Texans work out Vernon Gholston

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The NFL hasn’t completely given up on Vernon Gholston yet.

Gholston, the No. 6 overall pick of the 2008 NFL draft, worked out for the Texans on Tuesday.

The fact that the Texans worked Gholston out doesn’t mean they’re close to signing him. Teams work out players all the time, and Gholston was one of six players the Texans worked out on Tuesday. The others were defensive end Keyunta Dawson and linebackers Antwan Applewhite, Alex Hall, David Vobora and Cyril Obiozor.

But it’s noteworthy that even as unproductive as Gholston was with the Jets, and even after the Bears cut him in training camp, NFL teams are at least curious about what he has left. Gholston is a great athlete who’s still only 25 years old. There may still be a place for him in the NFL.

18 responses to “Texans work out Vernon Gholston

  1. No place in the NFL for a guy who looks like Tarzan but plays like Jane. Its over. He has the same amount of sacks in the NFL as a fat baby.

  2. If teams work out players all the time, as stated here, why would this be a story, with his name in the headlines?….Oh i see, but you tried to sugarcoat it with he’s a great athlete and only 25..Many a great athlete and only 25 were cut this year, by that standard..It’s not an ulterior motive when it’s blatant…Everyone knows he’s a bust, and bust’s go along way when trolling…..

  3. I don’t understand why he couldn’t do well on the line if he’s such an athletic freak. All he would have to do is learn technique and be put into pass rushing downs. Even then he could pan out at the worst being an average player.

  4. Work him out all you want. He will look fantastic. The problem is he can’t play.

    Say what you want about Rex. But if he can’t get him to play defence…he’s done.

  5. I dont see the point to Houston working him out. A 4-3 team I could understand, but the kid has already proven he cant play rush lb or run stuffing de in a 3-4 defense.

  6. “Gholston, the No. 6 overall pick of the 2008 NFL draft, worked out for the Texans on Tuesday.”

    Media sensationalism. What really happened is they saw Gholston eating a burger at a Houston Applebee’s which, by technical definition, is a workout for Gholston.

  7. As a Jets fan, I always thought Rex never gave him a fair chance and I think the Patriots should sign him 😉

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