Alex Smith suffered concussion in loss to Cowboys

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San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith was diagnosed with a concussion after Sunday’s overtime loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

It’s not clear at what point during the game the concussion happened. Under league rules players are supposed to be pulled from the game as soon as they suffer a concussion, but apparently neither Smith nor the 49ers knew it had happened until after the game. The 49ers say Smith showed no signs of a concussion during the game.

Smith has already been cleared to return and was a full participant in practice today.

San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh described Smith today as a “tough son of a gun” and said he’s pleased with Smith’s performance.

43 responses to “Alex Smith suffered concussion in loss to Cowboys

  1. Harbaugh is old-school and speaks ignorantly. Concussion recovery and toughness are not synonymous.

    …unless you have a thick skull. There’s no shortage of that in the NFL. Look at Pete Carroll, the rah-rah guy.

  2. “Smith showed no signs of a concussion during the game.”

    No kidding, he always looks like crap out there. Overthrows, underthrows, bad decisions, missing wide open receivers is a sign somethings not right with most QBs. But in SF they let you keep doing it for 7 straight years! AND COUNTING!

  3. Kaepernick should be starting in San Fran. Can’t believe the amount of apologists this scrub has. Nobody has gotten more chances than Alex Smith has.

  4. Why is Alex Smith still a 49er? Has a team ever kept a bust QB for that long and continue to start him? It’s just flat out crazy to me how he keeps getting chances year after year.

  5. ‘Why is Alex Smith still a 49er? Has a team ever kept a bust QB for that long and continue to start him? It’s just flat out crazy to me how he keeps getting chances year after year.”

    He must be a marvel on the practice field. That, or he has blackmail over Baalke.

  6. All these people who are insulting Alex Smith are conveniently ignoring the fact that he’s got the 4th highest completion percentage in the NFL right now, and the 11th highest passer rating. He’s also playing smart, managing the game, and getting out of the pocket instead of making bad throws. Statistically he’s performing better than Vick, Rivers, Ryan, Newton, Sanchez, and Roethlisberger. But no, let’s ignore all that.

  7. I guess Alex had the concussion but Jim Harbaugh had all the symptoms. It was Jim who pretty much made the bad decisions and handed the game to the cowboys at the end.

  8. How could you not know until after the game and now say he is o.k. so soon; seems like Smith was hiding it from the team and the team looked the other way when they found out. That is why it is important to see the player right when it happens to determine how he is right then to see the difference between that moment and however time longer. This seems a little fishy as far as not following concussion protocol. The Packers did the same with Rodgers last year and it is probably why he had multiple symptoms come back after other hits later in that season.

  9. The question is which team starts tanking first so they can get Andrew Luck. If the Colts got him it would just be amazing yeah you heard it hear first amazing Luck. Then they would ship; Manning off for a first rounder to a team that wanted a super bowl, and was missing the right quarterback maybe Baltimore, Chicago and Peyton may beat Martz’s ass without a different offensive protection plan or Peyton could switch protections and change plays every time, Dallas that would be a great choice with their receivers, three or four years of Peyton and Romo gone Jerry would love it, Dallas would be the best fit for sure, you can laugh but Oakland who has plenty of receivers and Wiesnewski the biggest steal of the draft on their line. Now everyone sees Wiesnewski was the best guard in the draft. Peyton in Oakland would be awesome and they could win it all.

  10. Smith threw ONE pick all game long was on target pretty much throughout the game and people are still being asinine about the guy.

    In the last FOUR years of play, when did Alex scoop up a fumble one handed scramble right and throw it into the End Zone, ON TARGET no less? It’s never happened. He used to just fall on the thing. This guy is different with Harbaugh as his coach. If you can’t see that then it’s time to schedule corrective eye surgery to remove the hate cataracts.

    Is Smith a Pro Bowler yet? No.

    But his Red Zone numbers over his career are far superior to anyone this team could have had to replace him after the lockout ended. Only two other Starters had better numbers from the 20 to the Goal Line and both of them were locked up.

    To me that was a VERY surprising stat considering the nobody Coaches that he’s had over his career.

    I think once Harbaugh takes the training wheels off the Offense, you’ll see a more capable Smith as a result. But OMFNLord Harbaugh please stop calling Run plays that go up the gut. This Line is not getting much if any push against the better Defenses. I’d bet they do better Pass blocking in Run situations. But lord above they have to protect the QB better.

    There were at least 3 Sacks they gave up where Smith had his back to them and simply got CRUSHED in less than 2 seconds. IMHO Staley needs to move back to RT. He’s just not a LT against premier Pass Rushers who have a good outside move to his Left.

  11. These concussions are BS. I have been diagnosed with 5 which means in today’s world I have probably had 10. If one is concerned about being concussed then dont choose football, skiing, roofing, pilot, firefighter, police officer, baseball, basketball, or hockey player. Grocery stocker, bus driver, window washer, day trader, or any other profession where the risk of falling on your head is possible. If you sign you accept responsibility for what may happen.

  12. Even though I’m a Cincy fan, I feel that San Fran would be better off going with the rookie Colin anyway. After 7 yrs we know what Alex is capable of, no disrespect. I hope he recovers good. Its just in the best interst long term of the 49ers to get Colin’s feet wet this yr. Yeah, they aren’t going to win alot of games with a rookie QB, and neither will we, but it will pay huge dividends down the road….

  13. Alex Smith is hurt…again…does this surprise anyone? Taking bets on when Stafford gets placed on IR.

  14. Alex smith is more than serviceable, no qb in the later has has to deal with more coaching changes and offensive scheme changes than him. And he just finally got a “coach”. Ge will lead the 9ers to the playoffs this year. GUARANTEED

  15. v2097 says:
    Sep 22, 2011 2:07 AM
    the people who keep calling for kaepernick clearly never saw him play in the preseason

    Did he look as bad as Cam Newton?

  16. And yet this guy ALMOST beat America’s team…lot of ESPN/Romo is Jesus corn-fed idiots posting smart ass comments on this one!

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