The Chargers are “excited” even after a loss

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San Diego racked up 470 yards of offense against the Patriots, but only came away with 21 points.

That would leave a lot of teams furious, fuming that they missed so many opportunities.  The Chargers took a more positive angle; Philip Rivers said the team was “excited” on the plane ride home.

“I say excited about what we can be, not excited, obviously, we lost the game,” Rivers told Kevin Acee of the San Diego-Union Tribune. “It was one of those, a lot of guys disappointed we lost but excited about who we can become … We’re going to be a heck of a team.

The sunny outlook comes directly from Norv Turner.  This is what Turner had to say right after the loss Sunday, via Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe.

“I am so excited about our football team,” and “Obviously, when you have a game like this, you can’t wait to go play again.”

Bedard thinks the Chargers will never be taken seriously when Turner is taking that approach.  With a day to think about the game, Turner’s tone stayed sunny.

“Yesterday, we were four turnovers away from having a chance,” Turner said.

On one hand, Turner is right.  There is a lot to be excited abut when it comes to the Chargers.

On the other hand, there was a lot to be excited about last year too.  They completely outplayed the Patriots in 2010 and lost.

They were four turnovers away from having a chance then too.

77 responses to “The Chargers are “excited” even after a loss

  1. I’ll promise you that any game in which Antonio Gates plays, and doesn’t get a catch, S.D. loses… You can’t let the other team dictate how you run your offense.

  2. Note to Chargers:
    There’s no such thing as a moral victory. Oh, well, at least you’ll all be exited while watching the playoffs on T.V. again.

  3. Who wouldn’t be excited when they are about to play the Chiefs? Todd Haley is a bum! Clark, please fire him now and bring in Jeff Fisher or Bill Cowher! When gangrene sets in, the putrid tissue must be amputated!

  4. We’re coming your way,
    We’re gonna dazzle you with our super play.
    The time has come,
    You know we’re shooting for number one.
    With thunderbolts and lightning
    We’ll light up the sky,
    We’ll give it all we’ve got, and more
    With the Super Charger try!

  5. “losers always whine about their best, winners go home a f*** the prom queen. Norvell doesn’t get it and apparently neither does Rivers. Their self defeating attitude explain sthe diff between Rivers/Turner and Brady/BB who are never satisfied and always hungry for more. If that isn’t convinving enough the diff in bling should settle the matter. The Chargers with Rivers at the helm haven’t even won a second rate ring like a conf championship….ever!!!!

  6. Rarely I’m speechless but ummmm, that photo leaves me speechless!

    Is he crying, hugging affectionately, whispering in his ear? I have no answer.

  7. Anytime some saying that their “excited” of what they can become after a loss, that is code for “we have some issues on the team and I don’t know if we can get over that hurdle, so let me try to say something positive to help save my ego.”

  8. “Oh Gawd, Norv, I’m 59 years old, bland, frumpy and grey. Still coaching a child’s game. WHAT WENT WRONG!”.

    “It’s O.K. Bill, it’s O.K. I know how you feel…”.

  9. 470 yards, most of which were on dump down passes when the patriots were up two touchdowns and allowing anything underneath. the chargers were never really in that game.

  10. The other day I won a dollar on a lotto scrathcer. It made me excited that I had a one-in-a billion chance to hit the jackpot someday.

  11. Love to watch Raiders fans pile in here happy about the Chargers losing to the Patriots.

    Wait, Whats that?

    The “Nation” gave up 5 second half TD’s on there way to a complete melt down of last years 4-12 bills?

    No way!

    That is just a rumor.

  12. I hate the Chargers, but I understand the excitement. Getting paid millions to play a game and live in San Diego is a reason to be flippin’ giddy.

  13. The Chargers defense should be excited to have played the Patriots.

    In fact, for most of the game, they looked like they were downright in awe.

  14. If they’re excited, what are the Patriots?
    Oh that’s right, moving the f**k on to next week because that’s what they do.
    That’s why your team lead the NFL in offense and defense and still didn’t make the playoffs Sandiego.
    In case you guys were wondering.

  15. I am so glad I am not a Charger fan. To have one of the best rosters in the league, a top five QB, Hall of Fame tight end, two awesome receivers, and Nourvous Norv running the ship, where “trying” is good enough. Parcells said if you give them an excuse for losing, they will take it. Describes the Chargers.

  16. I can understand a team like carolina(0-2) to be excited because of what the future holds for cam newton, but there is absolutely no reason for the chargers to be “excited”. They’ve been “excited” for 5 years now. They need to worry about stepping up as an elite team rather than being “excited” about being a 1-1 team

  17. Bill gives Norv a hug of reassurance after the Charger coach acknowledges projectile dysfunction.

  18. Straight up one for one trade, Eli for Rivers – Are there any chargers fans that would take that deal? Let’s hear it..

  19. Thats why “no one will remember your name”!

    I hope Norval is in for the long haul in SD, my Raiders are just starting to hit their stride and it will take one more full season under Hue before it won’t matter who coaches SD.

    Norval is like Mr. Rogers… team with him at the helm will win the SB…..PERIOD!!!

