C.J. Spiller to get more time at wideout

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Tim Tebow isn’t the only 2010 first-round pick who will play some receiver.

With Bills wideout Roscoe Parrish lost for the season, running back C.J. Spiller is expected to be used more and more as a receiver, per a source with knowledge of the situation.

It’s already a given that Spiller will serve as the team’s primary punt returner.

Though Spiller gained 63 yards on only four carries against the Raiders, Fred Jackson has become the team’s workhorse.  He leads the NFL in rushing, with 229 yards.

Spiller gives the team another weapon, and if he’s willing to do whatever he has to do to get on the field, he could be a difference maker for the Bills.

And maybe the running back will eventually convert full time to wideout, like a former Bills receiver known initially as Bobby Moore, and then later as Ahmad Rashad.

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  1. i am not a person that looks at the bills through rose colored glasses but i`m telling everyone this is what i have thought since day one. he is so much better in space and has great hands. i can see it now, spiller on a quick slant….BAM!….gone for 80 yards and a td. mark my words.

  2. This is exactly why he was drafted…..100% pure athleticism…..if he can learn the playbook, he would be supurb in the slot.

    Everyone knew that the Bills were pretty well stacked at RB when he was drafted…..maybe the Bills deciding to draft the best available player as opposed to drafting based on team needs will finally pay off.

  3. I think fans are going to see formations and plays the Bills have not yet used and have been saving for this week. Not that they have to since it’s all about Defense in week 3.

  4. This will make the Bills even more dangerous. CJ was too small for an NFL RB and not effective. Put him in the middle of the field, and he may just explode.

  5. I dont get it.

    Is he a bust at RB, Or is Freddy just that good?

    if that is the case, then why draft a RB so high when they have plenty of other needs?

  6. I have said it before the hb/kr/wr in the 1st round wind up being busts (Bush, Harvin), they cost too much, they get dinged up more. Feel the need to design plays JUST for them instead of just plugging them in for any situation.

  7. Man he’d be a beast as a slot receiver. It’s alot easier to break tackles of Corners and Safeties than Lineman and Linebackers. Percy Harvin is a running back that plays wideout. He uses his running back prowess to break tackles. There are a few RB’s that could be full time receivers and still make the pro bowl. Matt Forte’ could switch effortlessly. Reggie Bush could do this as well.

  8. In other words, he sucks as a runningback. Awful pick. Not sure why they never believed in Fred Jackson when all he did was play good football every time he was called upon??

  9. wow bills are giving up on a top 10 pick already? in his second season? I know this guy hasnt really lived up to his billing, but comeon. He hasnt even finished 2 full years. I know you guys are short at WR but maybe you shouldnt have traded evens if you needed a WR that badly.

  10. Good for Spiller. It says something about the kid that he is both willing and able to change it up at a moments notice for the good of his team. Commitment and hard work have never steered a player wrong.

  11. My biggest concern is the streak because all streaks come to an end. With that said, the Patriots offense looks unstoppable and Jason Campbell lit up the Bills D without his top three receivers.

    The Bills have their first true test this Sunday as KC is one of the worst teams in the NFL and the Raiders are the middle of the pack at best.

    Bills fans should enjoy this turnaround after years of frustration. Even ej !

    Should be a good game on Sunday as most people including all AFC East fans outside of New England will be rooting for the Bills upset.

  12. Spiller was amazing in college. That doesn’t guarantee greatness in the big time, but I would think he’d be a valuable asset to have.

    Whatever way you can use him to get yards/points.. do it.

  13. @ spartytime

    How do you read this article and assume the team has given up on Spiller….it literally says that the team is going to give him more playing time in a different position.

    If you’re arguing that the team shouldn’t let Fred be the starter then you also fail to realize that Freddy is the league leader in rushing yards right now and the Bills are 2-0….I don’t think much criticism is necessary.

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