Fins add Nate Jones, Igor Olshansky


As mentioned earlier today, the Dolphins cut veteran running back Larry Johnson.  The Dolphins have officially announced that Johnson has been cut.

The team also announced that former Panthers and Broncos tight end Dante Rosario was released.

Taking their spots on the roster are cornerback Nate Jones and defensive lineman Igor Olshansky (pictured).

Jones most recently played with the Broncos, after previously playing for the Cowboys and the Dolphins.  Olshansky played in 2009 and 2010 with the Cowboys, after spending his first five NFL seasons with the Chargers.

14 responses to “Fins add Nate Jones, Igor Olshansky

  1. So where is Parcells in all the Fin mess? Seems like he was the big dog there, left a big pile of poop and ran off with suitcase full of money.

    Where do I sign up for that gig?

  2. So the one Cowboy castoff they could USE, Gurode, is the one they DON’T sign.

    I wonder if that beam would hold my weight?

  3. Bring those talent(less) folks to the north coast Sunday! Another post game presser that will have Sporano wondering what just happened!

  4. O’Sucks landed with the Fish? They must really be desperate. Such a shame as he has the body by Michelangelo – but the motivation of a couch potato.

  5. I think people are throwing the towel in for Miami way too soon. Yes they are 0-2 but they were in both of those games against two teams that will more than likely win their division.

    Losing is nothing new for Dolphin fans, we have suffered tremendously since the forced retirement of Dan Marino. If they continue to lose I say tank them all so the Dolphins sit at #1 when the draft rolls around.

    Knowing the Dolphins luck (no pun intended) they will draft Luck with the number 1 pick and he will pull an Eli Manning on them and refuse to play in Miami.

    As of right now the blame falls solely on one person and that is Tony Sparano. He has had ample of enough time to get something going and he has failed to do so. The Dolphins have talent all across their roster but they can’t put it together on Sundays. That by all accounts is the head coaches fault.

    If the Dolphins fail to make the playoffs this season Dolphins owner Stephan Ross will have to make a dramatic coaching change to get fans back into the stadium. It has to be a coach with a “Big Name” someone like Bill Cower or John Grueden along with a new franchise QB but even that might not be enough until they can start producing some wins.

  6. I find it amazing that Olshansky still has a job in the NFL.

    He makes a tackle every other week, and then proceeds to show off his muscles.

    What a loser.

  7. The addition of these bottom feeders is just more proof that Sporano will be gone soon. Ireland is pouring buckets of water into the sinking row boat and telling Sporano that he is adding ballast. The sorry part is that Sporano believes him.

    I predict that three losses before the Bye gets Sporano fired so that Nolan can have a week to organize. You know Ross wants to see what Nolan can do before he starts another Super Coach Quest. My advise would be to use a third party not associated with the team to make the preliminary contacts. No, Steven I don’t mean Lindsey Lohan! Bring Jeff Fisher Down here and get him a personnel guy that he can work with. You need a team president that can keep everyone focused and working together.

    I also predict a ticket price increase next year based on the need to offset the loss of revenue from baseball. Look for $10.00 bottles of water too! I have an idea! Let’s put out crappie team and overcharge everyone! They are all idiots because they are loyal fans! They will pay it or miss the game because they sure won’t be on TV next year!

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