Rams say there was nothing unusual about Kroenke, Spagnuolo post-game meeting

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After Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo showed up 25 minutes late for Monday night’s post-game press conference following a 28-16 loss to the Giants, Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post wrote on Twitter that “I hear Rams control-freak owner keeps haranguing him after losses, wanting explanations.”

MDS wrote something up based on Hubbuch’s report, and I’ve since spoken to Rams Senior Director of Communications Ted Crews about the situation.

Crews said the only thing unusual about last night’s meeting between owner Stan Kroenke and Spagnuolo was the timing of it.  “They talk after every game,” Crews said, “win or lose.”

Though we’ve got no specific reason to disbelieve Hubbuch’s report as it relates to Kroenke supposedly being a “control freak” or “haranguing” Spagnuolo, it’s something we’ve never heard about Kroenke from anyone, and it’s usually pretty easy to identify the owners who lean too hard on the help.

Besides, it’s way too early for Kroenke or any other owner to be haranguing and/or panicking.  Four years ago, Spagnuolo ran the defense of an 0-2 team that gave up 80 points in eight quarters.  That team eventually got it together, winning a game known loosely in some circles as the Super Bowl.

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  1. Yeah, it was the same old same old. Kranky reamed Spags rectum for 20 minutes then sent him out of the room.

  2. PLEASE let him be stupid enough to fire Spags so we can put Coughlin & Gilbride out to pasture and make Spags the HC for the Giants. Our owner is a shadow of his old man, but he usually only opens his mouth once or twice a year.

  3. Spagnulo should ask Kroenke what’s it’s like to marry a Walmart money heiress . Maybe Spags could be a greeter when he gets fired.

  4. Eiggle fans would not know about a game know as the super bowl could you explain it to them !
    As an Eagles fan, could you explain your own comments to me? We use punctuation and sentence structure, so I’m having trouble with it.

  5. They were probably discussing the LA real estate market, fashion, where to eat, be seen, etc., in southern cal. Seriously, it sounds like a non-story.

  6. Someone tell Kroenke to do an in depth analysis on the Dan Snyder’s Redskins tenure.

    Meeting with coaches immediately after losses is not how you handle your business as an NFL owner. Hopefully for Rams fans it won’t take Kroenke 12 years to figure this out.

  7. People kill me when they call owners “control” freaks when they paid billions of dollars to own a team and write million dollar checks to players and coaches.

    I think that might give them a right to raise a few questions to their employees after a game. It is kind of a lot of what this website and all other NFL trafficked websites are based on, Monday morning quarterbacking, fan interjection into what they would have done, and chewing out from a computer screen players and coaches that they’ll never have any interaction with.

  8. Kroenke: “Steve…why did you punt on 4th down when we had no timeouts?”

    Steve: “I forgot it was the 4th quarter and the game was on the line.”

    Kroenke: “And people are seriously going to dog me in the comments on PFT tomorrow rather than you?”

    Steve: “Probably. I’m clearly the idiot here though.”

  9. How does Kroenke have time to destroy the Rams when he’s so hard at work destroying Arsenal?

    If Kroenke owned Firestone, the tires would be square and made of cement.

  10. Can you find the man a WR? I counted at least 5 drops in each of the Rams first two games. They drafted the book-end tackles. They’ve drafted some talent on defense. They have what looks to be a young franchise QB. On paper they look like a team on the rise. Bradford can sling it…but he can’t throw it to himself. They got Amendola off the scrap heap, Sims-Walker as their big free agent pickup, and a 2nd round draft choice at TE. Can somebody, besides Steven Jackson make a play for this offense?

  11. jimmytwotimes says:
    Sep 20, 2011 7:30 PM
    Eiggle fans would not know about a game know as the super bowl could you explain it to them !


    As a fan on the team that shut down the Vet and christened the Linc, i fully endorse this post.

    Go Bucs!!!

  12. if they fire Steve Spagnoluo, he will find a job very quickly and possibly as a head coach. i blame the loss clearly on bad playing by the players, like Carnell’s fumble, and on penalties that were bad calls (the face mask wasnt great and the pass interference should’ve been a call on both guys). the Rams still have a shot at playoffs even if they lose the next 2 because all they have to do is when the West.

  13. He should have called him in. What pee wee football coach punts on 4th down when you are behind with 27 seconds left to go. How Stupid!!
    Stranger comebacks have happened!!

  14. Two questions to previous posters:

    Realfootballfan: you say the owner is entitled to some Monday morning quarterbacking since he owns the team. Yet a Monday morning qb is a bad thing, so your post kind of contradicts itself. Please explain what you meant there. If you meant your owner has a right to Monday morning quarterback than your admitting he’s a bad owner. (see Jerry jones al Davis Dan Snyder etc) please clarify.

    MWCarolina: what exactly is the coaches responsibility? I love Spags cause I know he’s a defensive genius. But if the play calling is the coordinators, the roster building is the gm, and the players are responsible for their own performances, than what exactly does the coach do? I can go on for a while about different coaches and what they handle, etc etc. But as a giants fan coughlin seems to get blamed for everything and given credit for zero. So please tell me what you think the head coach is responsible for.

  15. The name Kroenke is synonymous with worthless, empty, affluent scum who bring no value to anyone but themselves. The less we hear about these awful people, the better.

  16. My guess is Kroenke was more upset over the manner in which they lost than by the loss itself. They did everything but put a bow on that one.

  17. realfootballfan says:
    Sep 20, 2011 8:21 PM

    Let me assure you Sir, you don’t need to lobby on behalf of the owners. You can rest knowing they are controlling everything. While their methods of control are being called in to question – we all salute you standing up for the rights of those that “paid billions of dollars” for their teams. I’m sure they would do the same for you.

    Carry on you siren of truth, carry on.

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