The Week Two coaching hot seat

Every Wednesday, we devote a segment of PFT Live to looking at the five NFL coaches who are in the most trouble.

It’s Wednesday.  So it’s time to do it again.

And, yes, you’ll find at least one 2-0 coach on the list.  After all, a 2-0 record means only that a team can be no worse than 2-14.

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14 responses to “The Week Two coaching hot seat

  1. I know it can’t actually be true, but part of me tends to think the Dolphins organization wants to win the “Suck for Luck” contest so they have some leverage for a possible Bill Cowher return, as well.

  2. Articles I don’t watch your videos I can read a story in a min or two and don’t want to spend X min + the stupid commercials…….

  3. I would put Todd Haley at #1 and Jack Del Rio at #2 then Sparano #3. The dolphins have improved from last year, so far, but just happened to play better teams the first two weeks. Their offense has a lot of potential as Daniel Young improves to add balance to the passing game. The Chiefs and Jaguars are getting worse compared to last year.

  4. 2011 Hot Seat Contestants
    1. Tony Sparano (Just a given unless they make the playoffs not going to happen)
    2. Todd Haley (41-7 and 48-3 need I say more)
    3. Jack Del Rio (see #1)
    4. Marvin Lewis (Should of happened years ago)
    5. Tom Coughlin (NY fans have been begging for it)
    6. Lovie Smith (Needs to control Martz and I see them exploding and DeAngelo and Lovie getting canned)
    7. Pete Carrol (I may get a lot hotter in Seattle if the donuts continue)
    8. Steve Spagniolo (0-2 is likely to become 0-7)
    9. Jim Caldwell (may get a pass because of Manning)
    10. Gary Kubiak (Playoffs or bust)

  5. Jim Caldwell are 0-2 and can’t even be competative without Peyton Manning, and they just hired one of the best college coaches of the past decade to ‘watch film’ and he’s not on the hot seat?

    When you have an unknown at QB you aren’t sure about, you bring in a proven veteran that can step in to take his place. It’s the same with coaches.

    When the Pats were facing the possibility of a suspension of Bill Belichick, they brought in Dom Capers for 1 year as a ‘special assistant’ for one year. Last year, the Raiders brought over Hue Jackson as an assistant. It’s really the same thing.

  6. “Should’ve gotten Vince Young.”

    right. Vince young isnt even activated to play because hes nursing a hamstring injury from preseason.Missed 2 games so far and counting and vick is out also.Way to go VY. I did want him as a phin before, felt he matured some. I was wrong.Hes not even prepared is my bet more then its an injury

  7. 2011 Hot Seat Contestants
    1. Tony Sparano
    hot seat and one of the hottest, the question is who do they get, do they get rid of Ireland??? Cowher turned them down because he wants a lot of power, does Jeff Fisher accept a job and listen to Ireland??? Fisher is a looker here.
    2. Todd Haley
    honestly if he’s fired, i cant see who replaces him, who does Scott Pioli look for??? does he also stay??? Maybe he promotes Romeo Crennel to head coach???
    3. Jack Del Rio
    if he’s fired, then they need an offensive coach who can get fans in seats, Mike Malarky will be looked into i am sure.
    4. Marvin Lewis
    dont see him fired, but if he’s fired Zimmer should take over.
    5. Tom Coughlin
    IF Fired, Bill Cowher fits here.
    6. Lovie Smith
    maybe they would be in the Cowher sweepstakes, i dont know if he’s canned or not, i dont blame it all on him though.
    7. Pete Carroll
    i say he likely will NOT get fired. NOW when they get that high pick and if they dont get Luck and get Matt Barkley and fail in 3 years, then kiss Petey goodbye, for some reason, i see the top pick being the Chiefs and the Seahawks getting the 2nd or 3rd.
    8. Steve Spagniolo
    i dont see him fired because i see wins starting to come WHEN they play the West. i think they split with Arizona, beat the 49ers twice and beat Seattle twice.
    9. Jim Caldwell
    Wont get fired, he will be given a pass for Manning, BUT if he’s fired look for Tressel’s name to be heard from the fans.
    10. Gary Kubiak (Playoffs or bust)
    Wont be fired, he will make the playoffs. the Jags are lacking a true go to WR, the Titans are their competition for this division. Kubiak will make the playoffs and he has done something and that’s making this team a good running team, they are like the old Broncos teams with their running backs it seems.

  8. I am so sick and tired of hearing about Cowher. For one, he hasn’t even said he wants to coach again, especially since his wife passed away.

    And his philosophy defensively does NOT work here.

    Besides, it took him 15 years and the refs’ help to win ONE Super Bowl. Tom did it in his fourth year here.

    Coughlin isn’t the best, but what’s failing him is his DISGUSTING allegiance to KILLDRIVE.

  9. I do think kubes makes the playoffs. O course im very biased on that opinion. That said, if he doesn’t make it he’s gone. What truly scares all of us Texans fans is knowing that if kubiak gets the axe, they WILL give Elmer fudd err I mean Wade Phillips a crack at head coach. The man is a very good DC, but I don’t have any desire to see him running the show in Houston. But then again, we’re built for heartache right?

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