With two exceptions, quarterbacks are doing well this year

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Five quarterbacks (Romo, Brees, Rivers, Newton, Brady) currently are on pace to shatter the single-season passing yardage record, set by Dan Marino in 1984.  Two more (Hasselbeck, Rodgers) are on pace to come close to matching it.  But it’s not just the best quarterbacks who are having solid years.  Under the official passer rating (i.e., the thing ESPN desperately wants to re-invent), most quarterbacks have performed well through two weeks.

Nine have passer ratings north of 100.  Another six are on the right side of 90.  (That’s nearly half the league.)

The next 10 quarterbacks have a passer rating above 80.  As to the final seven starters, all but two come in above the mythical Kordoza Line, which reflects the career passer rating of up-and-down NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart.

It’s a huge difference from last year.  Through two weeks of the 2010 season, 10 quarterbacks fell short of Stewart’s 70.7.  (We’d actually pushed it down to 70.0; we now may need to push it up higher.)

This year, only two starters have passer ratings under 70.7:  Matt Cassel (50.4) and Luke McCown (30.6).  One of those two guys may no longer be a starter.

Moving forward, it’ll be interesting to see whether the defenses catch up.  If they don’t, plenty of records could fall this year.

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  1. Defenses will catch up. It’s the only real impact of the lockout so far. Even Green Bay can’t stop anyone right now. It will change over the next 6 games and the second half of the season will be different.

  2. feldman9000 says:
    Sep 20, 2011 1:50 PM
    Man Slammin Cam Newton is good. #halloffamebound

    he’s played two games in the NFL and you are already putting him in the HOF?

  3. Not sure about the “Kordoza Line”, but I’m pretty sure that 30.6 is below the level where they unhook the life support system.

  4. josh freeman has put together 2 quarters……the lions game was never in serious doubt……..and the vikings game…..well its the viking being the vikings. but even then it was until the vikings played prevent defense that freeman got going…and he didnt get going……they handed the ball off to blount….which is the smartest qbing move that franchise has made IN YEARS.

  5. Tackling is awful???…..it’s a penalty for tackling anyone remotely hard…DB’s aren’t allowed to breathe on the wideouts w/out it being a 15 yard penalty and g-d forbid anyone hits hard….

    Seems like everyone is playing zone..Who plays man to man?

    It really is the no defense league..

  6. If there’s such thing as a coverage linebacker I’d consider him in the draft after Luck and any other worthy QB’s. This TE vs bum LB game is unfair as well as the line up 4-5 receivers and find the practice squad CB game.

  7. IMO only, I would rather see a knock down drag out defensive slobberknocker anyday then all this candy azz offensive onslaught. Records will fall and I feel it is an injustice as the suckers who break them have had it handed to them on a silver platter with all the protection they and the diva WR’s get. I wonder how many records would be greater in years past had those QB’s had the refs blowing a whistle every ten seconds to protect them. The exception is Brady, and Manning, who both have won SB’s and have played in an old school NFL before Roger came along.

  8. why can’t espns new qb rating factor in tony romo losing game 1 by dropping a ball mid throw? That was blooper reel material

  9. Kordoza Line BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

    The only thing more fitting would be the Derek AndersonOza line, but it doesnt have the same ring to it.

  10. As We’reFineThere says, I think lack of quality coverage linebackers is part of it. Teams with pass catching TE and good receiving backs can just split them wide and have a hey-day.

    Additionally, lack of secondary depth is an issue on many teams. As a general rule the 3rd & 4th WR are going to be much better than the nickle and dime that are covering them.

    Add in the PI, illegal hands, and roughing calls that give 1st downs and why bother running. If you run you have to grind it out only to have your drive killed via the inevitable holding call.

  11. You’re using Kordell Stewart’s average QB rating as the NFL version of the Mendoza Line (ie, to represent a thoroughly mediocre player)?

    Wouldn’t Trent Dilfer or Jeff George be a better person to use for a “Mendoza Line”?

  12. Brees is the only one that will break Marino’s record of 5,084 pass yards in a season. The Saints don’t have a good defense, don’t run the ball wall, and the only game that will be affected by weather is week 17 at Carolina.

  13. Andy Dalton is destroying Cam Newton in quarterback rating, yet he gets no love. He also hasn’t thrown an INT.

    Just sayin’…

  14. With the new (incredibly bad) rules in which you are no longer allowed to play defense or tackle (wtf) Jennifer Sterger could have a hall of fame career as a QB instead of ”sideline reporting”.

  15. Anyone knows it is not the lockout, in fact defenses take less time to gel than offenses IT IS THE RULE CHANGES GENIUS.

    FIRE GOODELL!!!!!!

  16. How does a LB cover a TE without being able to lay the wood? You cannot stop a man 3+ inches taller without hammering them as they try to catch the ball. Not weak LB coverage it is weak rules by Regina Goodfornothing the worst thing to happen to the NFL EVER!
    Chad Henne is on pace to beat Marino’s record I mean come on!!

  17. Hmm, all the pro-owner crowd that were paid to post on PFT must be eating a little crow after they predicted horrible offenses because players were prevented from OTAs during the owner lockout.

    Of course the real reason could be that defenses are deathly afraid of laying a finger on QBs or actually hitting receivers… Thanks Goodell.

  18. Just shows how stupid of a stat this truly is. A QB throws for under 50 in the first game is not in the bottom two is proof that it’s crap. Until you can take in intangibles, which you can’t, the QB rating is subject to review. Isn’t that what they want anyway? Just don’t lose the game. New M.O. for Al Davis.

  19. Defenses will eventually catch up with offenses. We’ll start seeing “normal” games by early October.

  20. I’m guessing the numbers will calm down and defenses will adjust. I also strongly hope for that to happen. I watch NFL football for defense, not teams putting up arena football-esque numbers and making it look like some bush-league gym sport. It would be a shame if the rule changes were responsible in some part (it would put traditionally defense-driven teams at a disadvantage), but I don’t know if i buy that argument.

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