Running back report: Starks is lead back in Green Bay


In 2011, we’re running back committee happy.  In this possible weekly segment, we’ll take a quick look at how some teams are dividing up the workload.

1. James Starks and Ryan Grant are splitting touches pretty equally in Green Bay.  But Starks is dominating the snap count, which indicates he’s better on passing downs.  Look for Starks to start getting more touches.

2. Daniel Thomas had more snaps than Reggie Bush in Miami’s second game.  Bush wasn’t used on many clear running downs.  Coach Tony Sparano said he’d like to get Bush a few more snaps, but it looks like “Reggie Bush, lead back” is already a dead idea.

3. Fred Jackson made sure there’s no committee in Buffalo.  He has 35 carries to only nine for C.J. Spiller.

4. Ryan Mathews (24 carries) and Mike Tolbert (21 carries) split running downs equally, but Tolbert plays more and catches the ball more on passing downs because he’s better in pass protection.

5. Delone Carter is now splitting carries with Joseph Addai.  Carter gets the short yardage carries, while Addai plays passing downs.

6. Darren Sproles, Pierre Thomas, and Mark Ingram are splitting snaps almost equally in New Orleans. Coach Sean Payton says he’s still figuring out how to use all three backs.  This is what you call an “upscale problem.”

29 responses to “Running back report: Starks is lead back in Green Bay

  1. And in DC? Hightower Helu and Torrain are running the entire franchise on their back…Why would the Skins not be part of this post?

    Keep on hating and not mentioning anything about us…Old DC is on the rise…..

  2. Redskins on the rise just like a few years ago when they crashed and burned after seven games……Its still early in the season.

  3. waltdawg says: Sep 20, 2011 12:55 PM

    And in DC? Hightower Helu and Torrain are running the entire franchise on their back…Why would the Skins not be part of this post?

    Keep on hating and not mentioning anything about us…Old DC is on the rise…..

    Hightower has 45 carries (4 receptions) and Helu has 11 carries (3 receptions) this season. Torrain has zeros across the board.

    That hardly qualifies as a RB committee. Do you even watch football?

  4. @waltdawg….probably b/c Hightower is getting all the touches. You’re obviously not getting the point of this article…

  5. I could of told Starks was going to get the carries before the year which is why he is on all my Fantasy Leagues.

  6. trbowman says:
    Sep 20, 2011 1:08 PM
    If I were Grant or Torain I’d request a trade.


    Grant is a free agent after the year and no one trade for running backs anymore. Why would he want to leave now? He is on a team that is playing for the Super Bowl and injuries happen a lot at this position.

  7. @waltdawg

    This is a blog. Readers frequent it daily. The split of carries for the Redskins running backs was mentioned less than 24 hours ago. don’t be so sensitive about the publicity of your team.

  8. Does it matter who the lead back in Green Bay is? The Pack have A-Rod @ QB & the best WR tandem in the NFL. The NFL has become a pass-happy league, it was proven last season. A-Rod will take care of things in Titletown & expect America’s Pack will go 19-0.

  9. Calm down skins fans. Your missing the point of the article. Im a huge skins fan but every time I hear “no respect” or “httr” it make me cringe. It sounds really pathetic. Honestly ask yourself what have the skins done in the past 10+ years that would earn peoples respect? How about we wait until they do something respectful for an entire season, not after the first 2 games.

  10. Actually, Mathews in San Diego will start getting significantly more carries than Tolbert. He has always been the better overall talent and it is beginning to assert itself.

    Mathews had 64 yards rushing each rushing and passing Sunday v. the Pats and scored a TD. Tolbert had a momentum-killing fumble.

    Mathews has also cleaned up his ball security issues and has improved his pass protection.

  11. “Reggie Bush, lead back” is already a dead idea.

    Dear Dolphins,

    That idea has been dead for years. We accepted that fact a long time ago.


    The New Orleans Saints

  12. Mark Ingram is a tough inside runner (shades of Deuce McAllister), Pierre Thomas can run between the tackles as well and is an excellent receiver out the backfield, especially with screen plays. Darren Sproles is your scat back/3rd down back who is great with the ball in space. I think Payton is using all three backs just fine.

  13. First off, not the way that defense is playing right now. Second is MM is not Belichek, who likes to run up the score. All too often he lays off the gas. Third is special teams coverage. They still stink and can easily can lose a game.

    Lastly, it’s never been done before therefore must be damn hard. I don’t want to be jinxing this team with 19-0 talk after 2 games.

    Like your optimism, let’s hope we can revisit this conversation in, say, Week 12-13.

  14. pack13queens0

    Are you stupid? Don’t lump yourself in with the rest of the Packers fans. Thanks, you gave Packers fans our version of 7thringcomingbutnotinthenearfuturebecausethepackersbeetmysteelerswawawa on here. It’s a long season. You’re delusional if you think we’re going to make it thru this season easily. I have faith in Ted, Mike and the staff, and the players, but It’s a long season. We still have to play Atl, Chi 2x, Det 2x, and Tampa.

  15. pack13queens0 says: Sep 20, 2011 1:32 PM
    A-Rod will take care of things in Titletown & expect America’s Pack will go 19-0.
    C’mon pack13queens0,
    I’m a Packer fan too, ain’t nobody going 19-0, and talkin’ stupid S**t like that make you sound like a Lion’s fan, and we hear more than our share from them! So chill out and talk sense.

  16. obamasballsack says: Sep 20, 2011 3:50 PM
    Why don’t you guys leave Reggie Bush alone?
    It’s not his fault he is on a team that sucks.
    Because Reggie Bush Sucks! The dude has never been a legit “Running Back”!
    He’s made his name on the return game, reverses, catching the ball out of the backfield, and gadget plays. He never has been, nor will he ever be, an every down back! Miami was stupid to think he was, everyone on earth knew it, except Miami and you !

  17. Yes, we know that the Packers are currently playing crappy Pass Defense, and it doesn’t help that Nick Collins is done for the year. With Neal out and little threat of pass rush from the outside apart Matthews, it looks like the Packer’s offense will have to carry them this year to make the playoffs and I think it can, provided the Oline can somehow remains healthy–their offense is arguably better than last year (in large part to an improving RB Starks and what that rookie WR Cobb offers in the slot and on kick returns).

    But alas, defense wins championships. I think their biggest obstacle in the NFC playoffs is not Atlanta. (I think our offense is still better than theirs despite their rookie WR Jones being scary good.) No, it’s Detroit that worries the heck out of me. We do not match up well with them–Suh singlehandedly ragdolled our OLine last year. If Stafford stays healthy, I think Detroit will contend, at least to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

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