rams losing 28-16 to the Giants. And things may have turned even worse for him in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

Spagnuolo confirmed today that Rams owner Stan Kroenke called him in for a meeting immediately following the game, and that’s why Spagnuolo took 25 minutes to get to the post-game press conference, in violation of NFL rules.

“I do deeply apologize for being last at the postgame conferences,” Spagnuolo told reporters. “I want you to know it’s not out of any disrespect and I do know that the jobs you guys have, there’s a lot going on at that time and you want to get the players and you don’t want to be sitting in the press conference room waiting for me. I’ve visited a couple times with Mr. Kroenke, and I value that time. He’s great. I appreciate him coming in and talking to us and myself. That’s kind of what’s happened, but we’ll get that squared away and I promise you that we’ll take care of you like we should.”

Spagnuolo put the best spin on that post-game meeting that he could, but Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post reported that Spagnuolo’s tardiness was the result of Kroenke being a “control freak” who has been “haranguing” Spagnuolo after losses, wanting explanations.

That’s not a good sign. Kroenke was the minority owner of the Rams when Spagnuolo was hired, and we don’t know whether that was a hiring that Kroenke would have made if he had been the sole owner of the team, which he is now. But we can be sure that Kroenke isn’t happy with what he’s seen on the field from his team so far this season.

As Florio pointed out today on PFT Live, the Rams’ schedule doesn’t get any easier: Their next five opponents are the Ravens, Redskins, Packers, Cowboys and Saints. It’s hard to see them being any better than 2-5 after that stretch, and 0-7 is possible. If Spagnuolo’s seat is warm right now, it’s only going to get warmer.

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36 responses to “After Rams lost, Spagnuolo had long talk with Kroenke

  1. That’s a shame for Spags. He was a great defensive coordinator in New York, and probably has all the tools & dedication to be a good head coach as well. Unfortunately for him, he hasn’t built a very talented roster (yet). He does have all the key pieces in place, but has suffered a rash of injuries.

    As much as I like him, I’ll root against him selfishly, because I believe the Giants have a chance at making him their next head coach. Coughlin is probably on his way out one way or another, and I’m sure he’d be welcomed back in NY.

  2. Looked like a talent issue not a coaching issue…Giants, even with all the injuries, had more of it…Rams could not afford any injury losses and none more so than SJ…at least the Rams have a better QB…Rams are a good draft and smart free agent crop away from being a playa…

  3. That’s okay, fire him. We’ll take him back in NY anyway. We all told ourselves he would last out there for a couple of years and by then, Tom would be gone. I’m fine with Spags OR Fewell assuming the reigns after this broken down wagon crashes and burns at the end of the season.

  4. “Spagnuolo’s tardiness was the result of Kroenke being a “control freak” who has been “haranguing” Spagnuolo after losses, wanting explanations.”

    This reminds me of Daniel Synder when he first bought the Skins. Stan thinks he can fix his team like he would a business. It will only take him 10 years to figure out that they can’t be treated the same. Enjoy Rams fans…

    The McDaniels effect is underway as well in St. Louis…it just keeps getting better!

    Go 9ers!

  5. Way to early for Kroenke to put Spags on the hot seat. Rams have a brutal first half schedule. Lets wait to the end of the season before he make s a decision

  6. Please fire him. Spags will then be the next HC of the NY Giants. Coughlin has been great but his time is near the end.

    Spags will be welcomed back with open arms.

    Do the right thing Stan.

  7. Maybe Kroenke was asking why he decided to punt the ball in the 4th quarter with no timeouts left.

    I know if I owned that team I would be asking him the same questions.

    I don’t care what the score is or how much time is left. 4th quarter, down a few scores, no timeouts? No…you don’t punt the ball Spags. You go for the 1st down. Unbelievable.

  8. As a giants fan this is terrific. Hate to wish for him to get fired but he should have been the head coach of the giants. Coughlin is an embarrassment to every fan and its his time to go.

  9. Remember what Spags fired the Rams long time equipment manager last year because he didn’t feel respected by him?? John Lennon said it best Spags, ‘instant karma’ is coming to get you.

  10. You can’t blame the coach here. It’s an incredibly hard schedule, SJax and Amendola got hurt, and poor Sam Bradford has a bunch of scrubs for WRs. They exceeded expectations last year, but are now showing they are nowhere near the elite teams in the NFC.

    Give it time… they will get there.

  11. I hope the Eagles get Spags back. Juan is overmatched, so Spags could consult him, and maybe take over eventually as DC, then HC.

  12. RAMS fan here. I met Coach Spags personally and he obviously has his sh*t together. He can’t be blamed for injuries, of course. But something’s gotta give. Gotta turn this thing around soon….

  13. from kroenke’s wikipedia page:

    Kroenke is a somewhat reclusive man who stays out of the limelight. He is popularly known as “Silent Stan” because he almost never gives interviews to the press.[4] He rarely interferes in his teams’ day-to-day operations.

    i wonder when/why that changed…

  14. unbreakable02215 says:
    Sep 20, 2011 6:04 PM
    Bradford looked lost and confused trying to run the Brady offense.

    What game were you watching? He actually played really well. Rams outplayed the Giants and only lost b/c of dumb mistakes/penalties. Bradford is a flat-out stud and the future is bright in STL (23 years old!). Rams will own that division for the next 10-15 years with #8. Even at 0-2 now, they will win the West this year. I doubt Spags is going anywhere.

  15. Sam Bradford has regressed this year from his rookie season. He’s playing more like a rookie now, than he did last season.

    The same thing happened to Matt Ryan with the Falcons in his second year. But I’m sure Bradford will get it going, I’m just not sure Spagnuolo will be around when he does.

    Losing Pat Shurmur may have set the Rams back an entire season.

  16. This team is about 20 months removed from being 1-15, and the owner is getting antsy after an 0-2 start?

    Nobody has patience anymore, do they?

    As a Seahawks fan, I fully support Kroenke’s efforts. See if you can’t get a nice revolving door set up, so that Sam wants to leave town at the end of his rookie deal. Or better yet, promote McDaniel. I bet he can trade Bradford for a ball of yarn and a pointed stick.

  17. Poor Stan. His investments aren’t looking too good. Rams are 0-2 and his soccer investment, Arsenal FC, are just as bad. Man Utd beat them 8-2 a couple of weeks ago. To put that in an NFL perspective it’s a sixty burger loss. Silent Stan (as he’s known in the UK) needs to pull his finger out!!

  18. To the comedian who tried to pull the “he was with the Eagles longer” card, do you think he’s going to care that he was with a perpetuate loser that will never win a Super Bowl or go back to where he actually WON one?

    So yes we claim him as ours here. Deal with it.

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