Cedric Benson gets three-game suspension

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When Titans receiver Kenny Britt and Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib weren’t suspended after being called to the principal’s office before the start of the 2011 season, it was widely assumed that Comissioner Roger Goodell wouldn’t be suspending any players who potentially violated the personal conduct policy during the lockout.

Unfortunately for Bengals running back Cedric Benson, that’s not the case.

Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports reports that Benson has been informed that he’ll be suspended three games.  His appeal will be heard next Tuesday.

Benson will be permitted to play this weekend, when the Bengals host the 49ers.  Silver writes on Twitter that, if the appeal isn’t successful, Benson will miss the games against the Bills, Jaguars, and Colts.

Benson was cited for assault of a former roommate during the lockout.  He eventually resolved an assault charge from 2010 (for which he had been told he wouldn’t be suspended) with a plea deal that resulted in a handful of days in jail, before the start of the season.  Benson also agreed to a deferred prosecution of the more recent charges, which will be dismissed if Benson stays out of trouble for a year.  Under the personal conduct policy, a resolution of this nature is enough to trigger punishment.

The suspension comes at a time when the Bengals are dealing with the news that 2.5 pounds of marijuana allegedly were received at receiver Jerome Simpson’s residence, where another six pounds of it were found.

21 responses to “Cedric Benson gets three-game suspension

  1. In a week, we’ll be talking about how this was a blessing in disguise for the Bengals. Bernard Scott is going to take his job and literally, run with it.

  2. trbowman says:
    Sep 22, 2011 4:31 PM
    In a week, we’ll be talking about how this was a blessing in disguise for the Bengals. Bernard Scott is going to take his job and literally, run with it

    A’men, Brother! A’men.
    The offense will be able to do more with Scott and Peerman will get to show his stuff! Will be interesting to see who they call up from the PS or free agency! Maybe thats why the Bengals brought in that handfull of RB to try out!

  3. So, will the Browns be protesting the entire game or just from the moment he broke that long touchdown run? Why let him play 3 games and not suspend him from the beginning? Goodell at his inconsistent finest yet again.

  4. The real questions here are what took so freaking long and why was the suspension for this multi-multi-time offender not longer? As to complaints about the photo used by PFT, isn’t it apt that a story about a well-known ass use a photo of same?

  5. This is just getting way too easy! At least they built that bridge over the Ohio River so you morons can now cross into KY in the shade! WOW! I mean WOW!

  6. Yep, that’s Goodell, nevermind the guys accused of SERIOUS crimes; let the convicts play (like Vick and Burress) but if you’re GOING to do something stupid DON’T do something MINOR that makes the league look bad! OOOOOK!

  7. All of those who say that the Bengals running game will be better without Benson are nuts. He may be a criminal, but he is also a beast between the boundaries.

  8. So let me see now,

    Aquib Talib pulls a gun on some sucker, and gets a pass from the league office.

    Cedric Benson punches some dude who gets up in his grill in a bar fight and he gets a 3 game suspension.

    So Goodell’s a lawyer; all makes perfect sense……..

  9. I still don’t get this: They were LOCKED OUT. How the heck can Goodell say squat about that time?

    I would have a lawyer on the league’s a$$ about this in a heartbeat if I lost one dime over a suspension.

  10. Goodell the Bengal hater! How fair is this? Rape = 4 games. Fight = 3 games after jail time. Goodell does have his favorites and it is so obvious!

  11. Bengalsfan, you sir, are an idiot. Everyone here at PFT Planet is now dumber for having read your comment. I’m sure you’ll also piss and moan when your drug-dealing WR and OT are suspended, because Goodell is such a Bengal-hater. Maybe you’ve just smoked too much of their product, is that it?

  12. Look lets see what we have here. Take away all the bull and you got a guy who knocked someone out who probably deserved it. You have other folks on his roster who fall into the Micheal Ervin category. I know weed is not coke, but these processional football players act like they are not getting the six figure money they have been training their whole life for. Sometimes we need to rethink what is important winning! We are not paying their salaries. They make their mistake in life just like ever other human on the planet. Lets just focus on their job and their ability to do it!

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