Big day for Cribbs leads to player of the week award


On Sunday Browns return man Josh Cribbs set up a pair of touchdowns with a 52-yard kickoff return and a 43-yard punt return. Today Cribbs has been recognized for his big role in the Browns’ win at Indianapolis.

Cribbs is the AFC special teams player of the week, the NFL announced.

Through two weeks of the season, Cribbs is fifth in the league in kickoff returns, with a 34.2-yard average, and seventh in the league in punt returns, with a 13.8-yard average.

This is the fourth time Cribbs has been named the special teams player of the week.

9 responses to “Big day for Cribbs leads to player of the week award

  1. As a Steeler fan tranplanted to Ohio and forced to watch Browns games on a weekly basis, it pains me to say it, but Josh Cribbs is a bad man.

  2. It’s nice to see him bouncing back from an overall down year last year. He’s also proving to be a decent WR, something Colt McCoy desperately needs.

  3. I read “somewhere” that Cribbs down year last year was due to an undisclosed foot injury that dogged all year. Now, maybe this is PR to cover for his down year or maybe he didn’t want to play for Mangini, who knows? He’s looked good so far this year.

    Speaking of lame injuries, my buddy and I still remember watching Eric Allen 15 years ago getting beat on a deep TD pass and he pulled up and limped off the field as if he was hurt. Two plays later he tropped back on the field as if nothing had happened and played the rest of the game and season without an injury. It seemed obvious to us that he faked the injury to save face after getting beat.

  4. I was really glad to see the Browns start Cribbs and sit Robiskie. The result? Production- as opposed to drops, an inability to separate, going down on first contact, and offensive pass interference penalties.

    Ah, nice change of pace…

    I don’t mean to dis Robiskie so much, but uh.. reality and all that, you know?

  5. I am not at all a Browns fan, but I am glad to see Cribbs healthy and making plays. Its a shame that the change to the kickoff rule takes the ball out of his hands more often now because the guy consistently shows he has the ability to make a huge impact on the outcome of games. Teams should be forced to game plan for a guy like Cribbs (and make good tackles on special teams), not simply avoid him by booming a kick through the end zone.

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