Paul Soliai, Dolphins never came close to deal

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The deadline for signing franchised players to long-term deals passed yesterday without the Dolphins and nose tackle Paul Soliai coming to an agreement.

Soliai’s agent David Canter joined Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald on Salguero’s radio show Wednesday to talk about why a deal didn’t get done. Canter’s take on the negotiations makes it seem like the two sides never came particularly close to a deal because, per Canter, they were “basically in completely different mindsets.”

Canter said that the Dolphins offered a deal running through 2014 worth in the neighborhood of $8 million per year. There was $6 million in new guaranteed money as part of that offer, a number that Canter balked at while asking for $18 million in new guarantees beyond this season. As Salguero points out, the Dolphins clearly viewed this year’s $12.4 million as part of a new deal while Canter rejected the idea that this year’s franchise tag should be seen part of a new contract.

The offer put forth by Canter was in line with the contract that the Browns gave Ahtyba Rubin earlier this month. Rubin got $18 million in guaranteed money from 2012-2014 and his career arc makes for a pretty good comparison to Soliai. There’s precedent for the Dolphins offer as well. When Vince Wilfork signed his extension with the Patriots before last season, he did it with the franchise money essentially being part of the $25 million guaranteed him over the life of the deal. Wilfork is also set to make $8 million per year in his deal.

Wilfork had a longer resume at the time of that deal compared to Soliai, who has just one year as a full-time starter under his belt.

Soliai hasn’t been overly impressive in the first two games of the season, but, barring a serious injury, it is hard to imagine that he won’t have several teams after him if he hits the open market after this year.

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  1. “Wilfork had a longer resume at the time of that deal compared to Soliai, who has just one year as a full-time starter under his belt.”

    Actually he wasnt even the named starter when the season opened. Only when odrick went down and starks moved from NT back to de did Solia get to start again. And im sorry, hes only got 4 tackles so far.

    I get NT isn’t a big stat position, but he wants ngata money and ngata has 10 tackles and 2 ff already and has been doing it for 5 years straight, not just 15 games.

  2. Soliai played better than expected last year after moving over when Fergusen got suspended again and then retired. The franchise tag was an unexpected gift for Soliai as he is now in no way worth what he is getting via the tag. The Dolphins offer was more than generous. He shouldn’t even get what the Dolphins offered when he gets FA. The Dolphins can save that money and draft another fat kid in the draft. Soliai is an average player. He doesn’t hurt the team but he is rarely a difference maker.

  3. Well, since according to their own coach, the team has no answers for what ails them, might as well consider trading the guy. Since under the new CBA, the rookie wage scale is pretty set, draft picks are like gold now. There are plenty of teams that could use a space eater like Solia.

    Man that picture makes it look like they guy has a beard that would eat Brian Wilson’s for breakfast!

  4. Ross doesn’t want Ireland and Tony giving out new deals, so the new GM and HC are stuck with more of their brilliant roster moves. The new guys will get a chance to build their own roster.

  5. I see why Soliai wouldn’t sign. He would get $8 million guaranteed new money if he signed but if he doesn’t then the Dolphins would have to franchise him again next season and pay him significantly more than the $12.5 million franchise tag he’s playing under now or let him walk via free agency where he can command at the very least the $8 million guarantee Miami offered.

    The only downside to this strategy is if he were to get seriously hurt this season.

  6. I don’t see any team giving him that kind of contract other than what Miami offerred.

    He only has one good season under his belt and want big money, how about the other 3 bad years he had with Miami.

    The deal Miami gave him was fair for a player that only played one good season, if he wanted more money, Paul agent’s should have put performance escalators in there to push his salary north.

    This might be that last year Paul plays for Miami and that goes also for Sparano and Ireland.

  7. I think every player on this team is over paid, let them win 4 or 5 in a row, then they can cry for more money. The owner is losing money at games, so why pay big money for the players who can’t do there jobs. Bill

  8. So does this mean he goes to Dallas at the end of the year because we are always signing there scrubs so they should get our good players right

    That’s how this organization works right

  9. If I was Steven Ross, I wouldn’t want Ireland giving any new deals until next year when THE NEW MANAGEMENT can begin the….

    wait for it….

    rebuilding phase. *sigh*

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