Bucs’ blackout streak stretches to 10


The Buccaneers host the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, in one of the best games of the day.

But it’s not good enough to end the blackout streak in Tampa Bay.

Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune reports that the game will not be sold out.  It’s the 10th straight non-sellout for the Buccaneers.  Before last year, the Bucs had sold out every game at Raymond James Stadium since the venue opened in 1998.

For most if not all of 2009, the Bucs quietly purchased the unsold tickets, paying 34 cents on the dollar into the visiting teams’ pool.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the Bucs expect Sunday’s crowd to be in the same range as the Week One game against the Lions.  Per Richardson, more than 51,000 fans showed up for Tampa’s loss to Detroit.

37 responses to “Bucs’ blackout streak stretches to 10

  1. Yes, the Bucs picked up the remaining tickets in 2009, just like many other franchises, and just like many other franchises are still doing now. Step up Glazers. You’ve priced yourself out of the market.

  2. Of course….the bucs black out this isnt news anymore. its a shame they win and still cant sell out:/

  3. C’mon Mike, where is the part of the story where you mention something about the Bucs possibly being in the pool for the LA stadium?

    -Another irritated Bills Fan

  4. The problem is the demographic and the competition. Tampa is a land of immigrants (from other states), as are many other places in FL. A great deal of the money is tied up in people who moved there for the lifestyle. As a result, the Bucs are a lot of people’s second favorite team. Combine that with the plethora of other entertainment options in FL and it spells disaster for sports franchises who aren’t stellar (see Dolphins, Jags, Bucs, Panthers, Marlins, MLS team moved down a division, etc.). The Rays only sell about half their tickets. Even the Lightning struggled a bit in attendance despite being 4 points from the best team in the Conference.

    As far as competition – there isn’t much to do in the Midwest on a Sunday in Nov/Dec other than watch football. I know – I used to live there. It’s just not the same in FL. Nov-March is the best time of the year here. Sunny and beautiful every day.

  5. jpmelon says:
    Sep 22, 2011 6:35 PM
    Yet, this team never gets tagged when a story about the new stadium in LA is posted.

    ~ irritated Bills fan
    I couldn’t agree more!

    ~irritated Vikings fan

  6. Why didnt you mention them moving to LA?

    ~A Very Irritated Vikings Fan.

    ps they beat us and we still sold out the game knowing we were gonna lose probably.

  7. Oh, and the $35 dollar tickets for adults that were mentioned…I would challenge people to find them. Last I heard there are only a few thousand of those tickets available to fans. That may have changed but as far as I know the majority of the tickets are still around $100 per seat.

  8. As a Bucs fan it’s pretty lame that when I go to a sports bar for an away game and meet up with 20 of my friends and 5 of them are Bucs fans. The rest are all Championship chasers and fans of teams from where they lived 25+ years ago. Tampa Bay gets very little home support especially at a time where they’re doing everything right.

  9. so whats the answer? i am sure they have got a hard core group of fans. 51 grand is alot of people no matter how big the venue is. we all know the big cash cow is tv money. they are fielding a very good team. can`t the league just let it ride for a few years? how much money do these guys gotta make?

  10. As a Bucs fan that does not live in the black out area, I would love to see them move to L.A

  11. Ownership, Coach RAH?, Ownership, Coach RAH? Oh, did I say the “players boy?” Coach RAH? How about a professional coach who doesn’t do back flips when we kick a field goal?

  12. Someone is complaining about $35 for an adult ticket? That’s pretty cheap compared to a lot of the teams in the NFL.

    My dad and I had to fork out $125 each for a decent upper deck seat at the Metrodome for a Vikings game.

    People in the Tampa, FL area must really not care about the NFL there if they aren’t selling out.

    Maybe the Buccaneers can move to LA, lots of Bills and Vikings fans would be relieved.

  13. its a good job their seats are the same colour as thier jerseys otherwise game days would be a sorry sight indeed

  14. Bucs adverstise “$35” dollar tickets, until you reach the ticket window and you are told that there are no more of those seats left and have to shell out $65 to sit near the flags that guide the planes in to Tampa Intl Airport!!!!

  15. $35 seats are CLEARLY for season tickets… I dont care if it’s blacked out… I go to every home game, rain or shine, win or lose. I am the fan that doesn’t leave until the clock hits 00:00 no matter the score! Piss on all those that want to sit at home and demand they see “their” Bucs

  16. sorry to keep commenting but my fishing ride pulled back a few hours. if anyone thats wants to see great sight lines on game day go to the ralph. yeah its real old but it was built in the open style of the early seventies. of 100 % seating i would say 10% stinks all out. wish i was there last sunday.

  17. The ticket sales for the London game have also been slower than recent years.

    If the Wembley game isn’t a sell out are the Bucs still blacked out in Tampa?

  18. js6611 says:
    Sep 22, 2011 8:30 PM

    “How about a professional coach who doesn’t do back flips when we kick a field goal?”

    They aren’t talking about sparano in this article.

  19. slawsc says:
    Sep 23, 2011 12:03 AM

    The Bucs should have drafted Tebow….

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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