  20. Yes, I know the Patriots are 2-0. But one of these days they are going to play a team that isn’t going to turn the ball over and they’ll actually have to make someone punt to avoid getting blown out.

    Can that defense stop anyone when it matters?

  21. Raiders will win this divison, but it’s impossible to beat the refs Raiders should be 2-0
    Raiders will make a statement the next couple of weeks when they beat the JETS and Patriots back to back…
    Just wait and see…
    If you think seymore is going to leave that game without taKIng out Brady then think again..
    That bills game was over until the Refs Cheated and threw a flag for no reason on 4th and 1..
    It’s pretty clear the NFL and it’s network along with websites like this and most of all ESPN want to see the Raiders fail and the Refs panicked at the last chance they got.. Thats the reason why they threw a flag…Not to mention Raiders did catch the Hail mary at the end of the game.. Notice they did not show 1 replay of that????

  22. The Chargers are a true mystery …… how can a team have so much talent and so much potential, yet continuously spit the bit?

    These guys can be as high scoring as anyone, play defense with any team, and yet continuously crap all over themselves.

    Should have had at least one Super Bowl appearance by now, and I just don’t understand how they manage to shoot themselves in the foot so often.

    Is it Turner? Is it Rivers? What???

  23. Four turnovers from having a chance? That sounds like something all Raider fans have said for the last 10 years.

    Wait, Norv was a Raider for a couple years. Once a Raider always a Raider.

  24. And that, in a nutshell, is why the Chargers are not going to win it all under the Turner / Rivers regime. I can’t imagine Belichick, ever, under any circumstances, being “excited” about a Patriots loss… and not Brady, either.

    Can you imagine Brady ever saying something like this after a LOSS to the Colts?? Thumbs down if you can.

  25. dannymac17 says: Sep 20, 2011 7:21 PM
    Love to watch Raiders fans pile in here happy about the Chargers losing to the Patriots.
    Wait, Whats that?
    The “Nation” gave up 5 second half TD’s on there way to a complete melt down of last years 4-12 bills?

    It’s not so much that we are happy about the Chargers losing, even though we are. What we enjoy is the fact that your team and your coach are happy about it. It doesn’t matter that the Bills were 4-12 last year, or that the Patriots were 14-2. What matters is the “Nation” is pissed about giving one away, and the “SuperChargers” are proud to be four turnovers away from having a chance.

  26. And everyone Bitches at Rex for saying can someone else knock these guys off outside of the Jets….Not going to get that help Rex ,when teams lose by 14 and have happy go lucky party on the plane on the way home …The Chargers should of been in line on the plane to the bathroom to F’n Puke after gift wrapping ANother game to the Pats instead of (were pretty good we didnt get blown out at least)what a F’n Joke..Lucky for SD your Division is still Dog-S–t ,and maybe thats why you can smile after a game like sundays ???If my Jets happen to finish 2nd in the Div. again to NE ,and we have to go back to SD for a playoff game ,once again I’ll feel very confident in our chances!!!

  27. “here, Norv, pee in this cup.”

    “I’m so happy I get a cup instead of my pants this time”

    “Whatever, Norv, call it a win if you need to.”

    “I’m four turnovers away from having to pee in the alley.”

  28. @nyjetsholdupsbtrophyin2012

    Nice handle. You’ve got a better chance of holding it up than the Chargers do. That’s for sure.

  29. I like how the team put up some #’s but #’s don’t win it if you have turnovers and mental mistakes. I would like to see Norv get more aggressive with his tone but I’d have a better chance of seeing a unicorn. I think Rivers is the real HC.

  30. I’m sure Turner has a reason for spouting this crap even if I’ve got no idea what it is.

    But all of these comments miss the point…the turnovers didn’t affect the outcome. Brady moved the ball at will almost all day against SD. The turnovers just meant the game wasn’t a 48-42 shootout. SD wasn’t close to winning this game.

  31. And this is why it sucks to be a Chargers fan, the coach should be kicking their asses for making the mistakes they made but no their just “excited” about their potential. I hate to blame Norv cause he seems like a good guy but they need someone to get them motivated and playing at a higher level, especially to get Rivers to take his game to the next level since it feels like hes plateaued, and I don’t think Norv is the man to do it. If they don’t don’t pick it up this year Norv better be gone next year.

    Oh and Raiders fans, stop whining about the refs already, your making the fan base look like a bunch of pus*ies.

  32. I swear that picture is priceless!!!

    Belichick: Well Norv we bent you over again!

    Turner: Yeah but Phil is really happy so it should be great flight home!!!

  33. Why are analysts always thinking the Chargers and Steelers are so concerned about the Patriots? They aren’t a concern in either team’s division, and with the Pats gimmicky offense and incredibly weak defense they are never going to go where the Chargers and Steelers are headed – past the first round of the playoffs.

    I can see why Norv is excited. I mean, if the Pats could make plays in a regular offense or stop anyone on defense, or could beat the Jets, they could be a concern – but that’s not gonna happen. Norv is just excited about trying to win his division and get to the AFC championship game – where he definitely won’t be facing the Pats.

