Coughlin expects to see Vick on Sunday

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Eagles quarterback Mike Vick has a concussion.  He can’t practice or play until he’s cleared by an independent neurologist.  Giants coach Tom Coughlin, whose team faces Philly on Sunday, nevertheless is planning to face Vick.

“I expect Michael Vick will play and if he can’t play, I am sure he will,” Coughlin told reporters on a conference call, via the Associated Press.

Coughlin isn’t developing two game plans for Sunday.  He’s preparing his team to face Vick, and at this point it would be a surprise if Vick doesn’t play.

It’ll be the first meeting between the two teams since the Eagles staged a comeback for the ages last November.  With the game apparently heading to overtime, a punt return for a touchdown from DeSean Jackson gave Philly the win.

“The theme that we had throughout the preseason, not just based on that game, but based on a lot of our games quite frankly, is to finish,” Coughlin said.  “We’ll continue for that to be one of our themes and constantly work to finish the game stronger.  That is something we’ll present to our players again this week.”

The Giants will have their hands full, regardless of whether Vick plays.  Eagles coach Andy Reid knows how to coach up quarterbacks, and second-year backup Mike Kafka played well in relief of Vick on Sunday.

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  1. As a Giants fan,I want to see Vick out there so Eagles fans have no excuses after the game. The Eagles are full of themselves and are the most overrated team in football. The Giants gotta run the ball all gane and wear the eagles defense down.They have to confuse Jaun Castillo which isnt hard to do since the guy is clueless!Hes almost as clueless as Kevin Gilbride!

  2. He better hope vick doesn’t play. That game last year was one for the ages. I remember I spilled my beer after watching jackson take that punt to the house.

    To be honest though…..this will be lesean mccoys game. Mark my words.

  3. And Vick fully expects the Giants entire starting Defensive Line flop on the ground on Vick’s 1st redzone trip suffering from acute ACL tears. Only to return the next play fully recovered after offering up a prayer to Allah….

  4. First round pick for Kafka when all is done! Reid you are the best in the business you could probably pull off a trade of a ford pinto for a Ferrari haha keep up the good work.

  5. Expect the Giants to employ their latest defensive strategy, the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” alignment.

  6. “I expect Michael Vick will play and if he can’t play, I am sure he will.”

    That quote reminds me of one of Denny Green’s less famous quotes: “If you want to talk about the book, then we’ll talk about the book. Which we’re not going to do. Then you can do that!”

  7. Playing well? Dinking and dunking and handing off? LMAO. When he had to pass the ball downfield, he couldn’t get it done. You can’t run on us this year, so Kafka will HAVE to pass downfield to be any threat to our D.

    I hope Vick plays!!!

  8. which team will show up/ the Giants? or the Midgets?
    I know we have a lotta injured, but we are not a Boston area team, we dont need excuses,if the Giants show up, we shopuld win. Paper tigers are just that, PAPER>

  9. I think the Eagles would have won if they had opened the playbook a little for Kafka. They got way too conservative, IMO. Sure, he’s still a second-year guy, but why pay a guy to be your backup if you don’t feel comfortable with him running the offense?

  10. Forget the Dream Team thing. This is a pretty even matchup. Gnats D-line will keep whoever is out there on their heels. Gnats offense will have to run the ball, which they will. Iggles will score on some special teams play or pick off Eli for one to the house. It’s the only way they win.

  11. I thought the league was trying to keep players from rushing back after concussions? I have had a concussion before and I felt like garbage for weeks after. My head felt like it was in a fog and a vice all at the same time. The world spun and the slightest noise was extremely painful. I can’t imagine playing football like that.

  12. Andy Reid gets a lot of milage out of this notion around the league and on this pro eiggles web site that he coaches up quarterbacks ! Well if thats true maybe he should be a quarterbacks coach and not a head coach ! Yo eiggles fans 1960,,, hahahahahahahaah!

  13. Football has ALWAYS been about who wants it more. Last year the Giants destroyed the eagles until the final 8 minutes, when the eagle showed how bad they wanted that game.

    This time i think the Giants are thinking payback, no way they dont show up and no way they dont play balls out for 60 mins. Not after the embarrassment from last year.

  14. Did Maclin get concussed as well? Oh wait, no he didn’t. He just gotted effed up old fashion style. Upon further review – 4 steps after the catch, shoulder to shoulder. Somewhere, Ray Lewis is weeping.

  15. Jimmytwotimes I can’t remember the last time the giants beat the eagles in the regular season or the playoffs. Talk about how your team was good 5 years ago all you want. Your a troll and don’t know anything about football, your whole weekend will be ruined when Kafka beats your sorry excuse for a football team.

  16. Law of averages says the Giants should finally beat Philadelphia. If Vick plays, I highly doubt it happens. Eli isn’t good enough to drop 30 points on Philadelphia. Philadelphia’s offense is good enough to drop 30+ on the Giants.

    33-21, Eagles start getting their defense together. As much as I don’t want to see it happen, it’s eventually going to.

  17. jimmytwotimes says:
    Sep 21, 2011 6:30 AM
    Andy Reid gets a lot of milage out of this notion around the league and on this pro eiggles web site that he coaches up quarterbacks ! Well if thats true maybe he should be a quarterbacks coach and not a head coach ! Yo eiggles fans 1960,,, hahahahahahahaah!


    Your comments make me weep for the American education system.

  18. November? Or Dec 19, 2010? Not that I memorized it or anything, but it was (before the Pack game) kind of a big deal.. Vick or Kafka I’m liking their chances for the home opener. The Linc is going to be explosive.

  19. What’s going to be the excuse when the Eagles lose? What are Eagles fans going to hang their hats on, after the already-meaningless regular season streak is gone? Are there gonna be mass suicides down I-95 there?

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