Vick participates in walk-through


Eagles quarterback Mike Vick still hasn’t been cleared to participate in Sunday’s game against the Giants.  He has been cleared, however, to participate in a morning walk-through practice on Wednesday.

Per the Associated Press, trainer Rick Burkholder said that Vick doesn’t have “a whole lot of concussion symptoms.”  Burkholder said that Vick will undergo additional testing, and that he’ll see an independent neurologist in “the next day or two.”

“Just because he doesn’t have symptoms today doesn’t mean he won’t have symptoms tomorrow,” Burkholder said.  “You can’t predict.”

Every Eagles player who has suffered a concussion since the league instituted the current procedures in 2009 has missed at least one game, with the exception of receiver Jason Avant.

In Vick’s case, he wants to play.  And he’s apparently willing to assume the risk of further injury.  But since, as explained on today’s PFT Live, Congress cares more about concussions than the organs contained in the human torso, Vick needs special permission to play, while Tony Romo can return to a game despite having a broken rib and a punctured lung.

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