  34. Alright, so suffice it to say No Chargers fans would undo the trade and take Eli back over Rivers.

  35. 8man says: Sep 20, 2011 8:15 PM

    Yes, I know the Patriots are 2-0. But one of these days they are going to play a team that isn’t going to turn the ball over and they’ll actually have to make someone punt to avoid getting blown out.

    Can that defense stop anyone when it matters?

    They’re really good at stopping teams once they get to the 1-yard line; just need to figure out those other 99 yards.

  36. i’m not excited about the loss, i’m pissed at how they keep making the same mistakes every other chargers team has made since i started following them in 1979

    that said, this looks like a bill parcells reaction to a loss, parcells used to be happier after a loss than after a win, it was weird….

  37. Why are there so many Jets fans commenting about the Patriots here? Your team beat the Patriots last year that was your franchises biggest moment since Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon so I understand your excitement last year but why are you all so insecure still?

    You guys are trying to talk yourselves into feeling good about the Jets and at the same you’re trying to convince yourselves the Patriots aren’t to be feared.

    Bash our defense fine. It’s fair at this point but it’s only week two and Belichick will get it fixed he’s the best coach in the game.

    Meanwhile after Tony Romo gave you a win and after playing the fightin’ Mccown’s your Jets have a three game road trip at Oak, at Baltimore, and at NE. Your guys can’t run your best O-lineman (Mangold) is down and out and Sanchez is still horrible.

    Translation: I hope you enjoyed last year gang green nation because you’re going to have to wait another 40+ years to taste anything even close to glory again.

  38. Excited?…really?…wonder how they will feel if they ever win a superbowl,..well, nevermind, never gonna happen…the Chargers were put on this Earth to be the raiders female dog. Word.

  39. Excited about what they “can be”? Huh?

    If I hear this from the Lions or the Bucs or Panthers, then that’s encouraging and a nice positive attitude for a team on the rise.

    But if your a team that won their division 4 straight years and had the #1 offense and #1 defense last year and have nothing to show for any of them, then talking about what you “can be” is irrelevant. You should have “already been” and “still are”.

    Until you win, you haven’t won. Get as excited as you want, but if this season ends like all the rest, no one cares about your excitement level.

  40. “San Diego racked up 470 yards of offense against the Patriots, but only came away with 21 points.”


    hmmm this story sounds familiar. Is it 2010? #1 defense #1 offense 9-7 record. lol long live Norv Turner, and you stay terrible San Diego.

  41. huejackson: Thanks for your post confirming that the stereotype everybody has of Raider fans is spot on.

  42. He said it poorly, but he was right:
    Despite preaching and emphasizing the
    point over and over in camp, the players
    blew it and turned the ball over 4 times…
    something you can’t do in New England
    and have any prayer of winning.

    That said, the ‘silver lining’ was thataside from those 4 plays, the Chargers outplayed the Pats
    on their turf…a good sign for a team that’s
    trying to figure out how good they are.

    I know this doesn’t fit the “crap on Norv”
    narrative that is so much easier, but a
    little reality check was overdue.

  43. “It was one of those, a lot of guys disappointed we lost but excited about who we can become … We’re going to be a heck of a team,” Phillip Rivers said.

    “Yesterday, we were four turnovers away from having a chance,” Turner said.

    You don’t need to be a psychologist to know that this is what’s wrong with the Chargers in a nutshell.

    Instead of being pissed off about losing, they’re giddy.

  44. Lots of teams are going to lose to New England this year. Especially on the road.

    As a team that always starts horribly, it’s not a bad thing to acknowledge you had a good chance to win in this situation.

  45. Unbelievable.

    “Yesterday, we were four turnovers away from having a chance,”

    Any other coach in the league would be ripping their team a new one for turning the ball over four times. They also gave up over 500 yards on defense by the way; that little fact seems to have got lost among the handwringing over the Pats’ defense giving up 470.

    Also, please stop with this “most talented roster in the league” nonsense. They’re not.

  46. lance19,

    how on god’s green earth did they outplay the Pats? Pats had more yards and won the turnover battle +4. Pats defense stopped the Chargers far more often than the Chargers stopped the Pats.

    People really will believe any nonsense if it’s repeated enough.

  47. norv turner’s the easy target but this problem goes back decades

    this is typical charger football sad to say

    great offense, that shoots itself in the foot with turnovers

    expecially against NE

    hello 2006 season, 14-2 then losing at home due to several mistakes, vs the pats….and that wasn’t even a norv team

  48. toledoohoh…

    So I say “aside from those 4 plays”

    and you counter with
    Pats “won the turnover battle +4” ?!?

    The Chargers punted ONE time…
    (yes, less than the ‘unstoppable’ Pats)
    they killed themselves on those 4 plays…

    Again, take out the turnovers and Chargers
    win by 7 or 10 points on Pats’ home field.
    THAT’s why players weren’t crying on the
    flight home: they knew they choked on
    THIS Sunday, but realized that they
    were a good enough club to have won if they’d just not kept giving the Pats gifts…

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