No word yet on Pryor appeal


Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor already has served two games of a five-game suspension.  It now appears that he’ll serve at least three.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the league has not yet resolved the appeal that was filed by Pryor and heard last week by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

With preparations commencing today for the Raiders’ home opener against the Jets and with the league typically providing answers on suspensions or non-suspensions by Tuesday, it’s a fairly safe bet that the appeal won’t be resolved in time for Pryor to participate in Sunday’s game.

Of course, it’s unlikely that he’d play.  But the suspension keeps him both from practicing and from getting paid.  If his appeal ultimately prevails, he’ll get his money.  The practice time is something that never can be recovered.

24 responses to “No word yet on Pryor appeal

  1. I’ll file this together with “No update yet on Broncos QB depth chart” and “Nothing yet today from either Ryan”.

  2. Pay the man, that tatoo sleeve on his arm needs a few more hours work, and the brakes are getting bad in his car, so he needs a new one…..

  3. I’d like for Goodell to take his time (about 3 more weeks) and think this over very carefully, then Tell Prior his appeal has been granted.

  4. How can he be suspended until after the appeal is resolved? He should have been able to play until a final decision was made. I’m sure the commish isn’t going to overrule himself but he should at least pretend the system is fair.

  5. the league office (expecially Roger Goodell), they are all on a power trip.

    Seriously, yes the kid messed up in college, but that was college. Say you get caught doing something stupid in college and then get a job afterwards, do you really see your new boss punishing you for what you did in college? NO. that is what is happening here. Goodell should have no power over this situation.

    Its like Vegas… What happened in college should stay in college…

  6. “Per a source with knowledge of the situation”

    Is this the same source who said it would be done “early this week”?

  7. You are hurting this man’s career, Goodell. This is what happens when you have to appeal to the same person who punished you. I tried this when I was a kid.

    GoW’s “Dad: You are on punishment all summer
    GoW: “Dad, all I did was break off 7″ of a picket fence. I was going to get my paper airplane”
    GoW’s Dad: “All summer!”

    Godofwine’s Appeal Process

    GoW: “Dad, can you reduce my punishment, please?
    GoW’s Dad: “What did I say?”
    GoW: “All summer”
    GoW’s Dad: “And that’s what it is”

  8. seanmmartin says: Sep 21, 2011 10:18 AM

    For those of you looking to see Cam Newton v.2.0, you will not find him.
    Oh, well there you go.

    When you really want to know the future of someone, you just ask Sean, he knows it all.

    Thanks so much.

  9. SeanMartin, the Raiders dont want Cam 2.0, they want a QB that can win,…lost in all this crazy yardage hype is Cam is winless,…teams have no prob letting some fool throw for 400 yards when he loses. Ya heard me? Just win baby.

  10. 1. gotta love the commentators that say: “Non Story”.. yet took the time to read the article.. and then comment.. making their comment more useless.
    – decisions are usually made by the NFL on tuesday so that he can start practice with the rest of the team on wed… which coincides with the start of practice for the week… get it. for all u tards.. its like giving you a decision on sunday so you can go to work monday…

    2. people still dont realize pryor isnt really appealing for himself. Its the NFLPA that was pushing for it. (although im pretty sure Al D. would be obliged to stick to it GODell. wouldnt be the first time.) which makes you think,, hmm pryor is taking a pay cut for the good of the NFL.. what a terrible guy.

    puppy fart.. i agree with you.. he should be allowed to play.. well at least practice with the team. Think about those Williams guys. those d-lineman were allowed to play while appealing their suspension.

  11. It should stay at 5 games, the reason that Goodell allowed him into the draft was because of the 5 games, he should not change it. He was ok with the 5 games until his agent found out that it was costing him money, good old Drew.

  12. honestly, the only reason he should be appealing is that it’s hurting his practice reps and he needs them to improve as a QB, but when it comes to playing, i dont expect to see him until either a year or two from now.

    As for the Cam Newton V2, i dont expect that. first off Newton’s arm is better and Pryor is MUCH faster, but Pryor is groomed to be the future starter, he wont start this year, maybe a year or two though.

  13. obamareallysucks says:
    Sep 21, 2011 8:45 AM
    he’s a no-class uneducated failure; he will never be an NFL qb!

    Now this guy is a racist!
    I bet he is a PATS fan…
    How isPryor uneducated failure?
    He graduated High School with Straight A’s and he is a Heisman Trophy winner…
    I bet you think Tebow is great though!
    Hey tell tebow to keep reading his Bible on the sidelines cause Pryor will be a star!

  14. @ huejackson

    “Heisman Trophy winner”

    Really??? What year was that? Glad to see that the accuracy of your statements has remained consistent.

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